A continuation of the man and woman post….

Yesterday late at night, the guard came knocking on our door because the neighbours were complaining. Duh, my handman insist it is only 10+ pm. Anyway, he had finished sawing off the iron bars and he left a big gap on the window and couldn’t put up the door. Those thieves missed coming in through our Selamat Datang lubang on the wall. Too bad, thieves, we did leave a hole big enough for the fattest Santa but you missed the chance.

This morning, after I returned from some early morning church duty, my dear hubby asked what I wanted for breakfast. So, he went out to tapau some nasi lemak for himself and dim sum for me. After makan……jeng, jeng, jeng…

He : Come, I feed you full already. Get to work.

Me : Don’t want lah, ask your sons lah. They are the one who are so excited about doing it.

(but we know they won’t wake till very late)

He : You know how to screw?

Me : Don’t want lah. Later I screw senget or drill the screw into your skull instead.

In the end, there I was, standing on a balcony without barrier, three floors up, holding a damn heavy iron grill door while my handyman went hunting for his gadget. I imagine losing hold and the door toppled on me and I hung three floors up, wearing only sarong and nothing else. Feet dangling terkangkang and screaming, “tolong, tolong, sarong saya sudah mau jatuh”

But all is well, the door is up. Screwed nicely. I told ya I married a handyman, didn’t I?

13 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. *yawns* Good morning, assistant handyman! Hahaha.

    Re your previous post, I really don’t know what is wrong with our politicians. They think by using these scare tactics, it makes them mighty. So wrong, so so wrong. Immature to the core! cis!

  2. Wei! Cannot work and disturb neighbours on public holidays and sundays lah.

    Show us what he did lah.

  3. clare – Hahaha, obscene.

    sasha – Yalor….add the effect of the moaning male and female tennis players, fuyoh.

    mott – Yalor, I no eye see I tell you. Now, the whole neighbourhood hates me, good also, no need to pat.

    terence – We no follow law. Nay, all the Lohs taisai wan. Cannot take pic cos later, my atm geram throw my VR lens down three floors.

    ehon – Heh, you have to say hor?

  4. nah…save some money by DIY, ur man so cleber…here in oz everyone must DIY or else pay kuat kuat for plofesyenal handyman! hehehehe

  5. At least your handyman is handy. I’ve been trying to get mine to put up some photo frames I bought from Ikea like 4 months ago. šŸ˜›

  6. I was very disappointed . I was waiting at One-Stop for Bernard to pick me up as he said i could meet you and Pelf. I was so much looking forward to it. I even combed my hair and washed my face :).

    But there is always another opportunity. Btw Joseph, his son is sick that’s why he couldn’t make it.

  7. wahahahahha….

    aiii… reminds me of the time my Dad asked me to hold something heavy when he went to search for screwdriver… *headache*…

    anyway… congrats on getting a door done. kekeke.. šŸ˜›

    after using so much energy, can go and makan to replenish it.. kekekek…

  8. Screwing is better than holding heavy things up.

    Bengbeng, we were late for the meeting with Lilian liao.. but my son started feeling “blue” because of an earlier meeting (you know). He didn’t want to go anywhere.

  9. Well, I’m gonna comment here since you closed comment in the previous post. A loyar always have to look for a way out of a situation. Muahahahah!

    To put it simply, whether your soul is lost or not, one’s actions or words (shall I say “cursing”?) clearly gives the answers…No amount of preaching or rebuking others would come to anything if their very action is hypocritical in themselves.

    Sorry, I can’t resist giving my piece for the last post. But you can delete this if you like. No issues and I am okay with it šŸ™‚

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