On marriage

Someone is celebrating his first wedding anniversary today. So, being the obliging blogger, I am going to write a post on marriage for his reading.


You see this old, broken, little hut? It is a tiny tailor shop. Just today, my son said, ‘I want to be a sewer’. And all of us went, “HUH? You are so full of shits, so be a sewer very suitable for you”

Then, we only realised he was talking about a tailor. Sew clothes. Doh! We had a good laugh over it.

As we reached our apartment, the neighbour’s dog came out.

#A son : Go nearer lah, the dog bites your ball.

#B son : You go near, the dog also can’t bite your ball ‘cos it is not there. It is soooo puny.

#A son : If I go there, the dog cannot bite because my balls are too big for it’s jaw. Not like you, none at all.
*shows action*

And the more we laughed.

See? All the simple things in life is enough to make us happy.

And we went to the tailor around almost 11 pm because dear hubby wants to get his new pants shorten. You see, my marriage contract doesn’t include ironing, sewing or cleaning the toilets. That’s why we made a stop to have it done. Easy solution, right?

After the tailor trip, my growing teen needs to eat roti cheese telur. But the mamak heard wrongly and made roti tisu.


So, we accepted it because it is already done and it won’t be nice to ask them to take it back. After all, it is food.

Then, I saw the delicious ikan keli, kelompong and telur ikan. So, I couldn’t resist and fall into temptation. I asked my eldest son, “How? 11 pm and I still eat, how? Fat, how?”

And he said, “Eat lah, not like we eat like this every night.” We then ordered a plate each.


We shared our dishes. Half a beef, half telur sotong. Half telur ikan.

And I drank this susu lembu halia. It is fresh cow’s milk mixed with ginger juice.


Of which my sons said, “You don’t call us in the middle of night and tell us you are going to die ok?”

Because I am lactose and Vitamin C intolerant and had fainted many times due to stomach cramps when I drank those UHT milk. It is always very severe and dramatic where I would broke into cold sweats, dizziness and screamed for someone to bring me the Tiger Balm because, “I am going to dieeeee.” *then fainted on the toilet floor* (in Hokkien, Kah meh, wa ai si liao!!!) It is always the family’s laughing stock and they will always bring it up just to tease me.

And my point is – Being married is all about give and take. It is about accepting each other faults and bask in the simple things in life. We can laugh over everything and talk about anything. Once you have that formula, things are always smooth going.

Therefore, (name not included yet), Happy Anniversary Lah. You want to reveal your identity so that all of us can wish you long, long, romantic, romantic, full of farts exchanges and shits comparing relationship or not? (you gotta be so close to your spouse, you can make farts orchestra *peet, phoot, peet, phoot* and can compare what the previous night dinner produced the next morning, ok?)

See? I did not forget to remind you, right? Faster say thank you, niamah!

19 thoughts on “On marriage

  1. Wow… didn’t know there’s such a thing as “susu lembu halia”.

    Hell, the “imported” worker at my nearest mamak restaurant had hell of a difficult time understanding “teh o halia”…

    Perhaps it’s time for me to teach him a new phrase 🙂

  2. Yes.. Lilian..! yer right..! marriage is all about give and take. .and never calculating.. 😉
    Well said..! good advice.. 🙂

  3. telur sotong?? wah shiok ar ur supper.. well life is short..just eat to the fullest la..but not every day..if not life will be even shorter..so got kena lao sai or not?

  4. have u wondered why yr lactose intolerant, just for a few weeks 2 months ago, suddenly i became lactose intolerant. everything with milk….huah…lau sai til usus also kering….

    ahh…sewer=tailor..the innocence of childhood.

  5. the nasi with telur ikan makes me drool…

    I think you made a good point about marriage…to be able to laugh with each other and at each other.

  6. Sigh… some people are very lucky to have a good and happy marriage that will last till either one drops dead lor… Sigh… not everyone so lucky lor…

  7. Hehehehehe, IMHO. A good marriage is like a democracy, one should comfortable live within it, and must do maintenance from time to time.
    BTW, Hot Milk + fresh thick Ginger juice = pudding. Chinese Soon Tak area dessert (most people though it is Hong Kong dessert). The dessert name are pretty interesting – Giong-Jap-Zong-Nai (Ginger juice bang the milk) 😉

    p/s: you can’t make the ginger milk pudding with low fat milk.

  8. I agree with ya, even though I’m not married… But mother keeps telling me two things:-

    – Marriage is about 50-50, share everything. Problem, happiness, $$$… Kekeke…
    – Humour

    I’ve been hearing from my elders about how funny their other halves are getting as time rolls on. Even though at times very frustrating, but often times have to have a sense of humour to laugh at things. 😉

  9. Reading RPK article reveal one important fact:

    Malaysia does not have a First Lady. And even if we did, which we do not, it would be the Permaisuri Agong and not the Prime Minister’s wife who is the First Lady. And after that we have the nine Rulers (seven Sultans, one Raja of Perlis and one Yam Tuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan) and four Undangs (of Negeri Sembilan). So the Prime Minister’s wife is the Fifteenth Lady while the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife is the Sixteenth Lady, even if the Prime Minister is not married.

    Lucky I haven’t blog this topic, otherwise I will hit the wall.

  10. It’s not easy to built a happy family. What we parents do will effect our kids later. Not easy to be a wife n mother too, don’t you agree?

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