Spears and swords and whips

I was at the camera shop in Penang Road yesterday evening. Yay! Got the Nikon f2.8 105mm micro lens finally. RM2.7K. We also got the Digi Cabi 30L as well. So, hubby had gone to take the car but after waiting for several minutes, he didn’t appear. Got a call from him that he was stucked because of some procession.


He asked me to ‘Faster go and take the photos’. Doh, as if I will let a chance like that pass by. However, I wasn’t sure whether to use my 18-200mm lens or just leave the micro lens on. *roll eyes* I changed it to the 18-200mm because the procession was across the busy Penang Road and I am not risking my life to stand near those spears and whips.


(oi, oi, got see lucky number on top or not? 3228)

Yes, you read right. Spears and swords and whips. *spiak!* This is a Chinese gods processions and normally, the mediums will go into trance as the god of war, monkey god, baby god (nacha), beggar god and god of hades.


There were several of these guys with at least 10-feet long spears pierced through their cheeks. It goes in from only one side, not right across. But it is really heavy. My atm finally got to where I was and went near to take the pics of these spears. Eeek…I geli, I dare not even see the close-up of the spear.


There are lion dances and they even distributed free char siew paus for all the hungry ghosts like me who stood by the road side. LOL.


More of the nachas (the baby god?) with spears. Looks like it must be the birthday of nachas? I am not sure but I do know that I got stucked a while waiting for the procession. Photo opportunities so I won’t complain.

11 thoughts on “Spears and swords and whips

  1. Time to buy ‘faster’ lens and flashgun. You wanna? I sell to you.

    Eh, was wondering, the char siew paus any good ar?

  2. I love to watch those procession but hubby never allow. If there is any of them on the street, he quickly turn the other way. Dunno why. According to him, if the whip kena you, you will start dancing like them. Dunno how true it is.

  3. hijackqueen – LOL, that kuan koong is usually very intimidating so I never dare to go near oso cos the whip somemore got sparks.

    lotsofcravings – No lah, u give flowers to monkey, oso useless mah. So, it takes skills too.

    ahpek – nay…that greenbacks sponsored mah, or else I won’t get into such hobby lor.

    terence – I don’t know the char siew pau got good or not cos I busy taking photos lah. But my kids ate them all. Amen! LOL.

    Eh, you cause me to bankrupt you know? Now flash gun pulak? RM2 sell to me lah.

  4. omg.. i didnt know they have this kind of processions.. it’s interesting right.. and i long to have a camera too.. but not to the extend of lens and stuff.. too profesional..

  5. huh..why is there a procession yesterday ?? though im a a buddist, but i seldom pray ler..and im damn scared of the procession..duno why..

  6. I think not everyone can get the whip one lah, else those people helping around must all got it? Our ex neighbore does that. He said when he was young one day he just started dancing when he passedby the temple, so he said he was chosen by the God.

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