Men did it for sex, women did it for love

I was reading IcyQueenGoddess this morning about ‘Men and their dicks’. Apparently, a male friend of hers had been screwing around with the delusion that a woman is capable of just sleeping around without emotions involved. So, he had been merrily two-timing and now, the other ‘casual-sex-no-string-attached’ girlfriend is threatening to scream murder. Well sort of. In fact, from what I read, she had even spilt the beans by telling the steady girlfriend.

Being the nice aunty in the blogsphere, let me tell you lah. No such thing, ok? Men will go around screwing because they only want sex. So, probably, they will give you some sobby tales of bad childhood, bad marriage or bad career etc etc. Then, the girls will be swooning over him. As she knows he is already attached, probably, she will play the heroine and assure him ‘It’s ok, I understand, you are attached, I am only screwing you for the sake of it.’

But often this is not the case. As time goes on, she will probably demand more and more. The man on the other hand will get hooked on this and return more often. Then, finally…..if he is showing signs of slowing down, meeting less, tadaaaa, jeng, jeng, jeng…..she will rear the ugly side by threatening the guy.

Classic. Grow up. Remember. Men have sex due to lust. Women have sex due to being fooled into thinking there is love involved. How the fark I know so much? I watch movie, read books, read blogs and I see them with my own eyes. Now, is this entertaining or what?

You don’t believe? You can ask all my females, know-it-all, bare all, readers and they will say they agree with me. I am pissed that some old man actually said, “God created our human hearts to love many people.” Yeah, right. We can love many people but we should only have sex with one and that love is just limited to one. Well, at least when you are already 70 years old. Otherwise, if everyone goes around with this reason, “God created the human hearts to love many people..” all of us will be screwed. Right or not?

36 thoughts on “Men did it for sex, women did it for love

  1. Women have sex for love ?

    What about money ?

    Fame? Fortune ?

    Porn stars come to mind.

    Some women also have sex to climb up the career ladder, or so they can sell more insurance and stuff to their clients.

    Women have sex for love ?

    Most women probably, but there’re definitely those who’d do it for other reasons.

    But the general thing I do agree is yes, watch where you put your dick in.

  2. Totally agree wit you on that one to one sex. One can love many but in the end of the day sex is to be given to only one person – his/her soul mate.

  3. shadowfox – LOL, it is still love. Love for money! And love is not always the pure one but the binding, jealous, destructive ones as well.

    fookiat – Why ouch pulak?

  4. can’t help to get the feeling that men are sex-machine, haha..and hence the ouch.. quote “Men have sex due to lust” unquote

  5. if i’m his steady gf… i’ll juz cut of his kukuciao

    if i’m the other girl… hmm.. man i’ll never be the other girl. i hate bitch who sleep with another women’s man

    *last time leaving comment… 5xmom never read my comments oso one… ceh*

  6. wei.. i dont tell sob story wan ok. When I want, I ask politely like,

    “may i fark you please???”

    if no, they answer also very politely..

    “no, thank you.”

    hahahahaaaaa!!! All the men should try this. no feelings hurt.

  7. anatomically, a man’s brain has been hard wired to see sex as something they can do and get away with it (hence the lack of emotions). woman on the other hand, tend to associate some form of emotions with sex (most). but living in the new century, one can’t help but think of sex as being totally overrated, to the point sex no longer means what it used to mean anymore.

    some use sex to cheat. some use sex to climb the corporate ladder. some use sex to achieve fame. some use sex just to kill time.

  8. My English teacher back in secondary school used to say “Like all, choose three, love two, marry one” And that doesn’t mean sleeping around…

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Real pissed off with men who like to come up with excuses to justify their actions and guilt. Want to marry? Just do it. No need to convince others that his love for his wife still remain strong……blah….blah…

  10. some some la. Some of my frens(GIRLS) also have sex for fun. Dunno when they’ll realised that they are at the loosing end. *sigh*
    Samo they like to makan “green head boy”. *sigh*

  11. But if women only want sex with love….apa macam the gigolos… how they make money? Many gigolos are actually paid good money for sex….cos they are good. In western societies, it is very open….in KL just go to some of the higher class hotels and see the aunties and mak ciks come in with their TOY boys much younger than their grandsons.

  12. yeah .. there really such woman / girl out there that became ugly and start threaten.. even will disturb the wife.. hm…

  13. Auntie Lilian, sex is a powerful thing =) I read it on her site too yesterday. I find it funny, guys always go for the sex. Even my matsalleh do that with many western woman. But western woman, equally hamsup. To their definition, want to enjoy life first. Kids, dont pick up that habit. Wei wei Auntie Lilian, need a favour from you!

  14. moo_t – Bluff wan lah.

    carmen – Yes! Big prints.

    maha graha – Generally

    EF – Yeah, but still many women will make that as a two-way swords later on when they need it.

    janice – And yet, men don’t learn and they deserved to get blackmail, don’t they? Muahahar…

    old old man – But you said it yourself, old old aunties and makcik. I mean young, single girls lah.

    sasha – Tudia, green heads, got gonorrhea issit?

    ginger – Heh, the whole nation has to listen to the sermon today, around 12 noon. How they always bind politicians and religion together….

  15. clare – Like this formula oso got?

    rizlan – Tak paham

    oliviasy – Yeah, love is a most abused term.

    lotsofcravings – good

    terence – *smacks terence head on mrs. terence’s behalf* Cannot learn anything like this ok? Bad, I say, bad.

    ahpek – LOL, you never tell us how many times you kena piak with five fingers prints on your cheek?

    seok thong – Hehehe.

    sweet cheeks – AIYOR, don’t merajuk lah. School holidays I busy like mad lah. Not that I don’t want to reply, I no time lah. Never kesian me somemore. *sad*

    fookiat – No lah, not to say sex machine but they attach less feelings so it is easier for them to cut the strings but most women tend to hang on and refused to let go. That’s when the things get ugly

    criz – LOL, I don’t know about that. No comment. Hehehe.

  16. Stop putting your dicks into problematic women can?

    I like this quote from her!
    It sounds scary too. Haha…

  17. nah…this is how things work, men are created to procreate so its imprinted in them to have to spread their seeds wide wide thus unsuring survival of his genes. thats why la…i’m so cleber!

  18. like what sasha said… i heard of girls who fuck around too… so i guess it’s a balance world… and that is something which i always believe… u cant narrow it down just to men.

    yeah, i know you;ve seen it all and read it all… but the thing is… girls will never tell or write about it… while guys will… so it appears guys are the perpetrator all the time. which is not quite the case… sometimes la…

  19. WAH!!

    I am so honored to be plugged into the fehmes 5xmom’s site! Who’d have thought that my early morning rantings would garner so much mention. I was just so ticked off cause after he called me, I couldn’t go back to sleep easily and since my laptop was on (I was downloading some .. er… entertainment), I just blogged about it.


  20. “There’s no way any person can separate the physical from the emotions well enough. Women particularly suck at it” Dr. Foreman of House season 3 episode twenty something..

  21. Men have sex because they seek attention, to be wanted or just to be 1 with another person sometimes they are too insecure to understand that 1person is enough to share this feeling with so they fuck around looking for fulfillment or comfort in another’s arms… maybe their partners drive them away… maybe they need to feel someone else’s attraction to them to feel secure in who they are or what they do… maybe they are hurt by a cheating partner and decide to run around doing the same… or maybe they just wanna fuck around…

    there are lots of maybes…. but we cannot say that women don’t do the same … for the same reasons.

    question is when it comes down to cheating… do u love the person your with enough to say no? or do you Love or dick/pussy and just dont give a fuck?

    men are just as emotionally fucked up as women only thing is we hide it well enough not to show… ‘don’t hurt people who love u!’

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