Rock fire

Some people are born a rock fire. You know what is a rock fire? Hehehe, in Bahasa Malaysia, it means batu api. They come in both genders and from all ages. And if you think, it is due to their education level, you are wrong. Rock fires exist almost everywhere. In politics, in the corporate world, amongst the group of aunties gossipping after their early morning marketing, in the blogsphere and just about anywhere.

Moses held that Ten Commandments etched from rocks and in there, there is something about rock fires too. It goes something like…

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

But I suppose rock fires don’t listen to God’s commands and thrive on being one.

They will start their sentence with…..Eh, btw, did you……*from here on, their horns will grow and the rock fire will start burning*

It is always the btw, or By the way. They always have a way of inserting something that looks very innocent into the conversation and if you are dumb enough to get caught into the conversation, you will enjoy one of the most delivish story about a third person. Soon, you realised that the third person is one ugly ogre because rock fires have such marvellous way of spinning a story to destroy that third person’s character. They make perfect PR people or spin doctors.

Do you know what the god of hades (of the Taoist gods) do to people like that? They sew up the mouth of the person. After they cut off the tongue. True one, last time when I was small, I saw those Tao Payoh figurines before.

So, let’s ask yourself. Are you a batu api? Or have you been approached by one lately?

9 thoughts on “Rock fire

  1. Truthfully,everybody is a rock fire in one point or another. It’s unavoidable. These kind of people can be a real pain in assholes and such so the best way is to avoid people like this because the reason they gossip about others is because 1) They jealous other people. 2) They have nothing to do so they go dig other’s ugly story. 3) They cant help being a bitch. Why? You meet this kind of people lately?? Screw them la. Waste time getting angry. ^^

  2. we are all like that isnt it. i think one of the reason why like to be batu api and add salt add pepper is that it gives us the attention. and at the same time, we can somehow hide our wrongs.

    i have been in such situation before… and i thoroughly regret it.

  3. haha yeah yeah add salt and vinegar la..not pepper ler..
    well i guess its to distract the fleur from your bad doings..and also to see “movie” lor..

  4. These people strive of chaos. I guess when there is chaos, that is the time they feel most needed and important.

    Rock Fire are insecure people who constantly need to validate their self-worth. (through the chaos they create)

  5. eh sometime being firestone quite fun leh.

    but seriously tho, speaking of god of hades, did you ever finish that CD i sent you ah?

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