So good can die


You know, I always believe that however/whatever a child turns out, it is all the parent’s fault or credit. All the little subtle things we parents did or didn’t do all contribute to how/what they become as adults.

Take for example, we love durians. And our kids too HAVE to at least tolerate durians. There is no way they can run away from it. From as young as three months old, both of us crazy parents had stuff durians into our babies. Parents, don’t try it at all. It can cause fever and allergies. Hehehe, don’t say I never tell you so.

We would smear durians on our finger and let the babies sucked on it. Yummm….we know they inherited our good genes when they went ‘choop, choop, choop’ without cringing or puking. Or getting sick after that. Hmmm..come to think of it, I think the first solid food we introduced was durians.


This is our family tradition during durian seasons. You can see a similar post dated Nov. 11th, 2004 about durian rice. Hmmmmm…*licking four fingers and one thumb* You need to eat durian rice with your hands because there is nothing like mashing those pulps and mixing it with the santan and brown sugar. Then, splattered the lump into your mouth.

If you think this is pukey, you should see my atm pouring curry over it. Now, that is icky! Only he alone eat durian that way. With rice and curry. Uwek.

19 thoughts on “So good can die

  1. Man, look at the durian… *drools* So yellowish, so fleshy, looks sweet,……someone kill me! I am craving for durians! *bawls*

  2. Lei ho sui keh…………. make me so hungry liau. I also siew durian one. I think me and lawrence can eat worth of RM1k of durian in a year. Macam lar……..u. Later, must go and buy lulian liau. Eh!!! I can make durian cake liau. Hehehe…..

  3. laundryamah – Wait!!!! *BURPSSSS* Ok, you may now go. Aiks, laundryamah fainted liao. Hahaha.

    erina – Me too, I wanna bake my durian cake but hari hari my loukong bought the branded ones, no left overs to bake oso.

    nazli – Those are brown sugar molasses from organic shop so I hope it means healthy lah. Hahaha, who cares…

    bryan – Yalor, if I am John Chow, I will charge a fee already. (In case you do not know, John Chow charge USD10 per month to remove the no follow link for his commentors. And the freaks on his site commented like 10 comments in one post just to get on the top commentor. Sia suey betul to all orang cina)

    clare – Come to Penang and enjoy lah. Faster before it is over.

  4. what’s the powdery thing on top of the gula melaka? i still like eating durian just by itself ler. more syiok i think.

  5. One of my friend has rice with durian too, and I thought he was a weirdo, until now. Haha.

  6. Wow, it’s the first time I heard people eating durian with curry. Durian itself is already so good, why have to eat with something else? šŸ™‚

  7. haha.. i love durian and rice!! lotsa ppl think its yucky though.. but as long as i’m happy they can gross out all they want! šŸ™‚

  8. you make me very very very jeles. i don’t crave for durian one micro bit here becoz i can’t even smell them when i stand next to them šŸ™ what’s the point then?
    i can’t eat mangosteen becoz it cost almost AUD$2 per tiny sick looking mangosteen from thailand. rambutan also cannot coz cost is almost $10 for like a small dozen!
    uuwwaaahhh!! sob sob! thinking i can eat the lambutans from my tree in ipoh till lau sai!

  9. not puket at all… used to eat that when my mom was around. she lovessss durian. one tip from her is to add a bit of salt into our regular rice to eat with durian. there was also a time where she cooked rice together with durian and though it looked like sh*t…. it tasted like heaven. too bad i wont be able to eat those….

    now that the durian season is here… i think i will buy some when i visit her next…

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