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Sometimes, I feel so tulan I just feel like blogging for money only. For example, take a look at this comment left on my food blog. For fark’s sake, it is a food blog and I never rant or write anything offensive over there. MCB betul.

penangite | | IP:

Your pictures awful, fail at taking them in sideways/upside down and trying to be artistic. Just take them in a normal manner and they will look better.

I know my Best Recipes food blog is damn good and my photo photos are legendary. But fark man, this is just one of the hundreds of posts and this bugger has to pick on that single post. KNNMCB, I posted it because one of my readers have not heard of yam rice. So, while I was preparing it, with one hand I stir the wok and with the other hand, I use my prosumer camera. In case you do not know what a prosumer camera is, it is kick-ass expensive and it has long lens and heavy and all that. Plus it has a strap and also a camera lens cover tied with a dangling strap. Not like some chao ahkua camera you have there. So, I have to make sure the strap doesn’t get into my wok, my camera is not heated up, the lens did not get steam vapor and the flash doesn’t land on the shiniest part of the wok plus I get a macro of the main ingredients.

Hence, my angles were all odds. Moreover, I don’t have to grovel hard with my photoshopping and never have to bother about rotating my photos from portrait to landscape and all that. People like my blog simply because they like it.

And this bugger has to pick on that one single post. What is annoying is I found the same IP from a blogger from BM and that’s why I am terribly pissed. Who are you to criticise me when your own blog has these lame looking pics with all the huge watermarks? All the colours and saturation enhanced artificially? Please lah, all the professional photographers don’t put huge watermarks on their photos, ok? Noobs.


I got feelings wan, you know? You think you can suka-suka never bother to comment and out of the blue just criticise ah? Why? Butt itchy, want to get fry with the wok of 5xmom, issit?



Nah, my thong sui, sui or not? I only use my Sony Ericsson K800i to take a photo of it. Nice or not?

Added : If you think you are anon. on the net, think again. See what scary stuffs this blogger did to one of his commentor. Scary man, I tell you…Got the link from SK MageP‘s blog.

33 thoughts on “So tulan

  1. hehe. y u tulan over sad souls like dat “penangite” wor? ignore him/her lar. sendiri stress urself no gud ler, later wrinkles come out how? come come, oli sayang~

  2. chill chill
    have some ice 🙂
    ur pictures are still the best *nah.. tampal back ur wound for u*
    feeling a lil better?
    who cares bout dat noob’s opinion 😛

  3. wuching – Ok Ok, I bring the whole pot.

    ahpek – No lah, u see the time I post until now, few mins. get five comments so shiok wor. Good for traffic. Kahkahkah.

    sweet cheeks – Still got black-green spots. 😛

    nicktay – Yalor, so clear hor?

    oli – Shiok wor, take wok and go fry fry people like these so they don’t got too mengada.

  4. Well, as a blogger you must be ready for some bad comments or some critisicms.Well… probably he sees it as awful…everybody’s entitled for their opinion .its good that you had explained the whole situation including not missing the “i own a damn expensive camera” part and of course and also stressing how your photos are legendary.Well you can feel tulan about this comment but you must admit..nobody’s perfect…maybe you’re close but definately not. Love your blog and please don’t this comment as being rude….

  5. What did he/she mean by “take them in a normal manner”?
    I also wanna learn what’s normal manner. Hehe…

  6. Agree with Cindy. I felt comfortable looking at the photos that you had posted. Why bother if you have so many supporters?

  7. Helen – I have to ask the lotus seeds to smile properly and the longans to stand still. So that’s why they look so pretty lor. Hahaha.

  8. oh..lilian..for the record..I have to do a dessert tag..and I am now asking 4 ur permission to copy n paste that picture with the blue pulut nyonya kuih. I put credits n everything….can or not?

  9. People busy cooking , abudan, this fella ask for “artistic” shots, beh-tahan. Whack the fella kow kow!

  10. My mom says, as long as people have mouth, they will always like to say bad things about others.

    Nvm-la… No need to be so TL… Not nice… Nanti all the kedut-kedut come out. Anyway, that barger got the guts to show how leng his pics or not? He can tok kok but can he show or not (not kok… hehe..)

    Kekeeke… I also put some watermark on my photos too but not too big, and try to make it subtle enough so that it doesn’t ruin the picture.

    For my other blog (my dog’s “journal”), the watermark has become her trademark coz its in a polaroid format. 🙂

  11. Lilian’s food pics are the best and even with those silly comments directed at Lilian the pics are still the best. My favourtite pics are those of the Penang Char Kueh Tiew with the See Ham…..damn those pics really make me wallap the Kueh Tiew right out of the computer.

    Spoiler if you do not have anything nice to say please back off and go spoil other websites that you envious and leave this famous Char Kueh Tiew site alone.

    Go Lilain go we your faithfull supporters will always behind you.

    We love your famous Char Kuew Tiew pics plus all the tulans!!! Opps!!! wrong lah all the rest of the wonderful things that you chunk out daily.

  12. hehe just ignore lor…i also duno why he is so “eng” until wanna waste time to insult ppl. if wanna use some of his time to gif ppl encouragement or good comment okaylah -like me!

  13. tulan tulan tulan, Wa maih eh cau ci bai, wa eh mak suka hor tulan kan lar. eh sai boh?

  14. normal way? hmm…if it’s normal, it’s no fun lar…when you take photos, you are supposed to try different approaches and be adventurous. don’t you agree? if normal, it would be like those old ancient b/w photos, where everyone just sit still and no smiles! So far, I love your food photos…they never fails to make me feel hungry…haha….so, Lilian, just forget about that comment. No use, to get all stress up for him la….

  15. Haiyo, your tong sui looks deliciously out of this world…now die…where am i gonna get tong sui at this hour daa…..

    tell ya what…i guess wt the $$$ you make from blogging…you should hire a pro camera man next time you cook……….i think its time chef wan calls it a day laa……chef mom…whadaya think?? Yau tou lei mou??

  16. I think that penangite fella has eye problems. I suggest he/she to check it because I can say that the pictures you have taken were perfectly fine. Or maybe he/she is slightly terencat-ed? Hmm..

  17. Just ignore the nit-picker. You can’t please everyone. I kena a few when posted up model picture and you know what they comment first? The MCH complained the model’s cloth is crumpled.

  18. forget about that person…
    some ppl just jealous..
    keep up the good work..
    i love to read your blog.. cheer up..

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