Those stupid motorists who chase ambulances

Sometimes, I wonder if our school education and driving schools have forgotten to teach the younger generations about the importance of making ways for ambulances and fire engines to pass through? Instead, have they taught the opposite? For example, once the ambulance passed through a busy road, all the cars behind will definitely stepped on the accelerator and tail behind the ambulance because of the fast moving traffic.

I am someone whom had been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Few months later, my baby too was rushed from the Penang Hospital Lam Wah Ee to University Malaya Medical Centre in KL (which is a 3 hr ambulance ride) with limited amount of oxygen. He was ventilator dependant. Hence, I can feel the urgency of those riding in the ambulance and their loved ones who want the sick or injured to be treated in the emergency room.

So, it always disgust me that in a traffic jam, no one will bother to try making some lee way in advance. Usually, we can hear the screeching siren and see the ambulance light flashing from quiet a distance. Normal folks would have started to squeeze to the side as soon as they hear it. But not the morons. They normally won’t do it until the ambulance is very, very near and by then, it is usually hard to make way because a lot more time will be needed to start moving.

Even on a regular two-lanes road in a jam, if every cars will just keep going to the sides, the ambulance normally can pass through the middle space. But will these morons do that? No….very little response. HOWEVER, once the ambulance pass through, they will suddenly become so alert and start tailing behind.

What we see then is an ambulance with lots of cars following behind. I normally cussed, “Like to follow so much? Wait lah, one day you will be the one lying inside the stretcher.”

Then again, I think this is one reason why people are rather reluctant to let an ambulance pass through. Because it inevitably cause many, many cars to jump queue. And sometimes, if you give way, before the ambulance reach, some motorists will definitely take advantage and move ahead of the ambulance.

On the other hand, do you notice how arrogant outriders are? They will barge to the opposite direction traffics and make sure that you move aside. The other day, a few of them came into my lane, from the opposite direction and ‘pee poo pee poo’. If you buat dunno, sure kena the loud hailer, “Ke tepi, ke tepi.”

Haih…the world is not fair. Someone may be dying and yet, no one gives a fark. But if you are somebody, the world is your oyster. You don’t even need to get caught in a jam, having at least 6 hired helps to move along with you and gawd-knows-how-many more waiting at every traffic lights to stop traffic. Just because you need to get from point A to point B to cut some ribbons. *roll eyes*

26 thoughts on “Those stupid motorists who chase ambulances

  1. hey you have forgotten about the “dai lap mak” or the VIPs.. Id understand if its ambulance/fire truck or police cars but those VIPs are just.. not so important enough as to force people aside and cause crashes

  2. Wuah, proofed you didn’t read the whole post. The last two para so terang-terang I tembak these people, you also can missed ah? Ish.

    terence: Rushing mah. Traffic jam leh.

  3. I remember I was in a taxi once in KL, and an ambulance came by. Which subsequently got stuck in a jam, since all lanes on Federal Highway, INCLUDING the supposed emergency lane, were all clogged-up with what clearly were “emergency vehicles”. (I never fail to be amazed by how a 5th-lane seems to magically appear between the hours of 4-7pm on Fed. Highway.)

    Anyway, the taxi driver was also volunteer ambulance driver (loves the road, this man), and he criticised the way the ambulance driver was driving; apparently, you shouldn’t drive in between the lines on the road, but rather ON the lines of the road. Easier for people to make way then. Provided they were going to in the 1st place šŸ˜›

    (Oh, dangit, cut that last bit out; now I’ve given more tips to motorists how to jump queue :P)

  4. how very true.. Lucky I still remember the lessons taught by my teachers and let the ambulance pass.. It may not be much but it should be able to save a life..

  5. From Penang to UM hospital? That must be a scary experience for someone who is in an emergency state for threatment. I hope Penang is well equiped with the same level of hospital like the UM hospital.

  6. I suggest the government to assign outriders to ambulance/fire dept instead. An emergency is more crucial than a ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony.

    Most Malaysians spend 2-3 hours a day of their lifes in jams in major cities. Such a waste of time and resources.

  7. Its like dat lor. Some ppl are just morons including those no need to wait in line, no need to wait at traffic light, when jalan the white big motorbike will come and stop u at the road side of 4 lanes when they only need one lane to jalan. Diu.

  8. even tho’ i moved my butt to the tepi…the ambulance still scrapped my car. and I know nobody was inside..because I happen to see inside.

    still, i will move my butt whenever i hear all the sirens. it’s just the right thing to do.

  9. mott – Maybe they are on the way to the accident leh? Or people wanna beranak liao.

    moo_t – Haih…

    joec – you are joking

    mendee – Yeah it is much worse in Penang

    sasha – Yalor, I usually act stubborn and wait for the ke tepi loud hailers LOL. Shiok habis. Pssttt…

    ahpek – I femes ledi LOL

    WMD – Yes, that’s nice

    terence – Good suggestion, please tell Pak Lah the next time u see him, ok? Send my regards.

    bee ean – Nay…only UMMC and HUKL and Selayang (I think) have those facilities.

    fookiat – Yeah, it is a just a small thing for us but a life for the other person, right.

    sheena – Tks for the tips.

  10. Peeples – I know I have screwed up my comment page. After you press submit, you are stucked at a blank page. Sorry hor, I don’t know how to rectify that, so don’t bitch. Wait I slowly slowly figure out.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong. Actually if we move our car during red lights to let the ambulance pass, we can still be book for traffic offense. šŸ™‚

    As for the VIPs, I can show them my middle finger. If there is a life and death situation, OK lar. If not, fark them. They’re don’t have the need to have special treatment. Afterall, it’s we, the rakyat, that voted for them and put them there.

  12. I also bueh shiok those VIP. Cakap orang tak tau pandu. But if they were in our position…Stress build up causes irrational decision. But no, they have the outriders. Terence, if ‘lets say’ ‘someone’ hit the dumb out rider on our lane, they salah or we salah?

    Handsome Terence: I answer you when you get your driving license lah. Sit no need to drive also bueh shiok ar? Next time u drive ur mummy around then u know lah. Blek!

  13. my bf who is in the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) of Penang’s Red Crescent always cuss those morons when he sees an ambulance coming too. Now he’s taking up ambulance driving course =)

  14. I very good keh, ambulance I give way keh. But the tua liap liap, no choice but have to go to aside. They think they very tua liap liap and we all have to siam chee pee. TNS…… I am so damn busy until no time to drop a comment. Quickly read and go to another one. Like siew char boh only. Just that my hair no go up only – I mean the top hair har………. chow. Have a nice weekend.

  15. Diu those barger who dun give way to ambulance on the road.. X-(

    Next time when they get into that situation themselves then only they know how it feels like.

    However, some of the ambulance/fire-engine also abuse their power. Sometimes no emergency but also turn on siren and drive. I still give way because you’ll never know if it is real emergency or not.

  16. most of the times, the victim in a malaysian ambulance will not survive… not becos we motorist block it… but becos our ambulances are all not well equiped with the proper apparatus.

  17. Haha, speaking of this, I remembered once we were given this question back in 1999. I was in std 5 I think. It was a Moral class and the question goes like this.

    Apabila kamu melihat sebuah ambulan di jalan raya, apakah yang patut kamu buat?
    A. Bergerak ke tepi dan memberi laluan.
    B. Memberhentikan kereta dan melihat apa yang telah berlaku.
    C. Mengekori ambulan itu.
    D. Tidak membuat apa-apa.

    Something like that. I don’t know to laugh or to cry when I heard a few of my then close friends said the answer is B. I guess that’s the way they are brought up. So typical Malaysia. So KPC. But yea, we had a good time laughing at that time. It is still very fresh in my mind. =P

  18. i better a bit lor, i didn’t follow ambulance. i followed our white head agong’s convoy from taiping to ipoh… please don’t tembak me! that was donkey years ago!

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