Wei..who is going to the Penang Bloggers meet lah?

Cely and Hongkiat.

Menj said he may come too.

said she is coming too.

They are all from KL.

What about you Penang people ah?

I am going but I did not register. Only the first 100 gets free food. I tanggung sendiri lah. Foodloft’s items are quite cheap oni, no problem.

And I don’t think it is only limited to nuffnangers. So, if you are a blogger, a blog reader, a future blogger wannabe, I am sure all are welcome.

So, coming or not ah?

21 thoughts on “Wei..who is going to the Penang Bloggers meet lah?

  1. cely – Yalor, so kwai mah fan and somemore, dunno got privacy policy or not. So we gate crash la hor? Hehehe.

    weirdoux – Go to Singapore lah, there got nuffnang oso what. Can meet Xiaxue somemore. šŸ˜›

  2. When I wanted to register, I found out I was too late (full already). Since you gatecrash, then okaylah, most likely, I will do the same too.

  3. No one invited me also. Normally i get invited to functions and ceremonies. What is register ar???

    Maybe BG Lee will invite me when Nuffnang has one in SG. Yaya, I will send BG your regards.

  4. ren nee – Good! Yes yes, call me Lilian. Hehe. My son is going too.

    terence – Yayaya, don’t forget to send my regards to Bush also.

    WMD – I think a lot of people are confused with the arrangements. I saw some said they haven’t signed up with nuffnang and thought they cannot attend. It is a Penang bloggers (readers, everything related to blog) meet. The foods are sponsored for 100 pax and any numbers over that, they just need to pay for it lor. Foodloft is after all a public area.

    cindy – Apa malu-malu. Just come lah, bloggers are all regular people only.

  5. i wanted to go but last minute my mom is going to kl so, no one is helping me to take care of my 2 monsters. Cannot bring there otherwise they will terbalik the whole restaurant. My son is not like Matthew – kuai kuai type. My daughter lagi teruk…… Me miss again šŸ™

  6. Wanna go but very pai seh la. Underage some more. -___- Oh, wait…i can persuade ppl to go to the mgs concert. *evil grin*

  7. Wanna go but very pai seh la. Underage some more. -___- Oh, wait…i can persuade ppl to go to the mgs concert. Hehe.

  8. we will be amazed by how many ppl we actually know in real life but failed to know in the blogsphere…a good opportunity i must say!

  9. i think quite a number of people will go. then i should print paper with my blog url on it there in case there are press, so can promote my blog since my blog so ULU. HAHAHAHA, i not so free to do that. ahem ahem, if got time, i try, LOL

  10. last time miss out the blogger meet at egate, this time i take half day leave lo… I also not prof, but hope to meet those prof blogger… Lilian…see u there…

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