McDonald’s – The evil genius

Whoever is behind this fast food chain, he is a genius. He captures little kids and they are eternally caught in his trap.


The poor parents are the ones suffering because they have to keep forking our $8.78 every Thursday. McDonald’s and Shrek 3 have made me a lot poorer.


Count the number of toys in the display. My kid insisted to have the whole range and he got it except the dragon. BTW, the dragon screwed with the donkey and they have kids that are half-donkey and half-dragon. Hmmm..I wonder why Donkey did not turn into barbeque donkey in the midst of the dragon’s passion.


Thank goodness the Shrek 3 mania is over. I am not sure what McDonald’s is coming out tomorrow. The toys change every Thursday, btw. And thank goodness, the Fantastic 4 Silver surfer is so fugly my kid doesn’t give a damn. BTW, that was Kentucky Fried Chicken’s domain so that explains why.

Now, I wonder what will be the next movie mania that will get my kid to ask me every single day, “Mommy is today Thursday yet?”

26 thoughts on “McDonald’s – The evil genius

  1. I know that ‘evil genius’ very well.

    But hor, I like that “Shake Shake” fries. But the counter staff are MORONS. They can never get an order correct. I was at the drive-thru today and ordered ‘shake shake’ fries, the guy asked me “Apa itu?”. MALAYsia boleh! You got see chinese working there b4 ar?

  2. Kakakaka….

    Yes.. Remember the fiasco with the Winnie-the-Pooh stuff toys? I was helping a friend out to help beli those toys with those meals. Don’t mention about being poorer, health also affected…

    Anyway, I try not to get tempted… However, some of the cheapo toys are good stuff for my dog. So far, the toys we got from mcD (those RM3 stuff toys) are hard for her to destroy. šŸ˜›

    Hehehe… Yea-hor.. I’m surprised that Donkey didn’t become Siew Yuk after passionate night with Dragon.. Kakaka…

  3. Oh my. Now that reminds me of my poor dad 9 years back when the Hello Kitty plushie craze all over Malaysia. I had the whole collection. Lol. I am such a bad daughter!
    Had to line up for hours leh!

  4. Not just kids, my 42 yrs young hubby also collect this toys, this days he slows down a bit with his “collection” after i nag nag nag …

  5. *chuckle* … I have all that to come. My kid is 1, so he’s happy whatever he gets .. even the cardboard box the fries come in šŸ˜‰

    That way I can play with the toys myself


  6. cant be worse than the wretched beanie babies….GRRRR . Had to eat happy meals ( only one kid) so she can have the two different beanies , then as we were finishing our meal, they started on the next ones .. damn … had 2 more for take out to get the new ones. I HATE MCD”S

  7. Just got back from McD 24hrs nearby, saw them replacing every single Shreky stuffs with SURF UP, neh the wave surfing little penguins that Surf instead of Dancing and Singing (refering to Happy Feet).

    How? Your son like penguins or not??? LOL~

  8. hahahah remember hello kitty and the stupid bears?
    I have the collection. And now i look back, it made me think.
    why did i spend money on this?
    Anyway i like to buy mcd toys for my kids. hahah cos got food and toys ma. Value for money!

  9. Oh yeah, evil genius *LOL* I fell into such traps during the McTeddy and lovin’ it bears … these sets of cute little bears that come complete with clothes on. And just ask my ‘lil nephew where he wants to go, he’ll answer instantaneously “mcdonald’s” *LOL*

  10. There was a time when there was such a word such as DISCIPLINE and when parents said NO, that was it! No arguing, no bargaining, no whining…! Parents today pamper and spoil their kids too much! Emm…..bTW, did you get the Shrek pillows??? We had those here but I didn’t have time to go and get. They look nice!!!

  11. Ops…. I used to collect some McD teddies and dolls too before I gave birth. And, I think I will buy any of the collection for Elizabeth if she wants it! Because I just love to do it too! I guess I am just another big kid! šŸ™‚

  12. i have to buy 3 sets every Thursday.
    1 for husband and the rest for the boys.
    Toys are designed and supervised by HK toy manufacturers contracted to do McD’s.
    Even the materials used are not recycle nor color runs.
    It is really worth buying compare to buying the official merchandise.
    Tip #1:
    To invest in these “hot” toys, do not open the package, keep them in the original package in full set. If the movie hits very well, you can get a decent price on eBay.
    Tip #2:
    You dun really have to buy meals in some outlets, just the toy will do too.
    Tips #3:
    The higher the currency of the country where McD located, the better and the more merchandises offered.

  13. Agnes – Thanks for those tips. But LOL my kid will open up the package before I even pay for the meal.

    everydayhealy – Ya lor, some of them so cute like the Gingy

    STP – Apalah lu, I thot u are going to say boikot, mana tau ask me got buy the pillows or not pulak. Oi, I met Bro Paul again lah. This time at MV Cititel. We were staying in the same place so kept bumping into him. Got fate la hor? Hahaha.

    mendee – Ya, all kids learn the letter M before any other alphabets.

    bryan – I watched the movie trailer liao, sure my older kid is going to bug me for that pulak. Hari hari McD.

    sasha – Yalor, McD toys at least better quality and sometimes so much nicer than the licensed ones. Like The Cars, their cars were so nice and free somemore.

  14. i’m fortunate i dont have to fork out anything for the kids’ happy meals coz they have their grandma to spoil them šŸ˜†

  15. Not only kids, even ‘seasoned’ aunties like me get the occasional Mac attack. Not to mention my fetish for cute furry toys. lol

  16. clare – Definitely, nowadays so many movies for the kids so pokkai lah. See movie, popcorn, coke, then McD toys…

    wuching – When got Star Wars, I buy whole set for you ok?

    bee ean – šŸ™‚

    alanC – We have the Happy Feet toys too! And even travel all the way to Langkawi just so the kids can see the penguins. So, Surf’s Up sure kena buy the whole range again.

    romantic – Yaya, had to finish those fries. But now, we can substitute the fries with corn so still can bear it.

    Owen – Soon he is going to recognise the letter M. All babies do that. You just watch out.

    leah – LOL, 2nd childhood?

    riina – Ya, that time the Hello Kitty craze until they broke the glass pane and got injured.

    AngieT – Nowadays, the toys are from the movies and it is a nice combination for them cos every kids want to buy the toy after the movie or after having the toy, they want to watch the movie.

    terence – Next time, you turun kereta, goyang-goyang and show them lor. They sure boleh faham lah. Your Chao Ah Beng Luntun slang too heavy, tak paham tuan. Hahaha.

  17. helen – Yalor, the pillows are so nice but I refused to buy any or else lagi pokkai cos one cost 10 bucks.

    agnes – I hope my kid missed the adverts. Hahaha, as if I can avoid him from watching the commercial.

    suzy – Lucky kid, lucky you!

  18. Evil genius indeed! Apparently the US government, in recent years allocated something like US2 million a year on programs and public service announcements to educate children and parents on healthy eating. McDonalds on the other hand spends USD500 million annually convincing kids and parents alike on how to put a happy smile on their face. Sigh!

  19. i never had the luxury of calling my mum to get the entire collection of mcd collectibles when i’m small.. i cant call her to go mcd every thursday.. your sons are so lucky.. =] but compared to my mum, you’re much much much more modern.. xD

  20. I used to help fren pack those Hello Kitty toys for Mc D..So no nid to ask la..I got the whole set of Kitty toys…and oso the Snoopy ones..with different costumes ..wah lau..lucky thing my kids tak gila sangat..or else kena share with them..jialat..

  21. Yea… Marketing strategy. Most movies especially the big ones have product tie-ins with food outlets to better market their movie.

    Hehehe.. I would have to say, its a good deal coz… I’m tempted to watch the movie AND own some merchandise too.

    With the exception of BK (Burger King), most of our food outlets are offering toys. BK offer some toys but got to pay a high price. šŸ™ However, once in a while, they have good merchandize like t-shirts for adults. Sigh.. Wrong market segment-la…

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