Pak Lah Kahwin lagi?

I was reading my good friend, AhPek‘s blog and was wondering what he is mumbling about. He rant on and on and on about something. Then, I stumbled on another blogger friend, MageP‘s blog and can only fit in the jigsaw why I saw so many people searching for pak lah jean and pak lah kahwin on Google. For a second, I thought they want to follow the style of Pak Lah’s dressing. *roll eyes*

So, we are finally going to have a First Lady to decorate and carry out the tasks that help to soften the roughness of politics. A First Lady’s duty is very important because she is the PR of the man.

Gambar Jeanne Abdullah can be viewed on Screenshots. So pretty lah.


Dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa YAB Perdana Menteri [tag]Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi[/tag] akan melangsungkan majlis akad nikah dengan Jeanne Abdullah pada hari Sabtu 9 Jun 2007 bersamaan dengan 23 Jamadilawwal 1428 Hijrah.

Jeanne Abdullah dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 29 Julai 1953 dan merupakan anak sulung daripada empat orang adik-beradik. Beliau menerima pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Assunta dan mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang pentadbiran dan penghotelan setelah terlibat dalam pengurusan beberapa hotel terkemuka di [tag]Malaysia[/tag], termasuk Hotel Hilton Kuala Lumpur dan Hotel Pan Pacific. Jeanne juga pernah bertugas sebagai Pengelola kediaman rasmi Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Pengurus Kompleks Seri Perdana.

Jeanne mempunyai dua orang anak, Nadiah dan Nadene.

Majlis berkenaan akan diadakan di Seri Perdana dan akan dihadiri oleh keluarga terdekat sahaja.

**Here on, it is off topic**

*sigh….*Foolish me, for a while, I thought I have a chance…..I am so heartbroken now.

Now, looking at AhPek’s ramblings, I don’t know whether I prefer my atm to re-marry when I kick the bucket? Say he is 70, I would have been 66. If I am 66 years old, by then, I don’t think I can still be good in bed, what with rheumatism and all. So, I certainly will not want him to suddenly trade in a new model and ignite him with Viagra’s fed oysters. I will be so dead jealous, even if I am dead. Forget about my faith, for a second. I will probably die again of jealousy when I look down or up from wherever I belong and see my old man going ‘All night long, all night’ (you know the song by Lionel Ritchie?). So, nah, I wouldn’t want my old man to remarry. If he needs to find a bit of entertainment outside, then, I am fine. But just don’t touch my conjugal bed, my kids and grandkids, my flower pots, my blogs. Die, bitch, if you ever touch my blogs. Muahahahar…I got carried away a bit. Sorry.
**end of off topic**

Back to the topic, cheers to our PM , may he find the pillar of strength in Jeanne. (it is Jeanne lah, not jean! Ish, ish)

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  1. shoi2 – I don’t know wor, but to be fair, I do feel for the previous one. In my shoes, I would hate that, what more a sister-in-law. (the new wife is the ex-wife of the previous one’s brother’s wife. hehehe, long description but in short, relatives lah) Hope there are no son-in-law problems though.

    AhPek – LOL, you no ask about my SEO motive? Hahaha…evil.

  2. no shite, a sister in law pulak!! i nearly choked whn i read that screenshot…teruk betul!!

  3. Wah liao… Pak Lah didn’t look very far.. 😛

    Anyway, congrats to him. Hope that marriage duties will not burden him too much, if you know what I mean. *kekeke*

  4. i nearly died laughing reading ur 2nd last paragraph!! And i thot endon passed away last year and then checked – its been two years so the grave isn’t so fresh after all. I want to say congratulations to the old man but her being his sis in law and all i wonder how long he carried a torch for her and if anything happened btwn the two of them while the first lady was so busy dying from breast cancer!!!!

  5. Denied, denied, denied. Then it turn true. Abuden! Why denied in the first place. Now people are wary when he start denied “rumor”. Hmmm, so now what happens to the yacht. 😉

  6. hijackqueen – LOL, don’t ask. Someone just asked me, if they have a new baby (not likely I suppose) call the step siblings what. And the nai-nai become the other part of mother-in-law. Confusing!

    moo_t – This one romance only, no money involved lah. So kasi chance sikit

    queenofallbees – Exactly! I am a woman, so I can’t help wonder too. No doubt he is PM and all and we want the best for him. But as a woman, I still wonder if one can actually fall in love and marry within such a short period? You know, between Oct 2005 until now, is less than 2 years. What more, the grieving husband who said no one can replace the previous one. So, it makes me sort of worried that next time my atm oso fast fast sudah mati, cari lagi. Like that I don’t want to mati so fast lah. Hahaha. Rugi besar.

  7. Gosh, our PM is very busy man why he needs to remarry? If marry to get first lady don’t need lah, if marry for love then let God bless them. If he remarries a young girl people will talk also. Marry to ex-wife’s sister in laws, a bit complicated.

  8. AngieT – Yalor, now already look so tired. LOL

    ehon – I also picked up from blogs but being the busybody, this is hot news lah.

    dan – Ya! Now, I think it must be lucrative to open dating site for the seniors. LOL. *slaps self, I have written too many paid posts for dating site*

    shoi – Yalor, now, if I am the mother-in-law, I’d be watching what my kids’ spouses (assuming I have both dotter and son lah) are up to. LOL, *slaps self again, I watched too many soap operas*

  9. bee ean – If marry for first lady, ok lah, cos lol, politics mah. Two heads are better than one. But seriously, ahpek said it well, you go read his post.

  10. *faint and fall from chair*. First you say remarry, I also no shiok liau. Wife pass away not so long and mau kahwin chor. Then, when you tell Shooi2 is the sister in law……….. I terus ‘tit ngan keng’. Man……………………..

  11. erina – Hehehe, now all men also want to marry hor? Sei ler, if we stop them, they say follow the PM mah.

    clare – Yalor.

  12. Congratulations to Pak Lah. I hope he will be happy.

    I understand the insinuations of him marrying Endon’s former sister-in-law.

    But I beg to view this from a cultural point of view.

    Culturally, in the Malay practise, when a woman passes, the surviving spouse is allowed to marry his late wife’s sister. This is known as the practise of “Salin Tikar”. Therefore for a Malay who understands his culture, he will feel relieved.

    This is because at least there is someone to take care of him in his old age. I am not only talking sexually. I know of one Puan Sri who only married her husband 5 years befor his death. She had to contend with his senility, incontinence. stroke and minor domestic accidents. Kudos to her.

    The stigma of ibu tiri is also less because she is a blood relative of the children. This also settles the question of harta/ property going to another totally alien third party.

    So all said and done, be happy for Pak Lah. I am sure the Late Endon would too.

  13. I don’t read newspaper, but luckily I read your blog…. at least I am not totally a katak inside the tempurung…

  14. i also din know he’s getting married until i read ur blog =.=” Ugh, hope Mr PM will be happy but then again, i don’t want my husband to remarry, even if i’m dead!

  15. “If I am 66 years old, by then, I don’t think I can still be good in bed” ….. hmmm… so you’re saying you’re good in bed all the way till … 65? more blatantly… very good in bed now la? hahaha… ok ok … joking.

    back to the topic… think the rumours were out and Pak Lah denied it the last time?

  16. I recently read an interesting, old article by Raja Petra, which had mentioned Jeanne in it. It’s rather long, but you might be interested.

  17. narrowband – Yeah, LOL, I read that too and especially the slapping (not the folks mentioned here, peoples) part which someone commented.

    zewt – *slaps zewt*

    ren nee – Yeah, I hope our new first lady will make him glamour, what with her looks. She is so beautiful!

    vivian – Hehe, I didn’t know my blog is so updated wan?

    rizlan – That said, as a woman, I still refuse to allow my husband to remarry if I am dead. Muahahar…

  18. I hope I can contribute a 2 cents worth of comment down here. A PM is a busy man, why would he gets a 1st lady for? After all, he has grandchildren and children already. 2nd, how long was this being developed? While Endon was dying for breast cancer? Any woman in that position wouldn’t want their man to re-marry. And get thing worst is, this is Endon’s ex sister-in-law…. What wld PM’s children called her?
    If ever she’s pregnant, what would you think about our PM? Gosh!!!! Needless to say anything, right?

  19. I will send him your regards when I see him. Maybe he might recommend you to be bestowed as a Tan Si. Soli, Tan Sri.

    I take picture for you ar.

  20. terence – You say wan ha? I want the pics to be sent to me instantly through MMS. I pay you in USD wor. What’s your Swiss account again? And another RAW format by runners so that I get it online first in Malaysia.

    cindy – Yeah, from a woman’s point of view, we are against it over these reasons. But funnily, men don’t care about it, unless politics are involved. So, it is much our women sentiments.

  21. lilian, keep up the good updating business 🙂

    You are my favourite source of Malaysian news that matters 🙂

  22. Not fair for us ladies hor? When we re-married they say we all gatal lar, cannot live without the batang and bla bla bla…………………… Why can’t we ladies do the same leh???

  23. Dear Erina Law, do you wonder whether the comments (as you imagined) will come from the men or from the ladies.

    Since I am very much interested in culture (Lilian’s hates about her readers notwithstanding), Apparently there is an old study done by a Japanese University, that says that the highest incidences of divorce among malays in Malaysia is actually in the state of Kelantan. This is because the woman is said to handle the finances of the family thus has more confidence than the average malay woman and say in family matters (note that traditional trading business is headed by women in Kelantan).

    In fact it is said that female divorcees a very much sought after and are something of “hot items”. Can any Kelantanese out there confirm this for me?

  24. penang Lang, really suprise and hope he will be happy,
    but pretty sure after this, thing will get expensive…
    chia lat!

  25. Sigh… last time say how lurve how lurve Endon… manacai, not even 2 years, got teman baru liao. Sigh… how much lurve can that Abdullah have ler…. Sigh… make a mockery of lurve only got.

    Eh.. if Abdullah didnt go all lurvey dovey and mushy over Endon when she was still alive hor, not so bad wor.. but the fact that he did and my god!!! cannot even tahan 3 years, the normal mourning duration if very lurve la, kahwin baru. So, this baru teman is half lurve ah? Aiyooo.. the things Abdullah about forever lurve Endon and that God bestow upon us the capacity to lurve different people at the same time and one dont compare the lurve for one’s wife, mother and daughter.. OF COURSE la!! siau issit!? But the fact is, this is number 2 wor.. yee lai wor.. so, fall in the wife category la… you say got no comparison ah!? Teok boh!?? Sometime ah.. our PM talk things hor, got no sense la..

    If i kick the bucket hor, I don’t mind my old man to marry again lor. I lurve him very much and I want him to be happy lor. Whatever I have with him is over liao when my heart stop beating and I fly off lor… He has to carry on and if he can find someone else to lurve him and he lurves her, than I am happy lor. But gotta buy their own new bed and all la… what la! can afford to keat hoon again, cannot afford to buy new set meh!? Cheh!

    But hor, if my old man kicks the bucket and leave me behind… I doubt I will marry again lor. I don’t think I will be able to find someone else who can lurve me like the way my old man does, just the way I like to be lurved! Wahaha… mai vormeet hor….

  26. Paklah actually nonit marry lah cuz aready andropause, he only need jean to take care of him. i mean legally lah. she work at paklah home so nanti tak kena tangkap basah lol

  27. his previous wife only mati for 2 years niah. but was with him for 40 years. see…it’s so easy to have your 40-years-love being replaced. sad.

    on the other side, do we get a one day holiday during his wedding not?? maybe we can write to him and request for him to declare a public holiday, reason being we wanna rejoice togather-gather with him on his ‘big’ day.


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