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I got this tag from Doris and it is something I think I will love doing. So, here is the fastest response to a meme.

Who am I?


Mom to five of the above kids. Of course, the pic is photoshopped because my #4 son died and I only had the #5 ten months later. The lowest right is #4, pic pasted onto the real photos.


Long ago, when I had only three kids, I used to work. As an Executive Secretary, an over-paid, under-work position. But nah, now I earn three times that last salary as a blogger. So, I can be proud of that fact. I traded the job for my kids, more photos can be viewed from my Flickr Family album.


Now, I am the full time mom who is a full time blogger, learning new things every day. This shot is taken by my kid with my Sony Ericsson K800i photo when I was looking. See the expression when I concentrate on blogging?


This is my only ‘working colleague’ on school days when the other kids have gone to school. He will be going to kindy next year so I am looking forward to having that five hours to myself, alone. I will be totally free in the morning. Maybe I will volunteer time in my church, doing some clerical stuffs. But I wonder if I am going to be spending time making money online instead? Hmmm…I shall leave it to God. He may arm-twist me or who knows…..


This is the man I have been married to for 19 years, lived in for 21 years. Phew…that’s a mighty long time. Half of my life, I had spent with him. Hmmm…we never get tired of each other yet. Not yet.

In case you are new to the 5xmom, my name is Lilian and I go by the name of 5xmom for obvious reason, as seen in pic #1. I blog about food, parenting, women lifestyles, photography, make money, Christianity, bereavement, critical ill children (needs), wacky stuffs and of course, my personal blog. I had blogged for almost four years and I own over 15 domains, with about 10 active blogs.

I am going to tag these guys who just got their own domains:

and please, please, please, who else wanna do a blog post like this so that we can all get to know you better?

24 thoughts on “The face behind the blog – The 5xmom

  1. Really!!! Shit!, been surfing/reading the wrong blog all this time. *bangs head*


  2. All your babies are deliciously darling!!! I want your msn addy so I can add you and ask you about the MCD splat one that you said about in Timmy’s blog.


    That was my first reaction when saw my name there…thiam lah! Everything exposed liao dis time… No thread left…Naked…Screwed…Hahahahhaha!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the tag. Will do it later. Off to yum cha first! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi there, Lilian. I’m a new but not quite new reader of you. I know that i must leave a comment this time.

    Your writings are very entertaining …I like it a lot!

  5. seok thong – Tks for saying hi! I appreciate it when silent readers say hi. *blush blush*

    cindy – Company brochure lor. That guy who stood beside me very very lengjai wan ler. But I dare not reveal his ID, no permission mah.

    irene – LOL, how come you and Cindy so ngam asked the same questions. What a coincident.

    clare – Hehehe, good mah, give you housewarming gift.

  6. HI lilian, i started to read your blog after i came to know about your little Vincent… looking at your little Vincent picture here now, i really feel like leaving a comment (although i did for a few times before)…i feel very very touched everytime i read your story about little Vincent and i think u r very gifted in writing..and yes, i like to read your blog very much and i think i’m getting addicted to it already!

  7. hi lilian. i like to read ur blog toooo! ๐Ÿ˜› why suddenly only today then all ur silent readers reveal themselves eh?

    aww.. little vincent. ๐Ÿ™‚ i feel as if he’s one of my friends man. ๐Ÿ™‚ i think this post is ur only post with the least energy so far ler. like, ur other posts always full of energy, vibrant, upbeat. this one very calm, serene, and pure.

    and that 1998, memang got secretary look har!! LOL!

  8. Hi.. thanks for writing this. Glad to know more about you actually… from the look of it, this blogging passion is passing on to your boys! What about hubby? Isn’t he inspired to start a blog too? Married for 19 years… wow!

  9. *claps hands in glee*…i likey this meme!!! it’s sooo me-me (read:narcisstic, self-centered, me me me!!!!!) !!!

  10. mott- Yay! I get to see the real monstter mott.

    doris – Hehehe, I hope he won’t blog, ever!

    anthraxxxx – Please do! I am curious to find out the germs in you.

    ehon – You notice that? Yeah, he is the very reason I got on the internet so I must include Vincent whenever I talk about what I have done so far. Glad you bring it up, yeah, true, I am not very 5xmom in this post. Hehehe.

    eve – Tks for commenting. He is very much part of our lives still so I am glad you don’t find it weird to see a photoshop of the pic. It just sort of make it a whole gang.

  11. huah sey…yr working colleague look so serious when he’s working using yr pink vaio..
    seriously playing online game ah?

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