Q&A with 5xmom – How to increase traffic?

I am feeling a little matronly today and am going to answer an email from an 18 years old student. Hey Bobby, I hope you do not mind me using your email as a blog topic? I give you a link in return ok?

i run a blog writing about general social-political-management issues at 69tribe.com. now the blog is mainly used as my general paper blog i’m wondering how do i increase my daily page views.

Well…social-political is not something that everyone likes. It is a bit like religion. People tend to shy away from it unless you dare to go all out to be David and fight Goliath. Write something about Samy Vellu or that Singapore PM what’s his name?

I notice you are monetizing your blog with paid posts and that is one reason why traffic will not be attractive. People do not like blogs with paid posts. Only die-hard paid post bloggers support each other. So, once a blog is filled with paid posts, it is as good as dead.

Moreover, I don’t think I have seen you around my blog or the regular blogs I visited. You see, in order for people to like you, you have to show a sincere interest first. Otherwise, no one is going to visit.

like what kind of methods u used to gain traffic in the initial stages.

I didn’t do anything to increase traffic. Because blogging is purely for self-satisfaction. If you are a new blogger and you start having people reading what you write, expecting you to come up with better and even better posts each day, it will cause the blogger to die a premature death from trying too hard. Your blog is only four months old so don’t expect anything. My other subsidiary blogs also take about one year before it gains a decent traffic.

currently i rely heavily on (some blog portal) for my page views.
my blog posts had been featured on tomorrow.sg and some other singaporean blog portals, but my traffic are just once-off – meaning ppl come and read a particular post and they never revisit again.

True. Because we cannot rely on people visiting us. We have to visit them. Unless you are some Hollywood celebrities. Which you are not, unfortunately.

just wondering how do i use these platforms to have repeat visitors or do u have any other suggestions on increasing readership and not just one-off readers?

Those platforms don’t give us much traffic. For me, the traffic from there are pathetic. My regular readers read my blog because I treat it like I am writing to them personally. It is a one-to-one conversation, with the human touch. No one likes to read a one person talking, i.e. a blogger explaining something.

Now, I am feeling generous and wish to give you some suggestions:

1) Your blog layout is not that great for helping you to make an income. I see that you have nuffnang and adsense. But you placed them so far down below. If you are interested to actually make money, you need to kick those stuffs on top like the calendar (no one uses a calendar anymore) and place nuffnang followed by your adsense. Otherwise, why clutter your blog?

2) I notice that you did not link to any bloggers except your own clique. Try some ass-licking method. Go find Ahpek.com and read his other blogs on how to be a better blogger. Why you never link to any one of my blogs and yet, you think I will take time to answer your email with no capitals, no full stop ah? You have to praise my blogs sky high and probably, I will return favour also. That’s life, people ass lick a bit here and there. It makes the ass-licker known to the one getting the ass-licked. The licked-ass feel happy so she/he returns favour. You have to apply this in your job, your life and even to your mother-in-law before you marry her daughter.

3) Young people tends to get too ambitious and thinks they can be like those whom had blogged for a long time. You cannot. It takes time. And as I said, a great blogger has to write with the heart, mind and soul. Otherwise, the blog is just another useless piece of shit clogging the internet. Of course, I am not talking about your site but just making a vivid illustration. Bloggers are full of shits, mostly.

Now, excuse me, I gotta go pangsai.

Everyone, please visit www.69tribe.com while I pangsai.

Oh I forgot another important factor. I got one Chao Ah Beng who is my #1 fansee who gives me real and non ass-licking feedbacks. Blek.

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  1. waiseh. the si fu speaks ler. so generous today?! lol. but eh, that’s a really good tip ler. i esp like this one, “I treat it like I am writing to them personally” so-the-blardy-true.

    Thanks lilian. Now, call u lilian or 5xmom? (or niamah?)

  2. Dan: ………….. eww. No need to that extent lah.

    Chao Ah Lian: Niamah lu!

  3. *nod nod, munch popcorn* Agree with what Auntie said. I’ve been blogging for…about 9 months now…I learnt a lot and have yet a lot to learn. Auntie Lilian is one of the bloggers that I look to for guidance in blogging. (No, this is not ass-licking!) Look at her blog layout…neat, not messy unlike many other blogs, you see the way she arranges her stuff in her blog, easy to access, you won’t get lost in here (Now, that’s ass-licking! :P)

    You see, if your sole purpose of blogging is to gain traffic, sorry lah, you won’t get any. I tend to think of getting as much traffic before but it was a failed attempt. So, now I resolve to blog from my heart as self-satisfaction, like what Auntie said. And I noticed that when I really blog from my heart, my blog gained more visitors. Otherwise, that post can eat shit already.

    Oh, by the way, sitting there doing nothing will not get you visitors. Go around snoop and stalk other people’s blogs as well. Shit there and left. If your shit smells nice, they will visit your blog. If your shit stinks, they will visit as well but don’t put too much hope though. Besides, learn from the way they blog. Do not copy, just learn. And blog with your own style.

  4. actually hor..i don’t think “young” bloggers should the only ones learning from this. I think all bloggers (esp those with paid-posts) should. šŸ˜‰

  5. can i just ear licking? that ass thing kind of …. hmmm…. well, if thats needed, u got to do what u got to do… go ass licking then… ahpek… i follow u later… u dont go alone ok..later kena hentam… susah lagi..kekeke j/k.

    clare, i like most the the last sentence: blog with your own style. like more pictures šŸ˜‰ kekeke. dont follow my sytle.. 1 week holiday. hahahaha.

  6. hahaha…

    Good comments. I’m a regular reader but am not compelled to comment much until I feel necessary.

    Somehow, blogs are used for many purposes, one of which is to provide info. I see that here because I get to learn stuff as well as get entertained too. That’s the purpose for my blog anyway.

    Oh well, what’s the big deal about drawing in traffic – unless you really want to earn mega-moolahs from the traffic and paid-per-posts?? Once that happens, the blog is no longer a blog, but just a big website full of ads, which is what turns off a lot of people.

    A few are ok, no harm done coz it’s informational too. šŸ˜‰

    Anyway, keep up the good work 5x mom! I am not a member of your mybloglog community but I still secretly support you.. Haha

  7. ooo another lesson learnt! šŸ˜€ thanks auntie lillian for the tip… i guess it’s very important to blog with your heart, because people are interested in the real you, not anyone else that you’re trying to copy.

    i’ll learn learn lor… haha

  8. Increasing blog traffic and popularity has always been the wish for anyone who blogs. The end thing is hopefully you’ll have a great time along the way. (Even though wishes don’t always come true.) šŸ™‚

    Lilian is one of the best mentor around. Alot of bloggers know alot, but Lilian is one of the few who graciously share.

    Shit, now i sounded like ass licking…:-P

  9. wah..eh i asslike ur blog so long..comment here and there..so when you featuring my blog la?..haha well its true if u blog for the sake of traffic..u get too obsessed..and then u b like me..abit gila gila d..

  10. Now I’ve read this, then I remember that I never linked you up in mine too! What lah! Yet I read you every day some more. Going to do it now before I FORGET AGAIN! And I think it’s cool that you are willing to share your tips for all of us to follow too, thanks (praising your blog sky high now! LOL) Nah, really, I think you’re an interesting writer and I am continually amazed at how much you can write when it takes me HOURS just to write one…how to make money liddat?!

  11. yo auntie lilian,

    thank you very much for the feedback…learned a lot fr ur blog post….well, i’ve got lotsa things to learn b4 becoming a problogger like u….

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