My little darling

 *Flexible and adaptable little darling*
Some parents are pain because they built their lives around their little ones.

Ask them to go for breakfast, they will tell you the kids haven’t wake up.

Ask them to go for lunch, they will tell you the kids need to nap.

Ask them to go for tea, they will tell you the kids need to nap.

Ask them to….ok, you got the picture.

I really buey tahan these over protective parents who get their panties in a wad over what their kids are up to. I used to be like that too. But experience taught me something else. Be flexible, they will adapt.


Few nights ago, we were all famished, my hubby, eldest son and I. We had to pick one other son from some place and hence, need to rush for our dinner and drive quite a distance. By the time we got to the eating place, my toddler fell asleep. So, what do we do?

1) First time parents will probably gone home to let the child sleep in peace.

2) Seasoned parent will probably take turns to eat and carry the child.

3) 5xmom and dad will just plunked the kid down and dig in!

Assemble three chairs, put a cushion or soft padding and it is a bed already. See? Why the fuss?


 *Too smart for his age little darling*

Well, being the youngest, my little darling is certainly very matured for his age. This pic here? You know what the older brother is teaching him? I didn’t know initially what they were whispering but I took the pic cos they looked so loving, bro and kid bro. When I came back and download the photos, I discovered the bro is teaching him how to manourve his fingers. The middle finger. *slaps forehead*

*Charming little darling* 

Since I am in the mood to talk about my little darling, here’s the conversation I had with him.

Me : Meow…tonight we go out and eat or what?

Little darling : Mummy cook lah, mummy cook food food so nice wan. I lurrrrvvvveee it. Mummy wice yummy lor. (r sounds like wfrom him) *blink blink, chubby rosy cheek smiling*

Tius, so clever to charm me.

*Pathetic little darling* 

And just now, poor little darling and his papa went to Baskin Robbins for the 31% discount. They took a number. It so happen I phoned them and found out they have to wait a long time due to the queue. So, I talked to little darling and told him to come home. I promised him we can go again tomorrow when there is less crowd. But no matter what, he refused and his dam is about to break. He has this marvellous dam which can burst into huge tears with a flick of the button.

Guess what? The crowd took pity on him and one of them bought the icecream he wanted. (my atm paid lah, but they let him tumpang, so no need to wait). Fuyoh, so effective hor?

*End of little darling tales* 

Actually, I wanted to tiu Wyeth for their ads on the vaccinations but probably I ate too much durians and chocolates so I am in too much of a good mood to tiu Wyeth for using retarded children to scare the masses. Just they wait. When I PMS time, I will screw them.

Meantime, hope you enjoyed my little darling tales. And guess what? It is June already!

14 thoughts on “My little darling

  1. HA! We have six kids. I AGREE!!

    I also think the same thing about when they get hurt!

    FIRST TIME PARENTS: “Oh my poor baby! Let Mommy kiss it” and then go get all the medicine and band-aids and comfort the child for hours

    SEASONED PARENTS: “Oh, my poor baby!” and have them get their own band-aid. Check it a few days later to make sure it’s not infected.

    SIX TIME PARENTS: “Oh PLEASE! It’s just a little blood! Don’t bother me unless something is falling off of your body!”


  2. your darling is certainly matured… remember the bra question and his adventure with those adult cartoons? hahahahahaha!!

  3. Tiu….you are so damn right. I have a little boy 3+ now. B4 this we used to turned down a lot of invitations wedding dinners, parties, drinking sessions…etc.

    Heck till to day my wife is still as sticky as always. Ya its her not the kid.

    Welllll first time parents “what to do?”……haha

    felix ( first time blogger too)

  4. Your little boy is so cute lah! not bad hor… can get free ice-cream 🙂 I first time parent lah so I’ll normally let him tidur lor…

  5. See? No one reads your post thoroughly. I told you so!

    Where got free Ice Cream!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, LOHs all very cute and handsome hor????

  6. u see those couples who carry a shih-tsu (insert pedigreed dog here) everywhere? when i say carry, i mean dukung…in their arms, one hand hold dog in lap, 1 hand to eat while the dog looks majestic and royal. can u imagine when these ppl have kids one day?

  7. Your toddler soooooooooooooo adorable!!! Wanna pinch pinch his cheek lah! Hahaha!!!

    Seriously, auntie, still got people dun read your post thoroughly and have the cheek to comment summore…hahahah!!! Where got your toddler get free ice cream wor…0.o!!!

  8. Waah kudos Lillian, morning-morning notchet 10am already got 7 comments.

    Got people like me oso who need their daily dose of 5xmom. Like coffee in the morning. 2 for bed time story (kelli, zewt), 1 for the insomniac (felixooi) and agnes, doris ah kau, budokid for the morning caffein, and obviously me for the 10am break.

    You got analyse all this meh? Like newspaper got Malay Mail in the afternoon, for the people who need today’s new today…

    Today morning-morning already jam near the dataran merdeka got the military and people involved doing full dress rehearsal for agong birthday… sighs. Might as well stop and watch until the traffic clears. If I got camera can do some stringer work for Lillian. coz admittedly I’m lazy to update my own blog… unless I got those interesting pictures of me from my sister Lyza (Strong hints to her).

  9. rizlan – Haiyor, with the amount you typed here, you could write 7 posts in your blog already lah. Mana pigi yr blog lah?

    clare – Hehehe, I professor in blogology, my points and theories always correct wan hor?

    budokid – Hehehe, yalor, I freaking hate they sit near me oso, sked the hair fly into my soup.

    AhKau – You come back from Macau already? How’s the gang there? How many people who chopped? Did you use your AK47? Did you send my warmest regards to your Tai Kor? You so observant hor? I miss you lor. ROTFLMAO

    Agnes – I hope you didn’t sleep on three chairs! That’s awfully risky, LOL.

    felix – LOL, I like you already! You start with a tiu.

    zewt – Boh pien cos got so many brothers so naturally, he learnt all the good and bad from them.

    Kelli – LOL, oh wow! You really do have 6 kids? Salute!

  10. muahahaha..i love it when my kids scream, waiting in lines. All the faster I’ll move up the q! good job lil matthew!! keep it up!

  11. hehhe.. your toddler reminds me of my little brother when he was literally little, with the rosy cheeks, and the nonsensical 😀

    he grew up too fast lah..

  12. Hahaha……. you are so rite. First time parents are like that. But now, we are no longer liau. My son is 4 and my girl is 2. We go everywhere and if they sleep also, bawak satu kali lar. Whatever we eat, we will let them try. I let my kids eat yoghurt when they were 3 mths old.

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