I got time, I got time, I got time…

But I totally forgot the food fair tickets Pelf gave me the other day and jumped up from my seat at 6.30 pm screaming, “Food fair!!!!!” Doh, it was 10am to 3 pm. RM30 gone. But Pelf, I will make it up by chipping in the next time you call for donations to Eden Handicap Centre, ok? I promise. Sorry hor, the vouchers still in my handbag. *kicks self* But it’s ok cos the money has gone to Eden but I just didn’t ‘eat’ it. And yay! Pelf is going for blogathon. See her The Giving Hands blog. (three links from a PR5/10 also not bad lah hor? hehehe)


I am not sure about others but I always find I have time all the time. I am not sure whether it is because I am efficient or my life is so boring, I have nothing to do.

Let’s see, today, I had gone out for lunch with the kids, been to Tesco for a bit of grocery shopping and back home to cook curry chicken, stir fried brocolli, fried chicken (cos the young ones can’t take curry) and egg drop soup. Yesterday, I baked a durian cake. And these two days, I had done 44 paid posts (and these are not inclusive of PPP).

Right now, I am lying in bed, blogging. See? I got time, I got time, I got time. Even Mr. Mohan also agrees with me.
(btw, the above is an advertisement for Kodak and Mr. Mohan is a trademark. I just borrow, Kodak and Astro please don’t sue me)


We were fooling around the Tesco’s aisle with the mop. See? nice hairstyle hor? I think I am going to style my hair like that already.

It is only 8 pm and I have nothing to do (except writing another 16 paid posts) so I think I will go to sleep. Nite nite.

10 thoughts on “I got time, I got time, I got time…

  1. It was RM 60, Lilian, each booklet was RM 20..
    And yeah, you’d better support us during our Blogathon, hahahha…
    (I know, I know, who am I for making such a demand, but we’re friends, kan?? Kekkeek)

  2. that’s why your blog is the best…with constant updated posts! Love it! btw, the hair style is cool…hehe….

  3. dorene – Tks! I should try it on also hor? LOL

    Pelf – Ok lah, I pledge USD60 for your blogathon. And I promise to arm-twist my readers to donate towards Eden, ok boh? *scouts honor*

    wuching – The next time you see me on MSN, buzz me, bodek me and maybe I will tell you. LOL. Check my blogspot blog and see the kind of fry-brain stuffs I do lor. Google 5xmom and you will find it.

    sweetpea – Hahaha, the mop somemore got a red band there and makes it look like hair band.

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