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Woowhee! Sounds kinky! Which Chinese men don’t want to have maid made in China in their homes? She will serve him like he is the emperor and she is the concubine.

Well, I read it in the paper that some female politician is against this idea because right now, the Chinese community is already having problems with China dolls or prostitutes or to make it sound nicer, bicycles (good for rides, cheap too). For once, I agree with her. You see, currently we have Indon maids and we already heard about male bosses screwing and raping their Indon maids. The percentage is smaller because somehow, Indon maids are ‘different’ in the sense that Chinese tend to generalise Indons as the other race and they are fearful of that race cutting off their kukujiao and convert them. (read : No pork, I tell you, NO PORK!!!)

Ng: Hold plans on ‘little dragon ladies’

KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita MCA wants the Government to put on hold its plan to recruit Chinese nationals as domestic maids until the problem of Chinese women wrecking families because of their involvement with local men is solved.

Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said that unless clear guidelines on the recruitment are laid out and the interests of local women protected, the political party wing is against the move.

But put a Chinese woman as maid in the homes, and I betcha we will have lots of little babies to make Malaysia as populated as China. Now, I am not looking down at maids. I don’t own one for the simple reason that I don’t like strangers in my home. I also don’t trust a strange woman to live with my husband and my kids. I have heard so many horror stories about maids and hence, will stay away from the problems if I can help it. After all, how hard is it to keep a house, some pets, some kids and a husband?

And I personally do not understand why some women can be so ignorant and hire maids that are much more sexually attractive than themselves? I had posted about Fugly taukeh soh, pretty maid before so I shall not elaborate further.

Women of Malaysia ah, time to open your eyes lah. Having maid to tag along wherever you go is not glamour lah. It says you are incompetent. Your mader could took care of more kids with no home appliances to help and still survive, why you cannot? And your husband is most likely to ask you to take the maid out for your grocery shopping, trips to the park with kids and etc. Want to show off you are rich? Go buy an expensive dog lor.

Muahahar…I know many women are going to come and pok-pek-pok-pek here. Chill ya, I am just trying to be the shit stirrer because this issue of hiring foreign help is getting rather out of hand. Why lah we need so many maids when the women in the Western countries and other developed countries can live without one? And trust me, men will go soft in the heart, hard elsewhere if he has a woman of his own race serving him better than you.

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  1. i absolutely agree with ya that the chinese families in malaysia and singapore are not ready for the attack of domestic helpers from mainland china.

  2. hahahaha…my bro-in-law also got himself a china wife but she very cunning like a vixen wan! i could tell u a long long story of her schemes but unfortunately i’ll fill up ur bandwidth so maybe next time!

  3. the worst part is .. the learn things very fast.. sooner or later.. the learn more bad habits than good habits instead of being a maid

  4. Sometimes get jealous also, seeing some woman go shopping, a maid tagging behind with a stroller, the baby and bag in tow. Me, almost practically run after the kids …but no-maid still rules;)

  5. Agree with you. I’d rather slog for myself than let a stranger in the house. Much less one of my own race if I have a husband around. Even if nothing happens temptation is always there and its no point dangling the apple before Adam and not expect him to bite.

  6. And NYY say “not against China woman but her early statement of “Chinese women wrecking families because of their involvement with local men is solved” are 100% discrimination. Fuyor, it sounds Malaysian are not as “capable” to wreck family. 3rd world minister oxymoron statement.

    5xmom touch the root of the problem, why the so advanced western culture don’t hire maid compare to us?

    MCA NYY “protect local woman interest from foreign woman” are lame and discriminate.

    Our society need tons of improvement of this so backward country. Where is the “infant care center” that incumbent politikus repeat every 5 years? What happens to the protection on the woman involve in strupid sensitive cases? How about the wages different of male and female in the country? etc.

  7. I agree with you, I don’t understand why some NEED maid especially when the mother is not working.

    Once I went to the clinic I saw this one young lady and her maid was the one who was running around the kids. The only time she carries him was when she went to see the nurse and after that, back to the maid the kid goes.

    There is a saying here for these kind of people, “Perasan royalty” LOL

  8. Today morning 988 radio station was discussing this topic also.

    The conclusion is :-

    Husbands support, wives against! Hahaha…

  9. Alamak… chinese maid.. wah la weii…. even for the current PTI(pendatang Tanpa Izin) maid i can’t find the reliable one… what more to get the cute, sexy gila Chinese Maid(if anylah 😉 ).
    I agree with Lilian and Jewelle’s comment. If you are not working, why you want a maid some more? OK.. if you got a maid, at least for me, just asked them to wash things lah(not yer undergarment ok) and not to jaga your kids. That’s Mom and Papa job.
    Now, this is getting interesting…. this deserve another post…. hmmm u give me an idea. thanks.

  10. Why lah we need so many maids when the women in the Western countries and other developed countries can live without one?
    Exactly! I wonder about that a lot.
    It also pains me to see those couples in shopping center, walking way ahead, with kids holding on to the maid behind. What, they can’t handle their own kids or something?!
    I am a very private person, so I don’t think I can tolerate a stranger in my house too. When the children comes, I will just have to quit my job and work at home or be a full-time mum.

  11. As much as mothers should be the one taking care of their children, the pressure from society in producing more and more working mothers tend to lean towards having domestic helpers. We can’t help it, a maid will soon be like an air-cond… a must-have in every house-hold. As for whether the maid should be coming from china or indon, then I guess it’s up to the family.

    As for getting hot china chick as a maid… I am sure many wives will not allow such thing… right?

    Oh, by the way… u very femes now la… your name all over the newspaper today… 🙂

  12. oh… i have one question though… i wonder… how come the govt actually consider such thing… is it becos some very rich and femes ppl prefer to have chinese maids as compared to indon maids?

  13. I hate how the article infers that Chinese maids are the “problem” – it takes TWO to cheat. Why not an article on men’s infidelity in marriage? The trend of women-blaming in Malaysian media worries me.

  14. “After all, how hard is it to keep a house, some pets, some kids and a husband?”

    eheh, yes lor, sap sap sui onli!

  15. Why Asian need maid ah? Coz our man too “tai lam yan” to help and they complain too much about the mess cause by kids. So maids are here to do the dirty job. Good excuse ah?? That’s my excuse for being incompetent…coz me not working and yet hired a maid. *paiseh*

    But I will really go against Chinese maid…ooh..they very hiao and cunning. “Hu Li Jing” cannot trust… Indo maid ah…find a short , fat , old (not too old till can’t work la) and ugly one la…as long as can work.

  16. Here I come lor to poh pek poh pek about this story *(pull chair & bring a cup of coffee then, sit down)* …………. I totally agree with you. KNN, no hands meh to do the work ourselves. I had got an experience hiring a maid when I were carrying my 2nd baby. She tried to be smarter than me telling me this and that. TNCH, if she so clever hor then better take over my place. She did not complete her contract. I send her back after 7mths. Rather rugi!!! We also found out she steal $$$. She is also ‘ah kah’ punya anak. Answer my dad n mum too. I am their daughter also never do like that and who the fuck is she to do that to my parents. Never! Never, hire a maid. Worst come worst, we do slowly only mah.

  17. yerrrr…meaning i incompetent lor…but really working mothers like us do need the maid to do the washing up and some even depend on them to do the cooking, which i occasionally have no choice but to let her cook work is secondary but the kids leh…besar ledi ok la…still so small difficult la…somemore i have 2 to places maintain! not being defensive just me point of view only nia,,,

  18. Just my experience and those around me… Indon and Filipinas ( well before anyways) used to come overseas to work, make their money and eventually return to their families.( the majority anyways) but China ones have different intentions , their main aim is to get married and leave the country.. yea even here in Canada they are a problem

  19. Somehow I am conflicted. I feel it is wrong to discriminate against the women from China but as a woman, I also know that if I’m married, I definately would fight tooth and nail to protect my family from emotional harm by not placing temptation in front of my husband where it would be difficult for him to resist.

    So I also say NO to maids from China.

  20. I have 2 jobs, 2 kids and a household to manage.
    I often get pressure from relatives to hire a maid.
    Therefore I try my best to do whatever I can.
    It makes me feel bad if I see my kids being cuddled by strangers.
    I believe time management is very important to balance life.

  21. nyx, why do you feel it would be your fault if your husband “can’t resist” temptation? Surely your future husband would be mature enough to not have you hold his hand in every decision making. If there is something wrong with the relationship, both people in it would find opportunities to look elsewhere despite having temptation close by or not.

  22. You women are overeacting lah. If you dun believe, you all pay for a China Maid for me lah. I will not lay a hand on her when not necessary… heh.

  23. Yah…having maids of any race is inviting TROUBLE! Ahbutthan, I also believe that if the man can keep a tight command on his KKC (kukuchiao) than there shouldnt be any problems with who menggoda who lor. Afterall, you cannot force a buffalo to drink water if the buffalo dont want to mah… Men are to be blamed la….

    Same mah, do we women drop our panties at an instance for any tom dick and harry or even barry who happens to be good looking and sexy like chippandales? or in another case, if we women are easily seduced by these good looking and sexy males with tight butts, can we push the blame all on these males? Women… it takes 2 to tango.. it also takes 2 to be in lust….

    As for women who cannot live without a maid.. what can I say? Incompetent lor. Like my mother say lor… “like that ah, this and that and everything also depend on the maid..than you better die lor!

  24. “Why lah we need so many maids when the women in the Western countries and other developed countries can live without one?”

    It’s not that they don’t want, but due to the minimum wages in most of the Western countries, it’s just too expensive to have one. For example, in France the minimum wage is 1200 euros plus medical contribution, which is like RM6k per month. Do you think so many Malaysians can afford to hire a maid with minimum pay of, say RM1200?

    I will say no also to the Chinese maid. You see the Asian men like girls with white skin, so they are not that interested in Indo or Phili who has darker skin. I have heard of a married and sucessfull business man talking about how fare and soft the Chinese girls he met and how they are really to just go home with him. Imagine, if they let in the Chinese girls, a lot of them can use this channel to come to Malaysia legally with other intention in mind.

  25. Lee, of course I will not think it’s my fault if my husband strays. I will blame him totally. Haha!

    But let’s put it this way. I don’t think he would be hiring one of them hot, young, hunky studs to tend the garden while he’s away at work and I’m at home all by my lonesome.

  26. maybe the gahmen wanna help increasing the declining chinese population in Malaysia… heh heh

  27. Mainlaind girls cause family breakups and social problems. The goverment must not allow this to happen.

    Many women in Malaysia are traumatised because of this.


    Furthermore, no chinese wives will employ chinese maids or allow their husbands to employ them to work in the office, so they wont have jobs either, so dont waste time to call them in ..

    If there is any protest campaign for this, definitely count me in !!!!!!!!!

  28. Not that the ladies in the west can live without maids. They just can’t afford domestic help. As simple as that.

    And please have more faith in your men. If you can’t trust them with maids, don’t get married. If they wanted to stray, they could easily be boffing your best friend or your neighbour. Why the maid?

    Paul´s last blog post..Bovril and Me

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