What makes one tougher than the other?

Put me at a construction site with nothing but mud and shack and I can still think of something to blog eventhough I have no wi-fi access. Now, that’s what I call a blog survivor. 😛


The place I was talking about is the Shah Alam skatepark which is still under construction. We drove 4 hours down and 4 hours back and stayed for a night in KL. On Friday night, I actually didn’t sleep as we woke about 4 am and left the house around 5 am. So, there is no point going to sleep. Of course, my hubby who is the driver had his beauty sleep before the drive. But me, I just enjoyed staying wide awake without sleep.

It makes the brain sharper. Moreover, I am not the driver so there is no problem at all.


Since there really isn’t anything I could do except take photos, I snapped the ground which is full of mud. With all the lorries and cranes going in and out, almost nothing can grow. Except for these little grass and weeds.

And I wonder, why are some weeds able to grow in just any location whilsts those roses need the correct soil, correct temperature, right fertilisers and pruning to survive? What makes one tougher than the others?

It is God’s funny creation, isn’t it? That some of us are able to thrive in hardy situations while some just fizzled and died? For example, take a look at this broken shack. I bet there isn’t electricity or running water. Maybe there is water but definitely they don’t even have fans or mosquitoes repellant. Yet, I am sure the family who lives there still live. And from the way I saw those people sitting there talking, I believe life is not that miserable for them as what some of us would think. There are women, children and men staying there, btw.


On the other hand, the surrounding areas have some three-storey high houses. If it is not enough, one even painted theirs pink!


These little things make me think hard. Why do some people thrive even in hardship whilst others just whine themselves to death? Maybe I had been reading a little too much of The Celestine Prophecy and think too deep into things. Until the grass on my foot also I can connect with our lives. But seriously, I know of some people who really can whine themselves to death. By death, I am not talking about suicide but rather, bitching over everything and nothing. They failed to see the goodness of their lives and instead focus on what they don’t have. Then, there are those who have no backbone and just grovel in their miseries without attempting to do anything to change their so-called ‘fate’.

Deep? You bet!

12 thoughts on “What makes one tougher than the other?

  1. *whine whine whine*

    *kick kick kick*

    *tantrum tantrum tantrum*

    i sometimes want to be a kid, again. wa wa wa! 😉

  2. people who are like roses are self-indulgent. whereas, people like weeds are like cockroaches, we can survive anywhere :p

    nice read, thought provoking.

    p/s: bubble gum pink house! wtf!!

  3. *You have matured well. I am proud of you, my child.* Still reading the book ar? Wei, so long aledi lah.

    Niamah! So deep can drown!

  4. could the pink house possibly be a kindergarten/playschool? coz i can’t think why anyone in their right mind would colour their house electric pink. What do u know ,lilian …….u could blog abt garish house colours complete with photos if u ever run out of ideas to blog which i suspect you’ll never do!!!!

  5. queenofallbees – LOL, I don’t know. Just found it so gaudy so I snapped it for fun.

    terence – All your fault lah. I asked for one book, you sent me three. *throws pelampong…oops, cannot fit ah?*

    li ann – Nice you find it thought provoking and not boring.

    mott – Where got nice lah, I want to be 6 feet under, lagi stress free.

    ahpek – Damn, your eyes so sharp. I only saw them after I downloaded my photos to my PC. Dunno wor cos my camera zoom lens dem kerng, so I didn’t notice in the real situation.

    sasha – Wuah, bitch about others is not like bitching about self.

    bee ean – The whiners outnumbered the survivors.

    Little Ray – Chim, very chim.

  6. with this, u do remind me of leading a contented life. we have to precious our lives and whatever we have….from now on, i’ll try not to grumble so much…. 🙂

  7. I wanna be a cactus. Very hardy plant. But true, I’m guilty of bitching about myself sometimes. Must change!

  8. very good post, lilian. It has just evoke me about my life. I should appreciate for what i have now..

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