I dem lazy to reply comments, how?

In case you guys do not know, it is the school holidays. And it has been five freaking days dealing with an 11 years old who loves to get on his four years kid brother. Every few minutes, I will hear the screeching scream, “OH MUMMY!!!!!” It is the devilish scheming four years old who knows that when his voice hits a certain pitch, oh mummy will always, always side him. It doesn’t matter who is wrong or right. The sharpest pitch will sets mummy off to, “David, you get into your room and don’t come out for the rest of the day.”


But less than five minutes, they are friends again and yeah, the cycle goes again. Haih….

Then, my #2 pulak has been so busy with his youth camp and I had been going up and down, up and down to Balik Pulau which is the other side of the island. Today, he is back but life so happening wan, going to some pool party pulak. So, I am again going in and out, fetching him, dropping him yadda yadda. Lucky my #1 never needs transport because he is taking his driving lesson and already got his own bike. Or else, four legs up in the air. Si khiao-khiao.


Stress until I forget to drink my daily cup of coffee. So, I substitute with a thick, bitter mug of green tea. But green tea doesn’t give me the kick like coffee.

When I was out, I wanted to go for some coffee but guess what, I found that I only have RM12 in my wallet and RM12 is not enough for me to sit in Coffee Beans (to kill 1.5 hours till pick up son). But I dare not go to those greasy kopitiam or mamak shop because, ish! where got people sit in kopitiam for 1.5 hours drinking kopi-o. Tiu, you think I what ah?

So, I went to nearby Tesco Extra (a new outlet) hoping to kill 1.5 hours, running on RM12. But niamah, the place is so huge and yet, so identical to all Tescos. With no money to buy coffee, I drive all the way home. Got back, sat down to take a breather, MSN a bit and tiu, have to go out and pick son again.


But thank God for the creation of Rum and Raisins chocolates. Yummm….Stuff face first, forget about weight.

And did I tell you that inspite of all that, I cooked lunch and baked this freaking healthy bread? No trans-fat, filled with lots of nuts and no preservative.


It helps to ease the stress too. Chew, chew, munch, munch on walnuts, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and I don’t know what else in the bread flour mix from CookingIsland.net. I tell you, mixing those flour and Omega-3 sunflower (no trans-fat) spread, water and yeast is so therapeutic.

When I press press and knead knead, I imagine passing those geram-ness to the dough. Ahh….it is so much easier to type a post than to reply comments wor. So, thank you lah, but sorry lah, I never got to say thank for all the comments in the earlier posts. Please come again and please comment, hor?

17 thoughts on “I dem lazy to reply comments, how?

  1. that is one damn helluva thick green tea mannn! i hope u don drink that daily. green tea contains antioxidants and it’s good to have them at moderate level daily but too much they can turn into pro-oxidants. trust a medical scientist – yours truly. 🙂

    anyway, ur #1 is so like me last time. wahahaaha. but my mum also super dedicated like u, always go fetch me up and down, left and right. wah piang. totally respect and love her to bits.

    but now i drive liao hor, when i go back kuching, she tells me she wana go up and down, left and right, and i have to bring and fetch her. -_-” but oh well i cant complain. 😀 hehehe

  2. Whoa, the green tea…how u make it until so thick oh?
    Hmm, ur choc makes me craving for sweet stuff! Hav to grab it soon!
    And the bread really looks healthy, goin nuts huh…

  3. hah hah…. i guess school holidays means a lot of stress to you eh? it’s ok la… i am sure you enjoy every bit of it… right? dont u dare say no..!!

    no need to reply this comment la… i understand wan… i damn understanding!

  4. Wah!!! Want to cry already. I installed Better Comments Plugin but it won’t work on this template.

    Ok, the green tea is green because it is in powdered form. Super expensive, imported from Japan stuff but smells good ler. I only use one teaspoon for that big big mug so I think it won’t kill me lah. 😛

    So, back to reply comments. I scroll up and down, up and down. Sometimes, after I typed out already, I ter-pressed wrong button and the comments disappeared.

    Why my plugin won’t work leh?

  5. Hhehehee.. lilian, i think we both should put a disclaimer in our header that says.

    “this blogger don’t like replying comments”

  6. 12 bucks can go McD sit sit and buy the kopi there wat..haha
    Anyway, it’s just nice to wake up and go straight to ur blog, sure got updates wan…

  7. Hi, we may be strangers, but I totally understand the bit about craving for a cuppa from CBTL and yet not able to have one coz the purse is so pok kai that day…

  8. wah u deserve the role of superwoman in ur family..respect with honour..yeah ur green tea look very da kao..but u so bz still can blog so frequently..super respect..and yeah dont worry i dont need replies 1..haha i just like reading ur blog and spreading comments here n there..so i can get unique visitors..so dont ban me also wor..whahaha

  9. sigh….how come I know the drill so well wan. luckily, mine only 7 and 5, mommy still the very biggest bestest boss. Tee hee hee….

  10. Thick green tea…nice..good anti toxin too. Hopefully your children won’t potong your stim while you enjoy your nice cup of tea. I love the look of the buns. I just wonder how you eat it, plain or spread with some bread and jam.

    Anyway, it’s school holiday and you deserved some rest now to spend more time with your family. Happy School Holidays.

    p/s No need reply this either 🙂

  11. Kneading bread must think of lurrve and happiness soyou can transfer the energy and vibes to those eating it… Jamie Oliver says must kiss the dough summore before it go into oven…

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