23 thoughts on “Who is TERENCE?

  1. A wise guy who charges 3.60 for an advise that usually works?

    Terence: Celaka! You still owe me money for past consultations leh!!!

  2. psstt….you all see properly who posted this post hor? Not I write wan hor?

    Terence: You think your readers blind ar! Celaka!

  3. ahaha, let me try! the writer of this weeny post? doh! btw wat happened to ur baju lilian??? pink top become purple pulak

    Terence: I PSed it. I hate PINK.

  4. ya… got used of seeing u in lovely pink, now suddenly purple and green, but still as pretty as always la! hehe

    terence…. the writer of that post? one of ur sons? or the angmoh that u successfully kao-ed? LoL~

    Terence: Good try……….. Guess again.

  5. eh why your pink baju becomes purple?
    that terence did one ah?
    i mean terence photoshopped the color?

    Terence: Yes, Ma’am.

  6. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *points at avatar and continues laughing*

    like that also can?!

    Terence: Dare me to hack yours??!!

  7. Come on, give it a wild guess. I know you ppl are curious. I know you are wondering why I get away with my (celaka, niamah, cibai, ptui, blek) comments.

  8. very the wild guess here….could terrence be….lilian’s….lou gong????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!

    Terence: Too wild, baby!

  9. Or it’s actually Lilian typing it by putting Terrance’s name??

    Terence: Its definitely me! This site is hacked. She can still post but she can’t get rid of me!!

  10. Diu lor!!! Hack oredi somemore go and ping pps!! And the ping somemore get error 404!!

    Terence: When we put up a show ar, we do the whole show. (nay, the chinese saying leh)

  11. Ah Pek – Nay, itu bawah mia? Dua puluh lima amadika. So not nice I step my guest writer post with it mah. Jadi saya tukar post ini sebagai sticky lor. Kalau tidak, salah tau, tak boleh tukar masa.

  12. terence – HOI! You reply comments in this style. Later ppl expects me to do it, die lah. How long it takes u to Dashboard > Manage > Comments > Edit each comment ah? Like Donald Trump says, “You are fired.” Muahahar

    Terence: Soli Puan. Dun want to play lah. Nah, give you back! Blek!

  13. he wants a private ceremony so i guess no live telecast… there is gonna be some news on it in the news tonight… TV3

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