Re-post : That stupid dream aka Mr. Potato Head

**Going crazy soon. I think I am now blogging on the new VPS. If you notice, two old posts were gone. Sometimes, they show up. I posted another one call ‘Now you see it, now you don’t’ but it has gone missing in cyberspace. Server migration takes 72 hours to complete. In the meantime, sometimes you get my old server, sometime my new server. So, that’s why things kept disappearing. I am going to paste over the Mr. Potato Head post here but forget about the rest. Comments are missing though.*

Yesterday night, we went out around 10pm ‘cos my kids were hungry and they want to celebrate the end of their school holidays (ok, its my excuse actually). On the way, SMS said, “Celaka, your site still down? I demand refund, don’t get ro read whole day already.” *cold sweats* Chibye, not like I want my site to be down but what to do, my sites damn hot, the webhost suspended my account due to too much activity (CPU overloaded).

So, eventhough I had no intention of eating at 10 pm, I feel stressed out mah. My site down, fansee marah wor. So, I hentam one plain tosai :


I asked for air halia (hot ginger tea) but they gave me teh halia (ginger tea) instead. At 10 pm, drinking the mamak teh is like sleep suicide because that will last you at least four hours of brain hyperactivity. And indeed, I went to sleep at 4 am, playing games because none of my sites work.

And niamahchaohai, you know what I dream? I dreamt I ran from place to place chasing Mr. Potato Head. I dreamt he is the new mascot for PayPerPost and Ted Murphy came to Penang. So, I ran home to bring my camera then, I ran all the way to the airport. *doh* I kept saying, I must take a photo with Mr. Potato Head, I must take a photo with Mr. Potato Head. The airport is very far from my home, ok?

mr potato head

You say stupid or what lah? Of all the things, I dream of Mr. Potato Head. I think it is my inner devil telling me if I keep mamaking and eat Indian foods at 11pm, I am going to be Mrs. Potato Head. As for the PayPerPost part, I think it is because whenever my sites are down, I will freaked out if there are big opps for me and yet I can’t take because my sites are inaccessible. So, the nightmare.


Maybe next time, I should eat puri like the above. It comes in pair and all puffed up like that. Who knows, if I stare at it long enough, I will dream my McBoobies also puffed up and Johnny Depp chases me instead. Then, I probably will wake up feeling extremely tired but worth being chased by Johnny Depp. Instead, I woke up this morning at 11.59 am and felt so tired because I chased Mr. Potato all night long.

Ptui! Stupid dream. Now, my body still aching from all that running in my dream.

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