So kewwwttttt…

Cute little hands with cute little Starbucks cup:


And the cutest little boy :


Plus OMG, Jamie Oliver!


We got the free samplings of the Starbucks because they have one girl standing there, next to CoffeeBeans! to distribute as many cups of Banana JavaChip as we want. Yay, to competition! CoffeeBeans just released their Green Tea Ice Blended and I think that’s why the need to lure us over to Starbucks?


Plus the decor in Island Plaza for Father’s Day is really sweet, isn’t it? They have all the fathers there like David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Vincent Van Gogh and……jeng jeng jeng….our PM! (inserts reaction). Anyway, I didn’t know that Vincent Van Gogh was known as a father? All I know is he is blind and he draw these expensive sunflowers photos?

19 thoughts on “So kewwwttttt…

  1. I love the Green Tea Frappucino in Starbucks. Are they giving that away for free ah?
    Love those pics of your kid too – really using his posing skills to great advantage! šŸ˜€

  2. macam macam ada. Green tea ice blended pun ada. Boleh belanja ar ? I wanna to drink also šŸ˜›

    Message to lilian,
    sorry to hear what happen to u. If i offend u in here and there,please feel free to flame me to death :P. The story is confusing until now i still blur blur(doesn’t who is right or wrong). But glad to see u are fine now :).

  3. terence – Go buy banana and kopi o and go home blend it yourself.

    sengkiat – When was I NOT fine? Please lah, don’t simply make your own conclusions, ok?

    li ann – Yalor, the face is so ‘oh my goodness’ aka Dr, Black Jack, pinoko style.

    giddy tiger – They only give this and an apple flavour

    satukuru – It has been revived actually, after MJ become the anchor tenant. I like it cos it is less crowded.

  4. wah.. so nice.. if only we get this sorta competition in Kuching. kikiki..

    & omg!! Jamie Oliver! fuhhhh.. so like him man. Naked Chef!! ~~lalalala~~

    ur baby boy is so cuteeeeee~~! comel macam mak dia.

  5. Ur boy is cute la. We still dont have Starbucks here in Kuching. Maybe in 2008 when the new shopping malls is ready and alive. Then i take my boy there to take pictures and write a post of Kireisan’s Baby Boy VS 5xMom’s Youngest Son. But cannot lar .. age difference cos my boy now only 10 mths+. Penang here i come !

  6. hmmm, why the infamous Father In Law is there? Vincent Van Gogh is blind meh? I only know he is sot-sot-dei in later year.

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