Well, just now as I took out my old photos in the previous post, it stirred a bit of my emotions. Then, I happened to read the story on cnet about Advertlets. And you may asked how are they connected? Well, most of you probably had noticed that I am a 100% supporter of ‘the other company’, i.e. nuffnang .

You know why? Because long before I know nuffnang, Advertlets approached me with this email. It is from Josh Lim, dated 28th February 2007. At that time, none of us know about the launching of any ads companies, do we?

Hi Lilian,

I read with interest, your posting:


Sorry to hear about your son, but I am glad he is in a better place.

So, when someone brought up the part of me that I don’t often mentioned (i.e. my deceased son), I naturally felt touched.

Then, the email went on about :

I am Josh, from Josh Lim & Associates. Manhattan Fish Market is my client (check out www.manhattanfishmarket.com)
On behalf of my client, I would like to ask if you would be interested in advertising The Manhattan Fish Market in the following formats:

– Sidebar (165 pixel x 239 pixel height, around the placing where your textlinkads banner is)
– Sponsored Post (up to you, inclusive of photos and a short writeup)

Would a rate between RM300-RM500 a month be okay with you for the sidebar advert, (for 3 months, total RM900/RM1500)
and a one time fee of RM300-RM500 for the sponsored post? As for the sponsored post, we can sponsor the cost of the meal as well (below RM200)

So, I agreed and even declined the free meal vouchers as I told Josh that I will welcome the RM200 but prefer to give it to my blog readers as I can afford to eat at my own cost.

Much later, I realised that I had been taken for a ride with the MFM ads. Well, I don’t take it too kindly because Josh had brought up my deceased son as the opening topic. So, yeah, I am sore that he asked for my quotation as a benchmark for all the local bloggers ads price.

But that’s not the only reason. Once, Josh dropped a comment on my other blog that I can win RM50 if I do a review of his company. As all of you know, I have very big head and I don’t take it kindly if people approached me that way. I can do anything for free if I like it. But to insult me by dangling a RM50 carrot, well, that’s just lame. I had done a lot of publicity for nuffnang simply because I know we bloggers have the potential to earn some money if we back up the company that is our middleman.

Now that the lion has spoken

However, disquiet has erupted among bloggers in Malaysia in that In-Tech writer Christy Lee SW, who contributed the story Blogging and Big Bucks, is now being vilified for her observation on the two blog ad aggregators, and the blog ad potentials in general.

What makes it interesting is that there are bloggers taking sides in support of the aggregator of their choice.

I think I shall openly take sides. I am taking the side of the much gentleman taukehs because I do not like to sit on fences. Frankly speaking, I do not care if I earn less because I rather be on the side of the much more known bloggers. You can say it is the mob mentality. But just take a look and you know which sides have better known bloggers. However, on a serious note, I dislike people digging up my son as a conversation topic unless they really mean it.

Glad I also finally blurted this out. Are you enlightened with it?