Go vote for these twins on NatGeo (buzz for CincauHangus twins sisters)

The dateline is 14th June. So please act fast.

My twin sisters are in the National Geographic In The Womb Twins Contest. Could you guys give them support by voting for Sook Yein and Sook Mun (#004) under the Most Indistinguishable category? Voting ends on the 14th June. Thanks!

Nay…you all know CincauHangus, rite? He is the one who always bring his trolley of snacks and drinks whenever there are shows to see here? So, hurry up and head over to NatGeo’s site and find his pretty, twins sisters there and vote.

What you need to do is to choose #4 for all the category on the left side bar. Hentam anything inside on the details. Hehehe. And click vote. Hentam aje lah.

Good luck to your sisters, Cincau!

One thought on “Go vote for these twins on NatGeo (buzz for CincauHangus twins sisters)

  1. my sisters qualified as finalists!! Thanks everyone!!

    Dear Sook Yein and Sook Mun,

    Congratulations! Your twins photo and story- “outdoor ladies” has been selected as one of the week 3 ‘s finalists for the In the Womb- Twins Contest organised by the National Geographic Channel. Your photo and story has been published on http://www.ngcasia.com/inthewomb with entrance into week 3 ‘s viewers’ voting session.

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