Eh, what time is the wedding ah?

I had scanned through the papers and check the TV but I cannot seem to find the mention of any live telecast. Anyone has any information about the wedding and whether do we get to watch it telecast live like Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K’s wedding? Ish, I waited the whole day already and refused to go out because I want to watch the momentous occassion with my own eyes.

Apalah. Tak ada siaran langsung akad nikah? Anyone got any details? *puts on patpor mode*

5 thoughts on “Eh, what time is the wedding ah?

  1. auntie lilian, according to the ntv7 news reporter, the wedding is in a few hours, after their prayers.. stay tune.. lolz

  2. they are showing it on national tv? i thought he said wanted it to a be private ceremony attended by close family members only?

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