Study need to regulate Internet sites (in Malaysia)

Got this link from Zewt. 😛

The websites to be monitored are those which contain pornographic material and those, including blogs, which carry seditious material.

“These include blogs which post inflammatory content against other races or religions and not just blogs on politics or those which criticise the government,” a source said.

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Hmmm…not that it concerns me. But yeah, there are lots of websites that I would like to see being totally wiped out. Don’t you? But can they? Or will they?

14 thoughts on “Study need to regulate Internet sites (in Malaysia)

  1. Yeah, I would LOVE to see some sites getting WIPED OUT and the writers go to jail for it. Not that I don’t believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression. But if the current prevailing law of what is permissible and what is not is applied to sites maintained by Malaysians, some of these fellas would have been arrested and sent to jail liao.

  2. terence – kihkikhkih, I had to turned my PC upside down, take to check in mirror and still DON’T get it wor.

    pablopabla – Cool, brother, cool. Hahaha.

  3. they wanna ban porn sites? that’s against the multimedia bill of guarantees rite? perhaps they can ban locally hosted porn sites….

    oh btw, dunno why i got prob posting comments fr firefox – gives this comment:
    “Your comment was rejected as your browser’s user agent string has changed since you viewed the post.”

  4. bobby – This new plugin is driving me crazy! I can’t un-do it because it cause more problems. Hehehe.

    I didn’t know we have local porn sites?

  5. I will take it with cautions. When the craze start, they will take go arbitrary. For example, 5xmom and Ah Pek make SEO on the “basah” word, and those people “boh-song” and BAN it. . Later 5xmom argue some of the blog contents are partially fake, abuden… ZAM say you are unemployed housewife, so must banned. Then Ah Seng blog it and say it is stupid, then Ah Seng also kena banned, and the chain continue.

  6. I’m uncomfortable with the whole thing. Not that I got plenty of sex on my blog, human nature makes me boh syiok someone is deciding for me what is right. 🙂

  7. my latest entry will definitely land me in trouble already…

    hahaha… terence… that was very subtle… very very subtle…

  8. It’s the usual smokescreen la… they will put something obvious, and something with their own agenda.

    “ban porn and seditious(anti govt)”

    Then anyone complain they will say – hah? u are against this? are you a porn supporter?

    Geez. How dumb do you think we are mr. government?

  9. They care so much about someone else’s website. I personally thinks that they should take care of their own websites first. It’s shameful to have so many outdated official government websites. I don’t mean the informations they provide, but the design, footer etc. Hate it when it says “Best viewed with Internet Explorer 6 and above” – shouldn’t they just make sure the site works with all browsers? Luckily it is not so on our tourism site, or else..

  10. Apa-la… They should worry about their own websites first…

    Update and maintain the website properly, prevent it from being hacked before you worry about those unsavoury websites.

    Some websites were not updated since 199x… *roll eyes*

  11. It can’t be inforced to totally shut down on blogs. Even the very high profile Anwar website back in few years time when he was at court, all they did was just a putting a warning page infront..

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