Which is worse? Political or paid post blogs?

Damn, can’t help it. I was browsing through the blog directories, including my own, Frenzrss.com and notice the big percentage of political blogs around. Maybe, I have taken the high handed way of deleting some of the paid posts blogs from the submitted lists because I think it is not fair to load people with 50% paid posts-50% filler posts (read : half hearted posts). So, the political blogs win over our regular Joes and Janes blogs.

Now, it does get a pain in the arse reading too many, ‘I love the Government, I hate the Government, I support the Minister, I diss the Minister’ posts. Very, very pain in the arse. Just like eating too much nasi kandar without drinking enough water.

Of course, there is the ‘My religion is the bestest and the rest of you are infidels and definitely head straight to hell’ blogs but I never want to go to that region. A lot of people have asked me why I can sit quietly over issues that concern my God, my church and my belief. The reason is – if I take it up, the only person that will be smeared is my God. Hence, I shall leave it to the cool guy, Jesus to handle it on His own. Some issues are not worth arguing over. Right or not?

So, folks, what do you think? Between spammy paid posts blogs and political blogs, what do you think is worse? Of course, each bloggers who write about these socio-politico thingie are going to tell us they are defending the last bastion and so on. They are fighting for our future, our children’s future etc etc. But you know…I do read and found some of them so boring and petty. Sometimes, they are just having their own axes to grind.

If one person write one letter against one minister, the whole blogsphere is going to bomb with all their theories and condemnations and etc. For e.g. Datuk JJ. Well, I had met him a few times when he came to our office, when he was just a big boss, friend of my boss. He is the nicest guy around. Now, one Indian woman said he referred to Indians with low and high castes, the whole blogsphere are buzzing over it. Come on lah, really? Datuk JJ really uttered that? Did you really hear it? Did you really see it? Even if it is true, is Datuk JJ’s remark going to affect anything? Isn’t the root of the problem lies somewhere else, where the truth hurts most?

And what about Lina Joy’s case? We knew it is a touchy issue. We know what the repercussions will be if one Lina is allowed to change her religion. So, yeah, let her be. Let the case rest. She lost. She can’t get married. She probably lost her mother in the process. I don’t understand the case and neither do I care. Let’s not rub it in, either way. The world is much peaceful that way. God would have preferred it that way.

So, yeah, my vote is both types of blogs also damn pain in the arse. But at least paid posts make us rich and we don’t go around flaming peoples’ sentiments. We don’t go around dragging people we do not know to flog. So, say tak nak to too many political blogs. Whether they are opposition, ruling, sitting on the fence or the blind ones.

*No smart comments like : “If you don’t like to read, then, don’t read.” Eh, use your brain lah. If you beh song what I wrote here, don’t read and comment jugak lah. I shiok to write what I write lah. Get lost to those who is thinking of commenting ‘It is your choice to read or not.’ Puadah far far.*

11 thoughts on “Which is worse? Political or paid post blogs?

  1. to me… i dont read Paid Post… when i read blog, i read blogs… not advertisement. as for political blogs, i guess it’s a taste of ppl. i dont see a harm of them appearing in your frenszzz. having said that, it’s your site, so u have your say. but the question is… how come they end up in your site in the first place?

    as for lina joy… as much as we should just let it be… we should not be so ignorant that it will never affect us… you’ll never know…

  2. zewt – paid posts good. paid posts best. Hehehe. Lina Joy? No comments. No lah, the long list is not from frenzrss but other place. In fact, political blogs are taking over copy and paste. Hmmm…it is not so bad then, huh?

  3. Just saw this post about that site which I never knew….

    Well, let’s be frank.. 90% of us will just zing past the PPP. Not to offend many, but it has become more and more monotonous just to cash out the money, though few were creative enough to make it sound interesting…

    As for political blogs, there are various types of these social political blogs, though I enjoy most of them, I have a distaste for those that central along the theme of “just rant and rant” without much argument or reasoning ..

    So to choose among the 2, I’d say maybe the former is the lesser of the 2 evils in this scenario. Again, this depends on the taste of each individual.

  4. I think that it’s good to have political blogs, of course the real one bcos it’s a place where we can freely express our opinion, or maybe not?

    About the Indian girl comment on Datuk JJ, the brother of the Indian girl came to post in a forum and it seems that he has prove and witnesses backing her story.

  5. I think we can blog all kinds of topic here and when it comes to political I guess we all can get a bit personal. I must say that instead of bitching and dissing the person, we can always pray the this or that person be less pain in the ass and open his eyes to the error of his ways, perhaps that will work………….. in the long run. It does show that ppl are pretty fed-dup with the gov’t and politicians I wonder if we can vote just the same in the next election? Cheers!

  6. Aiyah… if people like to write, then they write la… if people like to read, they read la… no need to get all HENG about what other people write… It is just another medium of exchanging thoughts and point of view mah..

    As for Lina Joy case, aiyah, I see it as she salah liao la. How can no need to get declaration that she no longer muslim. Sigh… must go get la even if it takes her a lifetime! What to do wor, her original religion dictates as such mah. Afterall, how can expect NRD to not ask for proof. What if one day she turn around and say she never renounce?? Than NRD ma big kuali lor… kena sue or worse hantam by all till pulp? Sigh.. I am just looking it from all point of view lor. If Lina’s faith in the LORD is that strong, than it will withstand the test that the LORD put forth lor. The LORD is always fair and just to all ma.

  7. I don’t want to blog about some topic as well, because it is as complicate as Jerusalem ownership. Is it apathy since some of those issue “not related” to us? I don’t think so. Sometime the bystander just waiting for more sensible explanation.

    5xmom hit the bull’s eye :
    “Isn’t the root of the problem lies somewhere else, where the truth hurts most?”

  8. y la diss politicians. dissing crazy women more shiok wat, LOL!

    btw, i really love patrick teoh’ (quite political) niamah blog. best!

  9. I personally do like to read political blogs. I was never ‘politically’ aware during my younger days, so, I ‘ve plenty to catch up on lost time. lol

  10. For me its like watching movies. Today can watch Schindler’s List, tomorrow can only watch The Gods Must Be Crazy (to you young guys that’t nothing to do with religous movies. Read: Mr Bean).

    So if I feel up to it I will read Raja Petra Kamaruddin or without fail *kudos* 5xmom

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