Does this mean we are all lost souls too? (that PAS remarks)

Yes, that’s the way I interpret it. You can be the judge.

Nik Aziz: Muslims should not back parties that are non-Islamic


KOTA BARU: Lost souls – that is how PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat describes Malays who vote for non-Islamic parties.

He urged them to return to the true path of Islam so that their religious direction could be corrected.

“Muslims should only vote parties whose political struggle is for Islam.

“Those who vote non-Islamic parties are sesat (lost).

“They should review their faith and throw their support behind Islam,” he said at a dinner he hosted for the media covering the party’s muktamar.

Well, this morning I woke up extra early. And in the silence of the morning, I can listen to sermons (not my faith, mind you) so clearly. Aren’t religion suppose to teach its followers to build relationship, care for each other, promote peace and harmony? Why drag in Amerika Syarikat membunuh…..(inserts incident, wars etc) and stuffs like that? Hello…..what is this? Political sermon or what? I have heard it so often but I do not like to comment on it. But since, we are now labeled as lost souls, i.e. penganut sesat, this is just a personal rant from the lost soul.

Since I am on rant mode, let me share a piece of comment from Mahaguru58 post. I had wanted to post a comment on his blog but blek, I am not good with words when I am typing in those tiny boxes call comment box. It can get personal sometimes. So, basically, what happened was this news said :

Hence, anyone who renounces Islam is no longer considered Malay.

It is just one tiny, weeny line. Ok, maybe the writer had misinterpret our country. But duh, do you need to slam my Pope with :

‘El Papa’, you have some serious repentance to do, sir! Shame on you for allowing these to be!

Well, misreporting? Perhaps. I don’t know, I am not smart, never claim to be. Maybe just that one tiny weeny line was wrong. But folks, what about the whole long article and all the cases quoted? Aren’t those the truths? Ouch,the truth hurts, eh?

Like Jesus said, the hardest thing to control is the tongue. It will turn one into a beast if not controlled.

*and being the chicken shit that I am, I am closing the comment*

*cowers in corner and shivers in fear*

Blek! :p