21 thoughts on “You don’t like pink?

  1. No wonder my friend sms me she saw some Ah Lian from dunno what kampung posing with a pink Satria.

  2. dan – Oi, oi, that kind of pink goes so well with my lime green pants and lime green bag, wei. How can I resist worrrr…..LOL

  3. sasha – this one bad for eyes only la, lol

    2nd son – what colour shift i oso dunno, never notice, i only sked people come shouting “Hoi, pencuri!!!!”

    dan – that one my four years old reebok backpack lah, forget to throw it to one side, spoil my glamour oni hor? LOL

    oli – No wor, Penang ppl dun spend that much I think, we have less chao ah bengs and chao ah lians here, i suppose.

  4. Nah! Same to you! *poking self blind to end torture*

    #2: Its called pearl effect paint. I noticed that there is a big intercooler too. Sure belongs to some Penang ah beng. PINK! Ptui!

  5. is this your car? why women like pink? did you know that put pink color in your room will active your sex life …, but I’m not sure this will work on car or not:)

  6. wah sai! m’sia’s next top model ler. don play play. where’s the pink shirt?

    that blue bag makes u look like a retard posing with a car lar! wahahahaha. luckily not very obvious mann! lol!!

  7. ehon – Ish, likedis very MTV-ish lah, lu tak tau oni. LOL

    ken – LOL, my car? *faints*

    adriene – Hey, thanks!

    terence – Blek

  8. Oh, I think I saw that car when I was in Penang last time. Very the kanasai! I still prefer your pink top lah! Hmm…photo quality not so good, over-exposed… šŸ˜€ Your handbag so ngam your pants…is it me or did you lose weight? Or is it that you look slimmer in black?

  9. Ermm, Mr. Terence, I remember now that it is called pearlescent paint…lol. N.F.S.U. 2


    Its brother Terence. Oh, You wanna get technical yah??? Blek!

  10. tat type of pink not nice lah, one look only know it belongs to ah bengs/ah lians liao. i prefer lighter pinks!

  11. Hehlooo Lilian šŸ˜€ Again paiseh, this is my first time commenting on ur blog *hides face* Anyways, I hope I can go, I signed up for Nuffnang when it first started and the moment I got Samantha’s e-mail I signed up for the Bloggers’ Meet liao. šŸ˜€ Just hope my mum lets me go >

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