Now, let’s talk about The Alleycats

I grew up listening mostly to Malay songs because I was educated in a 95% Malays primary school. In secondary school, I still stick to Malay friends. So, Alleycats was my staple diet back then.

Once, when I was about 18 years old, I have a male, married colleague (ooh lah lah) who is a Chinese but he can sing “Sekuntum Mawar Merah” like pro. One day, he had a singing competition and brought me to be there as his supporter. *faints with excitement* Now, he is an old ahpek already. Divorced once and remarried.

Then, we also used to go to *die, I cannot even remember the pub’s name* and listen to The Alleycats. I tell you, The Alleycats is probably one of the few non-Malay bands that garner both markets. It is a pity that they have not been given more recognition than they deserved.

Some of the songs that I really like are :

1) Sekuntum Mawar Merah, Sebuah Puisi

2) Senandung Malam

3) Andainya aku pergi dulu

4) Hingga Akhir Nanti

5) Seribu bintang

So, rest in peace, Loga. You may be gone but I will always have fond memories of those wickedly young times when I went there to sit there and be mesmerised by Alleycats’ song. My tribute came too late but nevertheless, I hope The Alleycats name will continue to be in our happy memories.

Andainya aku pergi dulu sebelummu
Janganlah kau bersedih hati
Andainya aku tiada lagi di sisimu
Janganlah kau memencil diri
Bayangkanlah masa-masa bahagia
Semasa engkau dan aku
Bermesra di langit biru
Di waktu kasih berpadu

Now, looking back at all the lyrics, those a very haunting words that foretold the truth.

Kini tinggal kenangan belaka
Di taburan bunga pusaramu
Ku berdoa agar dikau
Aman bertemunya

Oh! kenangan tinggallah kenangan
Engkau pergi telah ditakdirkan
Diriku termenung menjauh
Bersama senandung semalam

Hey, let’s buy The Alleycats’ albums! Ingat, beli yang original, beb.

A song “Kasih Tak Kesampaian” included in the Alleycats’latest album, entitled “Rasa” was Loga’s last single.

May your siblings and family continue to mengharumkan nama mu sampai sedunia. Rest in peace, Loga.

Now, I think I want to perm my hair to be like Arumugam. How? Nice eh?

16 thoughts on “Now, let’s talk about The Alleycats

  1. my uncle once sang with the Alleycats before. I think my mum knows the singer although I don’t know them. Are they from Penang? My uncle enjoys singing. If he comes back, I ajak u go KTV with him let him sing. Haha. But I don’t think he knows BM though. He has been staying in Australia for many years now. You will probably get the “Ini berapa kupang?” from him. Hehe.

  2. alleycats through their music had created semangat muhibbah and had also intergrate us as malaysian regardless of race or religion. my prayers for u,Loga.

  3. I went to Chinese school, but I also liked their songs, so did the school bus pakcik who played their songs everyday. You reminded me of those 6.00a.m bus trips to school with Alleycats !

  4. the first time i caught them was in planet hollywood… quite an amazing band, particularly their way of saying ‘t’rima k’sih’….

    one thing i learn from the death of loga… i think i need to go see the doc … i have been coughing for about 3 months now… and i dont even smoke!

  5. zewt – Whoa! Faster go see ler. I worked for a chain smoker boss for 12 years and it is as bad as a smoker, I think. Yeah, the trima ksih! is so Alleycats. And the afro.

    leah – Glad I hold your hands down memory lane again.

    eddy – Yes, if only we have more of such bands.

    simon – Faster go Top Ten Things..

    ping2 – They used to sing over here and I see they are living in Penang still.

  6. Today is indeed a sad day knowing one of the legendary Alleycats passed away.
    Will Malaysia ever have artist like Alleycats, Sudirman and Tan Sri P.Ramlee again?
    They are the muhibbah artist, admire by all races.

  7. May Loga rest in peace and condolence to his family… I listened to Alleycats since I was a kid. Now I always saw David walked by the play I stay now, he stays nearby my place only.

  8. anthraxxx – He is in treatment ya? Very sad to hear that, especially him being so young. Do get the book, Chicken Soup for the survival’s soul and hope your parents find the strength to deal with the situation. As a parent, I know their pains are 10X more than yours, albeit you care for him very much. God bless.

  9. somehow the name alleycats seems familiar.. but i dont think ive listened to their songs.. i like malay songs too.. especially from misha and siti..

  10. was supposed to go today… but didnt happen due to ‘work commitment’… will probably go see tomm. otherwise, go see the sensei this weekend first. nowadays… i can cough like hell at home… no one will care. if mom around, she will nag la… but now… of cos no more.

  11. I were shock when I were told he is death coz few days ago I saw him in front of his house when I were sending my son to his kindy in Tanjong Bungah. I saw him talking to his wife and laughing. He seems to be ok but after a few days………………… *silence n say a prayer for him*

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