I am sick with Blogivitis

I am sick! I am infected! I am not dying though. Because Wuching and Kampua Talk Clare passed me this Blogivitis Syndrome’s meme.

So, how do I know I have Blogivitis?

1) I cannot smile when my sites are down due to CPU overloading. I used up 384 RAM! WTF is wrong with my sites lately? So, I have changed back to my old, non-widgetised template and hope to hover below 364 RAM. Otherwise, I have to pay an extra RM200 per month. KNNCCB, you say chialat or not? I have also taken off many plugins. *hands out palms to receive donations*

2) I get restless when I don’t have my blogs and had to released stress in the kitchen. I made sambal hair bee (dried shrimps sambal), nasi lemak, bake a cake, cook thongsui, stew mushrooms with pork leg and many other things. All within one afternoon. Of course, no one can finish eating so I am packing them up and freezing them. See? What a waste, right? At least blogging brings me money.


3) I dare not appear online on MSN because everyone ask the same question, “Your blogs down ah?” So, I had to become social recluse. Sorry hor, I dare not answer the MSN offline messages.

4) I played Astro Pop until my mouse is almost half dead. Contrary to the normal routine of just casually surfing and reading my friends’ blogs. I didn’t read my friends’ blogs when my blogs are down because if I read, I may want to write. If I don’t have a blog, how to write?

5) I know I have Blogivitis because I actually enjoyed some stupid fools who left hatred filled comments on my blog. There is nothing more thrilling than pressing the Spam button and see a comment that people has typed for several minutes disappeared. *poof* You are gone. Try again, *poof* again. Ahh…the thrills. (BTW, farker, if you have an issue with Ng Yen Yen, go find her. Stop shitting on my blog. I never keep maids, just like I never like to keep cats or dogs. I hate clearing up others’ shits, except my chubby little babies.)

6) I secretly enjoy checking my Technorati, Alexa, Google future PR prediction, Google income, TLA income, PPP income…ahhh…so many incomes and pretty numbers. I do it every day, three times a day.

7) Every damn thing is a good opportunity to take photos. Each time I see something, I take the photo and drafted the story line of my next blog’s post.

8 ) Now my kids and sister and nephews and nieces are into ‘Hey, blog this, blog that’. See? The virus spreads fast.

9) Any news on the print media mentioning about (especially against) blogs – I am sure to defend it like I am a blog ambassador.

10) Lastly, you are with me if you are a blogger or love to read blogs. You are against me if you hate blogs and hate bloggers. Finish, no compromising, no in-betweens.

I tag – The first five who comment. Hey, it is good reflections, so faster faster take it up. Name 10 things that proof that you are so into blogging.

23 thoughts on “I am sick with Blogivitis

  1. Lol the trill of deleting hate comment. I wished I had that. I have more of a “Not so fun time deleting spam comments that involves pills” thing xD

  2. That’s my story too except for the part that I don’t have to worry about hosting RAM as I am using good old Blogger.

    Great blog post.

  3. That’s alot of food you’ve made! Did you take any pictures of them, besides the onion? I initially stumbled here many many months back due to the many food pictures you have up (and recipes too)!

  4. just out of curiousity, how much mulah u get monthly from all the traffic u generate for the advertisers. I have read of american affiliates who gets rich ( lots of mulah ) just from blogging!!!So is 5XMon multi millionaire yet?

  5. Back to the old template ah? I notice a lot of people are getting blogivitis now, and I am pretty sure there ain’t nothing noone can do about it.

  6. wuching – Ok, make lafu, not waru? hahaha

    clare – No choice ler, my widgets (the sidebar) kept disappearing! So, I use back the old one temporary.

    zewt – Doh?!?!!?

    giddy – problems with the pink one

    old old man – Multi millionaire in Indonesian rupiahs, maybe? Read my Make$ Money$ blog lah.

  7. lotsofcravings – Succumbed to pressures lor.

    weirdoux – You got it too hor?

    anon – OK, thanks. I blogged about it on my Faith Journey blog.

    cincau – Sure, let me read more and see what I can do, ok?

    ehon – Oi, I where got invite you wor? Hehehe.

    blueapple – Want to take up the tag or not?

    Jessica – Thanks for taking it up. See who wants to continue/

    EF, Kat, Adam – You guys are doing this, right? Send a trackback to my link, ok?

  8. hahahaha I’m definitely with you.

    Thanks for hinting… I was going to ask why I cannot go into your blog yesterday. Phew…

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