Bloggers meet

The Mr. Bengbeng of My Longkang from Sarawak met up with Dr Bernard Chan.

Pelf met up with me.

That makes a bloggers meet, right?

I met Pelf who is the blogger who saves turtles. She is here for a holiday and met me at Gurney Plaza. Pelf is soooo pretty and sweet. Plus very tall. Taller than me. *sad ledi, I want to be taller* She just celebrated her birthday on 1st June 2007 and I tell you, she looks 22/23 yrs only. She came with her very handsome boyfriend.


I make the pic small small cos I am not sure Pelf is ok with having big big pics.

Actually, Dr Bernard was suppose to join her/me but unfortunately, I had to rush to church and my kid is whining and wants to go home. So, I didn’t manage to catch up with Dr. B as I couldn’t wait.

However, never mind, there is going to be a real happening bloggers meet on June 23rd at FoodLoft. Keep your date free ‘cos the bloggers meet is sponsored by nuffnang as part of its nuffnang community event. Foodloft is in Gurney Plaza, very classy and very nice place to hang out. SO NOTHERN MALAYSIAN BLOGGERS – make sure you keep the date free, ok? KSTang, RealityBites, Bryan, JaseLee, Ashotiwoth, Lucia and those bloggers whom had blogged for years and year. Kuee, Dr. Bernard, Mar, Jolene and her gang of lengluis, Evie, joosing, PC Legend and her gang, all the mommy bloggers…..arrgghh…so many names how to type all? KEEP 23rd June free, ok? Watch out for further details. Makan, minum semua free! Mana mau cari. And KL bloggers, come to Penang lah.

28 thoughts on “Bloggers meet

  1. I have to go to Penang around that time to meet old friends and see the island again after having left it for nearly five years. Let’s see if I can make it. Gurney Plaza, is it? See whether I can still remember how to go to Gurney Drive….

    – MENJ

  2. hey!… did i c u calling me too? šŸ˜‰

    now, looks like i have to see of which one to go — my SIL’ celebrity brother‘s wedding or the bloggers meet. its gonna be on the same day u know. but unless if the bloggers meet during the day, then maybe i could attend both? :/

  3. terence – Blek means yes? Ok, I register liao.

    kh – Aisay…wasted.

    kuee – Fuyoh, Shafinaz! The event 12.30 noon lah. So come lah. With your wedding function punya gown?

    menj – Please do! I am so looking forward to take pic with you, lol, for infamous reasons. But never mind, we talk about making money enough.

    conan_cat – KL so happening, got movie got party, you never attend only.

  4. aiyoh:( don’t think i can make it ler… i’ve got to study for my finals. it’s like….two weeks away from my finals. 300 topics to only baru 10 topics down. šŸ™ next one ok!

  5. was supposed to be in penang last weekend for a makan makan trip but last minute cancelled…. usual la… malaysian way of life… very last minute.

  6. and you disabled the comment for that ‘lost soul’ posts???

    anyway… it’s becos of that reason alone… that if i have to vote in an area where BN vs PAS is taking place… i will somehow be compelled to vote for BN… for what’s worth…

  7. Ehhh….I wanna come too! But i will just be returning home from a holiday leh…donno can come or not …*keep fingers crossed*

  8. Uahh.. Aiyo.. i was on the way to meet you guys liao.. was almost at the toll plaza of the bridge when Pelf sent me the message. I missed your meeeting lo.

    23rd? Sunday ka? What time?

  9. And I am here late as always!
    Weeiiiii… my new found friend, your Nuffnangers from East Malaysia Calling lerrr…. whats the happening? We need event here too you know… Hahhahaha.
    Cool. you all go ahead ok. just post lots of picture so i can feel the atmostphere….
    kesian betul me, woh.

  10. How come no activity for the Sabahan bloggers? šŸ™
    I’m not in Sabah tho, but I’ll be back there soon and Nuffnang better have some activity for us there! šŸ˜€

    Lilian come too! The more the merrier! šŸ˜›

  11. oik dun misunderstood ek? my sis-in-law shafinaz is a consultant @ klcc. while her celebrity brother is zafri or better known as zaf of d local boy group VE! he’s marrying an ipoh mali gal. what a co-incidence both of them found a perak life-partner šŸ˜‰

  12. penang bloggers meet? that sounds really exciting! although i’m still a very new blogger who has been ‘lurking’ around 5Xmom’s blog for quite a while…. in fact this is the first time i’m leaving a comment!! šŸ™‚
    would love to meet up with the other penang bloggers…that is if i don’t get too intimidated and chicken out at the last minute! LOL!

  13. hehehe.. i wonder wat is it like to attend a blogger meet. i find it a bit awkward and ducked out on some invites a few times. lol
    I think I’ll pass again this time. šŸ˜€ send my best wishes and hope everyone have great time ! šŸ™‚

  14. Aiyoh, that day you didn’t tell me the Blogger’s Meet will be held at Foodloft! My boyfriend took me there for dinner on my birthday, the ambience was perfect, and the food was good šŸ™‚

  15. Yehhh… i am so unknown, acceptable? See if I could plan a trip to penang with my 7 month old then…. ar… gotto drag my mum along… šŸ˜›

  16. I was getting all excited that there will be a gathering up North (I’m Selangorian but study in Perlis so I’ve missed all in KL) and my mind raced with plans of going down and excuses to bunk in at a friend’s but when I look at the date, I’m supposed to be in Pangkor for camp. Gah. I’ve never been to any gathering and it’s just saddening. There are so many people that I wish so badly to meet in real life! Sigh. Fated fated.

    Never mind, I’m sure there are more to come which I will then be able to make it. So yeah, here’s a very advance wish for your guys to have great fun. (o=

  17. of all days, nuffnang have to choose 23rd! šŸ™

    i guessed me + Jase will have to miss it – we are going for our annual “pilgrimage” at Japan GT! japanese chicks rock!

  18. of all days in the month, nuffnang have to choose 23rd! šŸ™

    i guessed me + Jase will have to miss it – we are going for our annual “pilgrimage” at Japan GT! japanese chicks rock!

  19. Oh my, of all the days, me and Ashotiwoth are unfortunate not able to join this gathering… Want to meet Josh Lim and rant all about Streamyx… šŸ™‚

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