Still on comments and blogging

I know I have written far too many posts about blogging. The elitists are going to hate it because they say that none of the bloggers ought to say anything about blogging except them because only they alone know what blogging is. For the rest of the minions like us, they claimed that we do not know what we are talking about. You know the saying, children are to be seen only but not to be heard.

But oh well, let’s do it anyway. It is always nice to blog about blogging because it normally gets people to talk. Recently, I saw something over at mott’s blog that made me cringe. Well, mott is a great blogger with her share of quirky thoughts and funny ramblings.

What happened was, some readers tend to read only the last para of a post and they make their own conclusions. It happened to me as well. I had openly mentioned that I couldn’t make it to the screening of the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and yet, there are people who said, “I was looking for you at the cinema.” Well, these are not people who didn’t read my blog but people who claimed they do.

So, does it irritate you that most times, readers came with their own mindset and they never read and comment? I do. I felt cheated because it is like my effort gone wasted. Or like they aren’t interested to hear or read what I said but instead, load me with their own opinions. *haih*

4 thoughts on “Still on comments and blogging

  1. How come I like got eat Lillian’s chilli got feel red hot behind the ears wan????

  2. hee hee hee…i call that speed reading. Perhaps I should learn that ppl only care to read the comments ? Maybe I should just write in the comments column itself….mua hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

  3. i know exactly what you mean. dunno if you have read my entry on “KFC vs starfish”… from that entry…. i know exactly who read my blog and who doesnt… at least some ppl bother you read the last few para…. some… they just look at the title and give a comment…

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