Moderate your comments, you idiots (and some kembang post)

There are two parts to this post. The first one is for Choonie. Thanks, Choonie, you made my day.

Post like these makes my day! One doesn’t get it all the time so must faster write it down for the kembang factor.

Then…. I found this in my blog. Unbelievable, Lilian actually left me a comment here. Not only her, Terence too. Terence…. oooiiii…. I still dun really know what is your relationship with 5xmom. At first I thought you are the one who hack 5xmom’s blog and cause the blog down last week. But then, it seems that 5xmom is your good friend and you are just like Bryan that help 5xmom looks after her blog. Tell me, who actually are you? 5xmom’s #1 fansee? Really?

This is from Choonie. Apparently, she thought that I had ignored or deleted some of her earlier comments. Eh Choonie, I checked through my comments and you only left one comment during the April Fool’s joke. Sorry to hear about the D&C. Other time, I don’t always delete comment unless they are rude or post some hatred things about other bloggers. I know you are too sweet to do that wor. Hehehe, post more often lah. I don’t bite wan.

As for your questions – Bryan is my webmaster. I experienced some problems with the server due to overloading ‘cos my blog is over 2,000 posts. So, we finally move to some heavy duty server which means I have to pay a LOT of money to maintain it.

For Terence (Very Handsome but perasan as well) – Heh, he is ’employed’ as blog bouncer. Since he is on the same wavelength as me, I authorised him ‘Author’ level in my blog. In WordPress, we can sign up others with many levels of authorship. You know hor, lately, I had been getting a lot of hate comments from out of nowhere. It is not just childish pranks but those that purposely want to drag me into political flames also. Some drag Pak Lah, some UMNO and some other bloggers’ names. Since I cannot be around my blog all the time, I asked Terence to help me moderate those comments lor.


Just the other day when I was in KL, someone left two comments using Boss Stewie’s name and URL. I had sent the comments to Tim for his attention. They call me Thai prostitute. Hehehe, farkers, try harder. I am not Thai. And you are better off looking for prostitutes.

It is the responsibilities of a blogger to make sure that their comment board do not contain comments intentionally left to cause damages to others. In short, moderate your comments, you idiots.

22 thoughts on “Moderate your comments, you idiots (and some kembang post)

  1. Truelar Lilian, but then sometimes where got time? 🙂 (suddenly recall the Indian chap on Astro… where got time?) lol

  2. Lilian, I sent you an email to your gmail account but have not received any reply. Dare I ask, am I being ignored or have I been put under spam? *sob sob*

  3. Hi Lilian, I now understand why Choonie loves to read you so much. You’re one wonderful lady.:-)

  4. Ah Pek – Got a lot more wor. Wait I fwd you the copy and paste.

    Choonie’s fren – Hehehe, thank you.

    earl-ku – Wuah..I hari hari see u on MSN but you seem awfully silent. Wassup?

    immomsdaughter – Aiks? The Paypal? I wasn’t sure who it is and why Paypal so I didn’t reply lor.

    zewt – No…must kembang wan. Every little comment oso must kembang. Cos very nice mah.

    pablo – Haiyor, your comment board got steel grills, somemore want to moderate what lah.

    wuching – You so nice, everyday sit on fence, so nobody poke yr backside lah.

    helen – Yalor, they snitched in all the time. But still can delete when we get to it mah. Muahahar

  5. Wuah, I saw my name in her post oso. Syioknye~~

    Yea lah Earl Ku, I oso see you everyday put “awfully lonely” as your personal message on MSN. Go kao Belle lah. Haha…

  6. Yalar, yalar. Takda gaji one also. Celaka! I still can’t seem to find the ‘delete blog’ button leh.

    Note: I edited your post. Muahahahahaha!!!! Sue me!

  7. Lilian,

    You are getting more creative with names and jobs.
    I like this one- Blog bouncer

    Terence – do more co authoring le.., sometimes cannot get enough of 5Xmom posts. I am addicted liao. Sometimes my hubby think I ‘sort’ already, laughing (and looking like a mad woman) at my screen in front of him (he has his own laptop n forever reading news)

  8. Thai prostitute huh? 0.0!!! WTH!!!

    Me oso not many fansee so no need a moderator, no spam summore…Muahahah!!!

  9. wah people can be that mean hah. If they don’t like you why they come visit? These people should go away and don’t waste people’s time lah.

  10. Some people just like to trouble ppl with their spamming or their mean comments. you did the right thing, delete them!!! =)

  11. Lilian is so kiasu!!! Jesus Christ, stop being a blog whore and showing off all the time!

    Bouncer: Like they say, IF YOU HAVE IT, FLAUNT IT! You got any to flaunt? Like i said b4, do not quote religion matters. Jesus Christ have mercy on YOU! And stop using fake emails, we got your IP, sorhai!

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