Happy Father’s Day to all the bapa, abah, papa, father, daddy out there!

Happy Father’s Day to AhPek, Simon, Wingz, LoopyMeals James, Buaya69, PapaJoneh, Dr. Bernard, Bengbeng, Owen, JulianMorin, Pablo, Lawrence (CookingIsland), Rizlan, 9393, Linpeh *hehehe*, (that’s my A-Z of blogroll) and all the fathers out there!


Bestest papa

Hope your kid/s make you feel like a superman on this day.

To all the first time fathers-to-be, you all better be enjoying your day now because by next year, you are going to be changing dirty diapers, wiping poo, picking up vomit, sleepless nights 24/7 for a might long time. You know, it is not easy to earn the Happy Father’s Day wishes. It is one big heavy responsibilities.

To those who remains the married bachelors, have a nice day too! You lucky guys.

I won’t be around but who knows, I may be blogging from KL too.

**Message to bouncer : Oi, jaga gua mia blog baik-baik. And sms me the camerashop’s name. I credited the hourly rates of USD200 to your Credit Suisse already. USD200 for what? People asked. You reply sendiri.

**I may be going to the Church of SFX on Sunday morning. Anyone celebrate mass there?

19 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to all the bapa, abah, papa, father, daddy out there!

  1. I jaga hosted websites like my kids, so I consider papa or not? LoL…

    Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to 5xDad!
    Enjoy your trip to KL, I’m here to monitor your blog. No worries. šŸ™‚

  2. Aik Lilian ?

    gua pun ada Happy Lau Peh Day’s kah ? tenkiu tenkiu… Si pek kam thong. Almost forget liau tomorrow is Lau Peh Day. I thought it is juz another day that we have to korek more duit lagi ! he he he he.. when Mommy’s Day , Daddy have to pay for dinner. When Daddy’s day hor, it is also Daddy’s have to pay.. So actually who is who have to pay ? Anyway , whether to pay for dinner or not , it is the value of time that we can appreciate and sit down together for enjoyment and have a peace moment. Ha ha ha , Erina have to take kids liau on my off day ! Yahoo !

    By the way , is bapa ayam celebrate Happy Father’s day bor ?

    thanks Lilian ….Send my regards to your loh kong also.

  3. I reckon’ thats a really nice picture!! Nice in the sense that its meaningful – really speaks up to FATHER’s day, aethetically wise.. uhhh.. wiao… nice TESCO bottle as props.. lol . tk!

  4. Thanks Lilian for the wish. šŸ™‚
    Same goes to 5xDad.. for taking care of 5xmom all this while. She’s getting happier, pinkier and lovelier.. MMMuuuaaaaahhhhhh. there. across the sea right from KK, Sabah. šŸ˜€

  5. Lilian, Lawrence get so excited when he saw you wishing him lau pek day. He shouted me out from the kitchen and say ‘Lilian wish me lau pek day’. He is so so so excited. Lau Pek day or not he still have to jaga anak. Hahaha…………… tomorrow I am going to pau bak chang so he still have to jaga anak. Automatically his kids will go after him especially her princess. LOL…………..

  6. That’s a very nice photo!

    My hubby is so eager to be father now that I need to tell him to read the message you just wrote. Wrapping poo-poo and vomit, certainly not very fun like he imagines.

    Have a nice weekend 5xmom and 5xdad!

  7. happy daddy day!! šŸ˜€ and your kid looks so cute on your ATM la haha… soooo cute!! aww!!

    i love my dad too šŸ™‚

  8. Lilian contribute:

    Mungkin kerana KJ adalah graduan Oxford beliau sangkakan ahli-ahli UMNO semuanya bodoh-bodoh belaka.

    Kepada ahli-ahli UMNO saya nasihatkan jangan sampai nanti UMNO jadi parti PKR iaitu parti keldai dan kerbau

  9. Tenkiu for all the wishes hor. I got no internet access so no time to reply all personally.

    tingtitlei – Aiyor, LinPeh means your father mah…So must wish lor.

    shadowfox – *pejam mata, tutup telinga, scoth tape mulut* Hehehe.

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