Oklah, I reply

I went to Queensbay Mall, makan, jalan, shopping and watch Shrek 3 and come back, tidur until now. So, I boh pien cannot reply every single one. Therefore, I take one to reply, ok boh? This comment by Val.

Ten Things I Hate About Your Blog

1. Your avatar! Like hiao char bor. Muka selamba aje. Sien. Change that pink top ler. Aiyah.

This one secret to khau ang mohs. Nay, those probloggers? They kasi me good tips so must khau them mah. Put regular ah soh’s pic, they no layan, jek.

2. Either you’re greedy or you dunno how to count. Why put 11 when the title says 10? You got one extra finger issit?

Like this is call capitalising.

3. Your food posts always made me lau-nuar. Dah lah the place I stay in dun have much good food to eat, everyday come to your blog kena stare at all those delicious food pics some more. Jialat!

Not my problem, do drool, I no leong sam wan.

4. Your blog always takes so long to load. And when it does load, my Lappy will lag. If I close your blog, then my Lappy stops lagging. Haiya!

Blame streamyx lor. Not my problem also. I suka put high resolutions pickchures cos my Flickr Pro account give me the bandwith and diskspace. Only chao ah lians use those slide thingie.

5. Why do you have so many blogs one? My small brain can’t keep track lar

‘Cos it makes me lotsa money lah.

6. Sometimes your topics are soooo deep, I got so lost and blur I thought I was in dreamland. Then after reading all those long comments and replies, with my hands sore sore from all the scrolling down (all the way down till the end!) I’m still blur like sotong! Cis!

Hehehe, this one is call dedication. I lafu yew, Val. I didn’t know people still read the craps.

7. You ar. So dang demanding. Ppl comment you tembak. No comment also tembak. What is it that you really want hah???

Heh, my blog mah, I sukak do what, I do lor.

8. I damn tulan how you manage to write so many posts per day. If I’m busy working for one week, I came back to your blog and you have post numbers as high as Mount Kinabalu and THAT makes me feel as if I haven’t stopped by in one year! Makes me feel so dang guilty and slow and useless. You say lar, tulan or not?!

Padan lor. Hehehe, no need to read mah, aiyor…come sayang.

9. You can take over all the newspapers and magazines in Malaysia liao. All those poor peps have to close shops to make way for you. I really mou-ngan-tai. 3 years from now maybe you can target to take down all local tv and radio stations liao. Jialat. Really jialat.

Kenot wan, write for newspapers, I always kena edited until I tulan. Write my own blog, I can make people tulan. See?

10. I hate myself for always coming back to your blog even when I don’t have much time to read every single dang post you wrote. So you better be happy that I wrote this 10 numbers of crap!

Of course, I dem hepi. ‘Cos Val’s blog oso almost as bitchy as mine liao.

I nochet eat dinner and it is already 9.15 pm. As soon as I can drag my hubby away from Maria Sharapova’s nipples and moaning…..*stomach growling, the Dragon-i lunch digested and turned into shit already*

Shrek 3 is ok lor…considering that I did not watch Part 1 or 2. But it doesn’t make me laugh hard enough. So, not so nice lah. The story involving all the fairy tale characters is nice but it wasn’t funny enough. I’d prefer to see more of those parts.

11 thoughts on “Oklah, I reply

  1. woot! fast fast post comment, i wanna be first! shrek 3 is for gina watch wan lah, bo ngam you wan..
    ok la, next week i go watch shrek 3…muahahar!

  2. Giddy Tigers – Still ok cos I only ordered the same stuffs for the kids. But the bill still come up to RM105 with just basic stufs.

    ree nee – Compare to other movies, this does not leave you with that ‘feel good’ feelings. Not like The Cars or Happy Feet.

  3. auntie lilian, you should seriously watched the first two movies together with the kids.. the third movie is a big disappointment..

  4. Woi! Just change the damn avatar! Or at least change the colour of the PINK blouse. Niamah!

  5. wahahahahah!!..i tell u ar..you are probably the most tu lan fellow i have seen in the blogosphere..are you like that in real life ar?..damn kao terror

  6. Tulan-nye. Like tat also can. But hor, kam-siah for the link Aunty. You accept apprentice anot? Me wanna apply lar. Wan2surpass you someday ler. Can anot? ^-^

  7. planet – Boh pien lor, if not ppl demand too much mah. Hahaha.

    cindy – Yes lor…Dun want to teach ppl bad things lah.

    val – Tarak taking apprentice lah, bad points must not teach, bad karma.

    lotsofcravings – No lah, I so damn nice wan. *acts innocent*

    terence – Niamah lu, I dun wan leh. Blek. Wait I show you my pink car. Yes, you are hensem

    fookiat – I never like Shrek but my kids dragged me there so kena sit through lor. We got the DVD for both.

    Terence: You’ve been hacked!!!

  8. starting to like this site… but i prefer to surf for pc software/hardware… keep up your good work Lilian… nice pink color punya kereta… and shrek 3 is ok as long as my only son (4 years old) like it… and funny too…

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