Hongkiat.com on Google Adsense!

I found this popping out on my Google Adsense :


Hahaha, apparently HongKiat.com likes my site enough to place his ads. Thanks, Hongkiat. I hope it generates good exposure for your site.

Here’s an intro about Hongkiat.com. He is one of the more famous bloggers who blogs about technology, making money online and other useful tips for bloggers. I have his blog on my Google reader so that I can catch some of the excellent tips he provided. For example, he gave this step by step tutorial on how Malaysians can withdraw money from PayPal. You can also learn Google Adsense optimisation tips from him. Plus all the online tools and gadgets that we need to improve our blogging.

So, if you haven’t read Hongkiat.com before, it is time you bookmark his site so that you are updated with what’s hot and what’s not in the blogsphere.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. Visit Hongkiat.com here. (though it would costs USD100 for the rest hehehe)

10 thoughts on “Hongkiat.com on Google Adsense!

  1. pablo – Yeah, his tutorials are great.

    weirdoux – Hahaha, that’s how I learn about John Chow, from the ad on Darren’s site. Too bad Adwords dun accept paypal or I follow HongKiat’s style and go place ad on bloggers who can’t stand me. Now, that will be nice. I can imagine what I want to put, “My blog is better than yours. Don’t believe? Click chanlilian.net”

    icalvyn – You use what version ah? I have IE 7 and FF 2.0 and use all sorts of resolution also ok work.

    agnes – Hehehe. Diff cup of tea.

    fookiat – Learn from him.

    helen – Yeah, the Paypal one is very helpful.

    hongkiat – Ok, ok, received already. Hahaha.

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