Photo sifu, I cleber ledi


This is a spider


Ini labah-labah


This is a grasshopper


Ini bunga

Ada cantik?

I took ST‘s advice of setting to f10-f11 and no more bokeh liao.

Still got a lot more to improve but at least I don’t go cuckcoo with the focus that lari lintang pukang everytime I try to focus.

Photog sifu, you won’t spew blood and bang head on walls ledi hor? How’s your yoga session and mountain biking?

17 thoughts on “Photo sifu, I cleber ledi

  1. impressive. based on my experience with photographers lately… i think taking up photography is a damn lucrative hobby…

  2. *wipes blood from mouth*

    Good. Passed liao. But last photo no good. Ada shadow. But overall great improvement.

    Didnt go for yoga. Melaka also cannot find hill (graveyard a lot though), so took the GT for a ride on the streets only. Now lying on my OSIM.

  3. Comment removed

    Bouncer: Wrong blog lah asshole. If you not happy with your current government, go to Putrajaya, then walk into the PM’s office and said what you commented here. Good luck!!!

  4. Wuah, Lilian you got politic spammer now! Terrorrrrr~

    Btw, I agree with zewt. I think most of the guy’s hobbies are expensive, take car modification for example.

  5. Liliannn… good pictures! I have a classmate who is interested in taking photos too, he takes photos like yours, he has won a couple of prizes for his photos so far…maybe you should try entering yours into contests too! By the way, saya takut insectsssss…manyak gerli!

  6. Bryan – yayaya, gua femes ledi. Ngo duck jor. Hamik nuts pun suka wa. LOL. I spam the commentor ledi. Chi sin. (Oiks, my blog bouncer taruk balik)

    giddy tiger – Can can, buy insurance first.

    adam – yalah, wrong blog lah. Ini bukan blog pak lah. Ini blog mak lah lah.

    Tenkiu, bouncer. I know I hire the right person ledi.

    iCalvyn – Ya, the camera body is D40 but the lens hor, is RM2.7K, more expensive than the camera wor. I temporary use D40 until I strike lottery, I want to buy D3.

    Photog sifu – Of all the 167 photos I took, I purposely find one with the shadow cos dem cun mah? No meh? Ish. Dun tok yoga, I can laff till die. Later they kena panggil 991 to untie yourself.

    zewt – Yalor, I told my atm, when he retired from his accountant job, go become photographers for babes. And I mean the tiny babies, not the hot babes. LOL.

  7. ren nee – I malas enter contest ledi, old liao. Hahaha. You should meet Matthew Kang (in my blog links). He takes great pic too.

  8. fuuuyoooohhhh…

    :sweat:… Time for me to try out a few things with my little point-and-shoot. 😛

    So much to learn, so little time…

    Great job!!!!

  9. Hi Thanks for the note. That guy ‘Adam’ up there is not me and is trying to get me into trouble. No wonder I was wondering why my e-mail was rejected as spam when I tried to leave comments on a few sites. Just shows you that there are loads of a@#holes out there. Can you provide the ip add, and I can track him/ her down. FYI, I am very Pro-govt.

    Admin/Bouncer/Slave/Hacker: No worries. There are cowards out there whom uses others emails addresses to post a comment. Welcome back. We will forward the IP to you thru email. Please shoot him/her when you get the coward. Tenkiu.

  10. No wonder la…i tough D40 kits lens can get this good picture…i think i need to collect more money to buy my D80 with a super lens too…

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