Is Malaysia having an identity crisis? (that BM issue)

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Long time ago, in a land where the big Datuk bosses don’t read BM and the senior managers can’t do it, there lived a very mighty secretary who could. So, she ruled the universe because all correspondences had to be in Bahasa Malaysia. Letters to the Min. of Trade, (nay, that fat speckie never grow old Kak?) about protecting local manufacturers, letters to the PM about investment, letters to Mr. Samy and Mr. Leo (the Mins. in charge of power and telecommunication) and other big guns.

So, she went her merry way to draft all the letters in BM, after the Chairman and CEOs gave her the points. Life was fine. But the company grew and it needs pull-string connection (and not to mention the 30% quota of you know..). Then, a retired Gov. officer was hired. En. K who is so old and kerepot, nyanyuk but still a bachelor. En. K could be a bit gay but he did married off eventually. But he made sure the whole office knows how playboy he is. He is the most lecherous, disgusting, ugly man evarrr.

When the bosses want a major appeal letter to be written, they will ask this mighty secretary to draft it out and let En. K to translate. But En. K is like a tortoise and takes days to do so. It is just translation, KNN. The bodek and the tonggek parts have been nicely arranged by mighty secretary.

En. K’s was eventually threatened by mighty secretary that he will be reported for sexual harrassment. Kahkahkah. Below are some of the situations :

Go into En. K’s office, he will stare at the boobs because from the level he is sitting, it is eye level. If you ask him if he has finished the job, he will say, “Come lah, sit down and chat a bit first.”

En. K will suddenly turned work related talk into stuffs like “At night I am lonely, sebab Lilian tak dak.”

En. K will also suddenly make references to kulit gebu (smooth skin) from out of nowhere.

Now, on to the main title. Hahaha, sorry got to get that En. K out of my skin a bit. Because that’s all he was hired for. To write letters in Bahasa Malaysia. Not like I cannot write a decent one. Cis. I wonder if your offices have a lot of En. K who are hired for that purpose? Whole day sit down, do nothing but to do one simple task that takes days when we can do it in hours.

the Cabinet felt that reverting to the term Bahasa Malaysia would help inculcate a sense of belonging for all citizens irrespective of race, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

Well, who gives two hoots whether it is Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia lah. We need more to give us that sense of identity that we are one – united, muhibbah country. Language alone can’t do that. The damage has been done. Since TAR’s time until now, his predecessors have torn it so wide and the gaping hole is hard to repair now. What with the elegant silent current one who remained silent while the gaping hole keep rotting away….. Maybe he should follow TAR and go for horse racing? Hehehe.

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  1. Salahlah! Dia orang mahu guna balik BM pasal tak fasih dalam Bahasa Luntun.

    Bachelor Degree dari MARA tapi Luntun tak boleh pakai. Awak tak ada tengok itu Pusat Tiu-shen bagi kursus Bahasa Luntun bagi pelajar pelepasan Universiti kah?? Mana ada orang sudah pergi Universiti kena ambil Tiu-shen Bahasa Luntun???? MALAYsia Boleh!!!

    APA?!! Tak percayakah??!! Buatlah survey pada adik-adik yang baru lepas Universiti.

  2. I think they are many En. Ks around leh, my friend who worked in the bank told me the similar story yesterday. The Cina bank recently merged with another bank that has totally different working culture, this En. K who was made redundant for many years due to IT illiteracy, can take $10K a month doing office boy’s job i.e. photocopying and distributing handouts before meeting, somemore can make mistakes i.e. mixed up the docs. He already got two wives, but would do all that you metioned. Since my friend is single, got harrassed quite a bit, but she is a strong woman, it didn’t really bother her that much, just annoyed.

  3. Bahasa Melayu ke Bahasa Malaysia ke aku tarak peduli, kitorang pakai B.M. je. Tapi kan, ini isu remeh-temeh je, buat ape buat besar-besar? Macam Terence cakap, pasai budak lepasan universiti tak pandai cakap Luntun baru diorang bising-bising taruk nama Bahasa Malaysia…pi rah!!! Pusat TIU-shen bahasa Luntun tu idea baguih! LOL! 😀

  4. i think this country IS improving but not enough, thx to lots of Mr. K sort of guys, fuxing around, cez they think they should. But fact is, there are so many things to truncate in order the country to move forward. Issues like language, racism is old, keep poking at it will bring us nowhere but backward. If you treat every race the same kind, accept who they are and respect them, we can move along. Non of the culture, or any other power at that, has the right to question or change any races and culture, for all these races and culture had long exist before any other politic power has arise.

    but Mr K type personality, a.k.a Racist, thought that they can do whatever they like? So whats the best solution? Darwin Natural Selection Process. Only the fittest survive. This way, Mr K will die off, slowly. It might take a generation but worth it. So, make en environment that can eliminate them, like increase job requirement, tighter selection, make sure them are out of job, unless proven they are not the type mention. Or just give them enough pension to STFU. I know its harsh, but if they talk louder then action, what can they do?

    But at the same time, our young blood must have good culture value and respect to each other. Home education at that. We are living in a country where a 6 years old native child can come up to you and yell “Balik China lah!”. If that doesn’t reflex parental skills, I don’t know what is. So to eliminate that kind of parents, it takes few more generations. Hatred won’t accumulate if you don’t teach or mention to your child. (Face it, most of us hate each other cause when we were kid, our parents complains other races being bad.) A child mirrors parents. So for parents out there, please don’t teach your children stuff like hating others. Teach them to respect each other.

    The world tide has change to helping others regarding race, it is plain stupid sitting there talk crap and hating each other.

    Sorry for lengthy post, please don’t chase me with ur cane, lilian.

  5. I don’t under why Malaysia make English as “official language” but you cannot send any English letter to government department.

    IMHO, there is nothing wrong to teach mother tongue language in school. But in Malaysia, the Bahasa nearly bankrupt. First, even with 60% of population, they don’t produce too few literary works. Second, millions of tax payer money spends every year, but no many books(tools book, novel, best seller,etc) are translated to Malay language. Bahasa are not useful beside being official spoken language.

    In mandarin speaking people, we see the opposite. The mandarin publishing world are pretty aggressive. For Taiwan alone, 300 new books are published every month. And this exclude tools book, best seller (English, Japanese or other language that the publisher see its potential). Take computer books as example, a US$ 39 books will become RMB RMB$30 (RM15) after translation (Now you know why country like China and India are picking up). In Taiwan and HK, there is public and privates grants to for book translator (yes, it also publishing). Now, that is globalisation.

  6. KKK (Ketawa Keluar Kuat)!!

    Saya bersetuju dengan kata-kata Lilian yang menyatakan bahawa pertukaran istilah “Bahasa Melayu” kepada “Bahasa Malaysia” tidak membawa apa-apa manfaat kepada perasaan kepunyaan (shit, how to say ‘sense of belonging’ in BM?) ataupun perpaduan negara.

    Saya menggunakan istilah “BM” sahaja dalam pertuturan seharian (malah, dalam surat-surat dan borang-borang rasmi pun saya menyatakan “BM” sahaja). Tiada orang peduli ejaan penuh dalam huruf “M” tersebut.

    Saya berpendapat bahawa perdebatan tentang isu-isu “trivial” sebegini amatlah membazir masa dan juga air liur. Sekian, terima kasih.

    (81 patah perkataan)

  7. hahhahahaha….. ‘at night i am lonely, lilian tak dak’… to which , how did you reply ah? 😛

    as far as i can remember, this thing has been changed back and forth multiple times already… it’s like a ‘must-do’ for the minister, anyone who wanna make a mark will change the name of the national language.

    as for whether it will ever encourage blogging… hahaha…. do you remember that verse? sam jiu la!

  8. Narrowband! How you knowwww! I was failing quite a bit until the finals (phew) ='(

    Lilian, feel better already or not? I already cool down ler.. Haha (I realised I’m very kay poh today).

    *slaps myself tightly for getting distracted, back to studies*

  9. The damage maybe be done. I think this is a desperate move by gaoment and i think this is only the start of repairing operation. I hope gaoment will not think by moving this move, can repair all the damage.

    I just hope then don’t give up before the damage is finish repair. Harap jangan hangat hangat tahi ayam sahaja sudahlah. Anyways , they need another way to solve this problem. If gaoment got someone as wise as zhu ge liang here , our country will become better :P. Sigh i just dreaming 😛

    P/S: if my comment is too offensive, pls delete it 😛 Thank ar 😛

  10. It’s so unfortunate, the want to put BM in a higher position, but they can only force it to the public sector. When you say Bahasa Malaysia in country like France, nobody knows, but Bahasa Indonesia, you will say is the same, but still it’s more famous overseas.

  11. wahhhhh , just finished all the reading from previous post…phhheww penat juga…like 80 comments to go through all of them slowly.
    so ok already ah?

  12. I had a great Bahasa Malaysia teacher long time and she explained that Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia is totally 2 different language…because in Bahasa Melayu, you won’t have words like komputer, Januari, pencuri and many foreign words “malaysianised” for local use.

    Then again Bahasa Melayu itself had it’s origin from Sanskrit…

    So, I wonder who really owns our national language anyway…and what big difference it going to make if other races are being treated differently on other things.

  13. balajoe – I also understand that Bahasa Malaysia and Latin have similar way of pronounciation. We sang Latin in my choir and all we need is to pronounce those Latin the BM way. So, yeah, we have a long history so all are actually intertwined. But if we ever talk, people will get very sensitive over that.

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