What makes a woman happy?

A guy told me straight off.


Give a woman money when she is in a foul mood and everything will be settled.

So, I asked him if he prints money or plant a money tree?

What do you say? Do you agree that money is the easiest thing to cheer a woman up?

Well, at first, I do not agree with that kind of reply – money. I thought maybe something deeper and more meaningful like love? But that’s a two-edge sword. Or how about sex? Nay, not applicable to all women in your life.

Attention too can get boring after a while. I mean, who needs a man to tag along every where you go, right? They better buzz off when we have girlfriends coffee time or when we want to take time to browse through the lingerie or make-up department.

The faithfuls will of course say without a doubt that religion and God will give that feel-good factor too. But this blog is not about religious stuffs.

So, in the end, I have to agree that money is the only thing that makes a woman happiest. There is no doubt about that.

Now that you know, if a girl/your mother/your female friend gets mad with you, just drop her a pile of money and everything is settled. What? You are penniless? Then, too bad, dude.

Girls, what do you think? What makes you happiest? Other than cute babies, of course.

39 thoughts on “What makes a woman happy?

  1. my mom would say, zai ah zai, study hard, get results with flying colors, then mommy will be happy.. sounds fair? XD

  2. true true 5xmom,

    anything can be cured with shoppin therapy.
    though other things like sex gives great pleasure, money can buy great satisfaction. that’s the difference.

  3. I love money too but get bored after spending and spending.
    Now I love to think of making money though not in action.

  4. No money No honey lor… Of course is money la. What else can be so satisfying…..

  5. Money contributes 65% of happiness.
    No Money, No Baby! (Its not about milk powder or pampers, but its their education and future which we’re talking about)
    No Money, No Beauty! How can we buy skin care or make up if we don’t have money!
    No Money, No Bouncy! How can we keep our boobies perky and our butt firm when we can’t afford firming creams.

  6. When I have the money, I complained why my dear work so hard to make money until he doesn’t have time for me…When I do not have the money, I ask why my dear didn’t make enough money for me to spend…

    So, the conclusion . . my dear taught me how to fish for my own money! It’s good for a lifetime . . ! : )

  7. well, they did say that chocolates is the best for women? and ice-creams? or wait, that doesn’t apply to those who are weight-conscious though..

  8. ummmm….. waking up with a killer bod and a face that doesn’t age will also make a woman happy! eh, wait, with $$$ i can have that rite….

  9. alamakkk… money again ar… important la.. but then again.. hmm.. howcome feelings no more 1 ar..? i guess everyone has gone materialistic..

  10. indeed it’s money… i may be postig something tonight that will show that money is indeed everything… to a girl…

    i have had friends’ whose wedding got cancelled last minute becos the girl found someone with more moolah…

  11. every time my bf will surely win me over with food, shopping, a present or a trip somewhere when I’m angry at him. so i guess it all comes down to having money!

  12. indeed u knw a woman very well! i was abt to comment “other than my cute baby, show me the moneeeeeeeyyy!!” until i read ur last sentence, lol

  13. shoi2 – Yayaya, must remember to say the disclaimer or else later ppl burn my backside mah. Hahaha.

    ren nee – Yalor, everything oso boils down to money.

    zewt – Fuyoh, like that oso can? Abuden, my ex was an accounts executive and my dearest, most sayang hubby (ewwss) was a hotel’s asst. FC. So yeah, facts of life.

    eevet – But the sun bought at those 5-star hotel shines more beautifully so it is still money.

    dotmyspot – Got money then, feelings oso develop lor. Hahaha. If a pauper sitting by the roadside, who wants wor?

  14. To the rest of those who comments – Glad you agree about the money part. To get a good educations means the chance of earning more money. Right? thanks for the comments.

  15. Money is not everything but without money can’t do lots of things… Even you’re taking your g/friend out for candle light dinner you still need money to pay the dinner… even you take your g/friend for a beach walk in Batu Feringgi, you need to drive her up there, your car doesn’t operate by solar, you need to pump petrol…..
    But one thing for sure, money is not everything but without money nothing can be done!

  16. ME time, shopping time, Facial time, Sauna time, Pedicure manicure time, time to have uninterrupted sex, Money to go shopping, uninterrupted shopping time, uninterrupted sex time..Oppsss mentioned that edi. Hahahhaha

  17. well, if i got no money, then money will definitely makes me happy, but when (if one day lar!!) i got lot’s of money, then i think something else will makes me happy lar. hehe..

    what is that ‘something else’? erm, when i got lot’s of money that time only i let u know!! :p

  18. for me to be happy is to realise that i have someone always by my side no mattter what. what is the point of having a lot of money ( either u earn it, or ur bf/ husband give it to u ) when its seems that no one is there by ur side when u need them. Won’t u be glad when u in trouble or when u are unhappy, there is someone there lending his shoulder to cry on or even helping or sharing the problem with u..

  19. as long as you have money, you’ll always be able to get a girl. they want nothing more than money usually. cold, but it’s true. you can always get any girl with enough money. everybody has their price. glad that most people agree that money makes a girl happiest.

    like myself, got dumped because not enough money for my ex. understandable. so now my priority is to make so much money until it makes me sick….

  20. Money for sure… Everything is about money. No money is miserable. Hahaha… There is no free lunch in this world one… Even you get married also need money, don’t even say babies. Children need more money. No matter how poor a person is, he/she still need money to at least buy a bit of necessity like food else why there are beggers around?

  21. To make me happy, satisfy only my needs. It can be collective needs or spatial needs. Generally, I know what money can do to me. Having no money can make one fat. Trust me.

  22. Our society is sick …. everyone become kiasu so easily… well, there are much more than money to get a woman happy. Money is a neccesity but it’s not the major thing that can make someone happy, if it it so why they are heiress or millionaire’s son or grandson or anyone rich in committing suicide??

    Bouncer: Your comment is sooooo off topic. Read properly lah. Ask you what makes you most happy lah! Your comment would have fiitted in well if the topic was ‘money’.

  23. Definitely not money then… haha! Perhaps learning new knowledge and skills, reading about everyone’s view about particular topic…. even reading blogs fullfill this. It’s fun and that’s enough to make my day. Weird person, am I? :O)

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