Those MSN personal messages – tells your age

I have people age 14 years old to 40 years old on my MSN.

And here are the findings I made, break down in age group and the kind of message they normally put on the personal message or next to their names :

14 to 19 years old

1) Rants – like exams, hate someone, hate parents, disappointments etc

2) Snubs – the message is targetted to only one person, sort of the nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh

3) Loves – the subtle but so terang-terang messages meant for only one person

4) Achievements – happy news, actually

5) Latest songs

20 years to 25 years old

1) Less rants though some still do

2) Show offs – with some cool names of songs, movies, phrases, quotes etc

3) Locations – I am in Mumbai kinda message

4) Weird stuffs no one understands

All the above usually use some of those funny characters which I am not sure how to get it with our keyboard

And jeng, jeng, jeng….The rest of the age group starts to get boring. We only have our names. And nothing else.

Of course, some Ah Bengs and Ah Lians still do put some rants sometimes. Like ‘It’s a ZOO here, monkeys everywhere’

The other group is the mommies – They put the kids stuffs like, kids sick, kids gone to kindie etc.

And one MSN Personal Message that I like most is Jolene‘s. It always start with “Miss Lai…you are hungry etc etc….” That’s unique.

Another day, another post.

I am bored.
I am boring.
I bore you.
You are bored too.
So that’s why you read this inane’s post.
What’s the message/name on your MSN now?

Mine is I’m 5xmom *yawns*

20 thoughts on “Those MSN personal messages – tells your age

  1. Hahaha auntie nice post, I didnt really notice that until u write this post. Anyhow 80% of those contacts on my MSN list are aged below 20 yrs old so…. yea you’re almost right bout this one! XD

  2. haha.. i display my blog address on my msn..desperate rite?? haha and also my handphone number..thinkin about it..why m i still displaying my hp number there since i changed hp number for almost a year d..

  3. I put *i am the ping ping* as the name and some emo quotes on my subnick. So yes, I am aged between 14-19. Hehe.. I currently state that studying is fun. Of course it is a lie. =)

    I put i am the ping ping bcuz my teacher just got to call us the ping ping, the shan shan. and things like that. She can’t get that *the* word away from our names. So we put them on our nick. Not thinkin of changing it anytime soon. =)

  4. I’m 20+ and my personal msg is ‘take me to the rainbow’…
    kinda nonsense!
    so, i belong to which age group?

  5. my personal msg is ‘i hope you shit blood and die. hehehehehe!’

    It’s actually aiming at nobody in particular. just sounds funny.
    yah totally 14-19. 🙂

  6. Miss Lai, you are happy that 5xmom mentioned the uniqueness of your MSN nick on her blog. Please drop her a comment to say thank you! 😀 hahaha

  7. Ah… i burnt my fish for dinner while reading this.
    Not blaming you but my absent mindedness and slow in reading.
    Never mind, today is 31st – Baskin Robin 31% discount day 🙂

  8. agnes – LOL, you poor thing. Yeah, 31%! 4 quarts for me please.

    Miss Lai – Hahaha, I always make it a point to read yr message.

    mimi#2 – Why lah?

    budokid – Until today I don’t know what is AJAX but I heard it so often.

    mimi – So you are 14?

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  11. Mine is just “:-#”. Not free for chatting. :p

    Agnes, you just reminded me of the Baskin Robin 31% crazy thingie!!!
    I am going to buyyyyyyyyy…

  12. Mine is usually something I put to make my best friend in Msia puke blood. Then she will hantam me back with something the next night. Coz of different timezone mar … so fun k?

  13. mine at the monment is:
    our parents taught us how to walk n talk and now all they want us to do is shut the f**k up!!1

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