Women and beauty are inseperable

Did you guys read in the papers about the uproar over Hilary Clinton’s suspected botox treatment? Well, apparently, her face turned taut and with less wrinkles almost overnight and they suspected botox treatment. So, there was a lot of talk over it and some were against the idea.

However, it is a known fact that all women are vain and they want to look young and look slim. Therefore, I do not see an issue in it. Whether Hilary Clinton chooses to go for full plastic surgery with nip & tuck, nose job, boobs job or slimming course or whatever. Of course, people like her to uphold the moral issue about accepting one’s body regardless how it was packaged. But in this modern times, one have so many options and can do so many things to beautify themselves. Therefore, unless Hilary Clinton’s has any faith issues, then, it is perfectly alright for her to want to remain a bit younger, isn’t it?

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Back to Hilary Clinton’s botox treatment, what do you think of it? Do you think she should just let nature gets to her or do you think she has every reasons to make herself feel beautiful, whatever it takes? Afterall, she has the chance to be the United States of America’s President and hence, should look her best, isn’t it?

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