Top ten things I don’t like about…..

You have seen many memes floating around. They range from top ten things you like/dislike about your husband/wife to their likes/dislikes about you.

Since I am running a little low on inspiration to blog, I am going to do something you are going to hate. Yeah, hate me if you like but I am going to write about :

Top ten things I don’t like about YOU

(meaning my blog readers)

1) You read but never respond;

2) You never read but pretend to know

3) You don’t read my blog regularly enough *evades rotten tomatoes*

4) You learnt something from my blog and yet, you never quote me when you take the idea *give me links lah!*

5) You do not know that I am hard-up for comments

6) You think I am hard-up for comments so you babbled something meaningless (I know contradicting with 5 but there has to be a balance, which some people tend to overdo)

7) You praised too much which I hate

8 ) You imagine that my blog self is my real person

9) You are too judgemental and like to read between the lines plus having a mindset of your own

10) You get easily confused when a war starts and tend to sit on the fence

Plus one more:

11) You are too immature where the blogsphere is concerned.

Now, name me ten things you hate about my blog.

*inject sedatives, eat painkillers and put cushions on wall in case I bang my self to death after all the criticisms* Wei, Ah Beng, have you got the sedatives from the vet? And the Xanax leh? Faster give me.

Do you want to take this chance to tell your blog readers what you don’t like about them? Please do, and give me credit lah wei. In case people threaten to throw rotten eggs at you for being so egoistic, blame me lor.

37 thoughts on “Top ten things I don’t like about…..

  1. auntie lilian.. good one.. i do read your blog, i admit I don’t comment much, that because I can’t think of something intellectually witty to write.. haha

  2. 1. People ask you list 10, you do 11. I hate your greediness.
    2. I respond to what I read. So if you don’t see me comment often, thats because I don’t read all.
    3. I hate you think you deserve rotten tomatoes. Those can make better ketchup
    4. Don’t quote/link? That’s what kids do. Even if they think their mom is right then act accordingly and make changes, but rarely we go back to tell her she’s right. Save face. You want face. Cannot tally.
    5. You blog header looks like shit in IE6.
    6. Can’t help but to think the blog is you. The first thing I see is your yourself in pink shirt. Remove it or dont blame us. Stop accusing.
    7. You guys are experience cocksters. When u all fight, we don’t want make ourselves look foolish.
    8. Judgemental? you blog like that, we comment like that lah. Don’t like? don’t blog lor.
    9. I don’t like how u put up huge images on your blog. Takes forever to load.
    10. I hate you blog for making me write my longest ever comment.

    11. I hate myself for slowly turning into you.

  3. Ten Things I Hate About Your Blog

    Number One:
    Your blog doesn’t have a reference page on those *&$#! words I don’t understand.
    Number Two:
    Those *&$#! words I don’t understand made me feel stupid and lost since I am a 35 year old mother.
    Number Three:
    Though I feel lost and stupid, I still crave for reading more posts on your blog.
    Number Four:
    Whenever I read your post that reflected how I felt, I feel kia-si to express like as much as you do.
    Number Five:
    When you post so many in the number of days I travel away from home and office, I missed reading and felt left out like a turtle in the desert.
    Number Six:
    When this turtle comes back from desert, have a lot of revision to do on your blog and dare not to post comments on older posts.
    Number Seven:
    Hate to see you My Other Blogs links on the bottom of the page coz I need to scroll down and wait for loading.
    Number Eight:
    I joined My Community and it kept asking me to join again.
    Number Nine:
    I finished reading your blog but your RSS not updated me yet.
    Number Ten:
    Ads slows down your blog. šŸ™

  4. You like me hor? *inserts cutest, most innocent smile*

    At least I comment lar, right anot? Although very wu liao lar but aiya, got better than don’t have ler.

    Duno what to blog? Go attend Abdullah’s wedding ler. Say you’re the press and lie your way in and blog it!! šŸ˜€

  5. I don’t know you or your blog well enough to hate or give ten reasons to, but I really think loading speed for the sidebar is slow =P As I’m almost done typing, it is still loading. Or is it because I’m also downloading torrents?

  6. I wish I dared to do this on my blog but then all I will get is hate comments and no readers in the end. That’s why you are nominated for being obnoxious and I’m not!!! *runs away from 5xMom’s broom*

  7. wat i hate about your thing

    where the fux got ppl make the reader list so much kkj 1..early morning ask me use my brain..siao 1 ar u..

    brilliant job la.. ur actually my inspiration..can blog full time and earn money..thats life

  8. Chew~ Cannot stay as quiet reader meh?

    Why i hate about your blog? The pink colour. I use feed reader to read looooo…

  9. Seeing this post, I must comment already. Unfortunately, I doubt I can do the same (ie. tell my readers what I dislike about them) because I might gulung tikar the next day. Only the great Lilian can pull off such a stunt. Hahaha.

  10. hhhmmm….after seeing this post, i guess it’s a must to put comment liow!! ok, what i hate about your blog ahh…i think should be too many ads lor!!!

  11. I hate your food pictures!!! Makes me hungry!

    Oh, butthen I oso got food pictures in my blog. Hurhur!!

    *whacks self*

  12. I read it occasionally. When I do.. I do drop a comments la. Actually I wonder if you are asking for constructive feedback. *wanna say but scared kena bite by 5xmom* *better say la.. or else kena bite also* Okay.. my only negative opinion is that you blog too often. If i no life then I’ll read all your posts, otherwise I’ll probably miss like 100 of it in just two weeks. Ermm.. and also maybe at times, I just get bored of reading it. Its like a love-hate relationship.

    Eh Eh.. no offense yea.. I still read your blog. Don’t bite off my head. Just commenting from a reader point of view. Not as a blogger. *BIG INNOCENT SMILE*

  13. 1. That pink top AGAIN?!!!
    2. That you are not my mother (wish my mum can be as open-minded as you, she very kiasi, told me bloggers are swindlers after she read newspaper *roles eyes*)
    3. Your blog become my daily dose, damn it!
    4. That I don’t read newspaper as regularly as before after falling into your blog
    5. That you earn a lot doing thing that you like – blogging
    6. Sometimes your posts too chim, until I dunno what to comment
    7. I hate it when what you said is alwyas so true
    8. That you can cook ala Jamie Oliver
    9. I’ve been infected with 5xmom bugs, everywhere I go also I quote what you said and then ask people go read your blog *smacks self*
    10. Agree with Dan. People ask you do 10, you do 11…*shakes head*

  14. Top ten things i hate about your blog:

    1. You are one DEMANDING woman. Reading your post but not leaving a comment will kena tembak! but then hor if read and leave too many nonsense comment also kena tembak somemore…demanding or not i ask you?

    2. Too many ads which is very distracting. (ok lar i admit, I’m just jealous that you have so many ads on your page which means you can blog and earn money at the same time while the rest of us poor not so witty folks have to struggle for traffic.)

    3. And what’s wrong with sitting on the fence during a blog war? especially when a person doesn’t really know what the hell is going on…so…sit back quietly and watch the show loh.

    4. Your entries can sometimes be too obnoxious and very ‘boh hor bin’ (no give face)

    5. Your layout is confusing. It took me 2 weeks before I discovered that there was a category tool bar underneath your hugely blinding 5Xmom title. (ok lar…so maybe i’m a bit blur…but i must say i like the pink!)

    6. You update so often that if I don’t log on for one day I’d miss out on some juicy bit of news/war/criticism/or whatever else you feel like ranting about on that day.

    7. You are demanding (repeat point 1 again). Praise too much also you hate?? *slaps forehead* what’s a blog reader gotta do woman?

    8. How you’ve repeatedly insisted that your blog self is not your real person…ok that may have some truth..but honestly…i’m sure some of your real self spills into your blog persona as well? no one can make that distinction so clearly…unless you really have split personality or something…

    9. You hurt my ego when you call us too immature for the blogosphere…we all need to start somewhere right?

    10. And finally…even after listing all of the above, I hate that i’m still addicted to your egoistical/obnoxious/witty/boh hor bin blog and have to resist the urge to sneak peeks at your blog during working hours!!!

  15. What are the 10 things I dislike about your blog…

    1. The banner colour – PINK!!
    2. You know how to draw traffic to your blog which I envy, jealous and admire too.
    3. Addicted to your blog, if I don’t read one day, I know I miss out a lot.
    4. Pictures download too slow
    5. Commented at times, no respond; that was hurt
    6. Hate you hv so many blogs, and I need to read it everyday….
    7. Contents at times are too furious hot, … eg… the one rude thing….
    8. Envy that you’re staying at home and still making big big bucks (hmmm, repeating 2)
    9. YOU, a demanding and aggressive blogger
    10. Greedy too… people asked for 10, you answered 11… boay tahan!

  16. I hate it that you have so much time to update your blog with the latest hottest news. I read about Pak Lah’s upcoming wedding on your blog before reading it in the papers!
    Ok, fine…I’m just plain jealous that you have so much time to kill on your hands. :P:P

  17. hi lilian, i’m a daily reader, sowee for not leaving any comments before! promise i’ll start being a good reader now okie? xD

  18. okay im one of those who read but don’t respond =P
    u know what
    one thing that i hate u the most is…
    im so addicted to ur blog that i will come here twice a day!
    i love ur blog so much that i promote ur blog whenever my non-blogger friends mention about blogging!
    and my friends think that im siao to keep talking..

    love yah 5xmom!

  19. Lilian,

    I only discovered your blog like a week ago so my observation may not be accurate and deep.

    1. There are too many things on your sitebars
    2. You can be very pretentious in your writing
    3. You have too many blogs that I regret can’t visit each of them
    4. You encourage war in your comments and didn’t forgive easily

    I assure you that you blog has a lot of good points that’s why I’m back.

    All the above are my trademark. If you take away those, there is no 5xmom the blog. The sidebar are my real estate, earning USD, so it can only grows. šŸ™‚ never less

  20. Dear Lilian,

    I’m terribly sorry. I have been reading your blog since 2005 and have remained silent for so long. And now you want me to list the Top 10 Things I Don’t Like about You, WAH!! DO you know how hard is this? Its like pointing a gun at my head. But ONE thing I don’t like bout you is that, Your English is so powderful that sometimes when I’m mad at my better half and wanted to marah-sms him, I’ll visit your website to get ‘inspiration’. The way you marah sure makes me high!!! *drooling* Keep it up you Hot Mama!!!

  21. ONLY YOU………………………….

    Eh, you think I didn’t notice ah? Put the singer’s name lah woi.

  22. I don’t like your comment button to be at the top of the post…I read read down liao, wanna comment got to scroll up again.

  23. Hmmm…I think I should write something or else kena tembak šŸ˜›

    1. The theme: It’s too pink and I am getting bored with it. Change a new theme and a new avatar please. I would prefer to see some new themes every few months.

    2. I am jealous of the amount of time you have to come up with so many posts. Moreover you have so many blogs that I do not even have time to visit all of them.

    3. You post up too many blogs in a short period of time. I was off for two days and when I came in, it was like “gosh.. I missed so many?”

    4. Since Item 3 happened, I can’t get a comment from you for older posts. Sometimes I do not even get response from you for new posts. It’s understandable as you can’t please everyone with the hundreds of comments you get from all your blogs.

    5. I hate your guts. You are too brave to talk about anything under the sky, moon or even the universe. Maybe the problems lies within me too as I always left my balls in the refrigerator šŸ˜›

    6. You have too many big photos that takes up too much time in loading. Maybe you could consider summarizing them in slide format.

    7. You made too many people believes that you represent your blog with the ways that you curse, talk, shout, etc. I’m sure you are not right?

    8. Sometimes the way you blog are against some human principles. To you it might sound good. To others they may feel insulted. I think you should draw a borderline or limit for sensitive issues.

    9. You hardly visit other loyal supporters’ blogs and give just any comment to make the blogger feels happy. I guessed it’s the time and too many blogs to handle again.

    10. I hate it when you post up big photos of all the food you have taken. Can see but cannot touch. Aikss…I am feeling hungry again. šŸ˜›

    11. ***run away before get kicked for talking too much*** šŸ˜›

  24. Wei Aunty, you asked for this yourself ar. Now don’t go blaming me ooo. I’ll be honest here wor. So dun tembak me later on.

    *buys bullet proof jacket, pants and wears them*

    *buys life insurance in case Aunty Lilian kills me later on*

    Then, sucks in deep breath and blurted out:-

    Ten Things I Hate About Your Blog

    1. Your avatar! Like hiao char bor. Muka selamba aje. Sien. Change that pink top ler. Aiyah.

    2. Either you’re greedy or you dunno how to count. Why put 11 when the title says 10? You got one extra finger issit?

    3. Your food posts always made me lau-nuar. Dah lah the place I stay in dun have much good food to eat, everyday come to your blog kena stare at all those delicious food pics some more. Jialat!

    4. Your blog always takes so long to load. And when it does load, my Lappy will lag. If I close your blog, then my Lappy stops lagging. Haiya!

    5. Why do you have so many blogs one? My small brain can’t keep track lar

    6. Sometimes your topics are soooo deep, I got so lost and blur I thought I was in dreamland. Then after reading all those long comments and replies, with my hands sore sore from all the scrolling down (all the way down till the end!) I’m still blur like sotong! Cis!

    7. You ar. So dang demanding. Ppl comment you tembak. No comment also tembak. What is it that you really want hah???

    8. I damn tulan how you manage to write so many posts per day. If I’m busy working for one week, I came back to your blog and you have post numbers as high as Mount Kinabalu and THAT makes me feel as if I haven’t stopped by in one year! Makes me feel so dang guilty and slow and useless. You say lar, tulan or not?!

    9. You can take over all the newspapers and magazines in Malaysia liao. All those poor peps have to close shops to make way for you. I really mou-ngan-tai. 3 years from now maybe you can target to take down all local tv and radio stations liao. Jialat. Really jialat.

    10. I hate myself for always coming back to your blog even when I don’t have much time to read every single dang post you wrote. So you better be happy that I wrote this 10 numbers of crap!

    Phew. Done.

    *waits patiently for Aunty Lilian’s replies*


    Wei. You better reply ler wei. =P

  25. To all the first timers who commented – Hehehe, now I finally get you to comment hor? thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks,

    Owen – But I do like you! After reasons 11, there are 12-100 what I like about my readers.

    silencers – Cos you never visit anymore, so to attract your attention lah.

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