Man and woman

When a woman wants to bake a cake, she needs to buy an oven, a mixer, cake tin, weighing scale and other little things.

And the man said….spend so much, why don’t I just buy you a ready made cake every day for the rest of your life?

When a man wants to dismantle a pane of window, put up a door and turn that area into a balcony……

The woman said, “Get the contractor to do it, pay him a few hundred bucks, suak-suak khi (all done)”

The man’s sons said, “No papa, let’s do it ourselves. It is very easy only. We do it this weekend.” (because the grill door is already available, torn out from neighbour’s home reno)

And man and sons went to buy:

1) A vibrating drill with saw blades

2) More hammers and stuffs to add to the already equipped handyman’s tool box

3) A goggle (not google lah)

And the whole apartment unit had to endured the knocking, grinding, sawing and God saves me, loud noises till dunno when.

And woman just roll eyes and blog it. In the comfort of the aircond room, almost sound proof. But aiks, the sawing starts again and my teeth feel sensitive already.

Bah! Men, you will never understand them. So don’t try.

Now, tell me lah, what am I to do with a gaping hole, large enough for me to jump out? I think I will do that. But no, I may kill my ground floor neighbour’s flowers if I make a leap from the 3rd floor. Bad idea.

Have a good weekend to all!

8 thoughts on “Man and woman

  1. Hahaaha…

    Yeap.. Men with their toys and handyman skills. You just reminded me of the TV show “home improvement” minus the man-grunts Tim Allen did with his “boys”.

    Anyway, after all the teeth-grinding sawing, hammering and etc.. All gao tim liao? 🙂

    I have no brothers and so, my Dad tries to rope me into his little home improvement projects from time to time *sigh*… Nvm-la! Spend some quality time with Dad! 😉

  2. You just sit there and blog??
    Tsk tsk tsk…u shud help and make some Milo-ais+cookies for the man.
    also bring the kids some oren-jus and wipe the sweats.

  3. terence – Bias.

    headwind – LOL, I dunwan to be the partner-in-crime. Sudah kena warning by the guard cos neighbours complain. Muahahar…

    angie – Yeah, father with sons have so much fun. I am so lonely! Hehehe, no one to talk fashion with me.

  4. u gotta let ur men have their fun so if ever u guys live here make sure to get a house with a garage so they can store all their tools in, not for storing car wan! hehehe

  5. Bwahahahaa!!!! half the time, the project will screw up and you will get your wish.

    pay the contractors and sua sua khi!

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