Bloggers makan-makan in Penang

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I just got back from makan-makan with Cely, Hongkiat, Earl-ku and Belle – KL Bloggers.

Took them to New Lane as it has more variety of foods there.


Hongkiat & Cely in the background cos the Ah Ee brought the cendol and blocked my shot. Let’s see what we eat:

1) Char Koay Teow with HUGE prawns

2) Oh Chien with oysters and prawns

3) Batu Maung satays

4) Cendol

5) Thong sui

6) Penang Chee Cheong Fun

7) Chee Cheong Chok

8) Hokkien Mee



Here’s the blurred out shots ‘cos I no ask permission for putting the pics mah. Hehehe, Cely, oi, gua sudah dapat lapan puluh tujuh since gua balik. Muahahahar…tomorrow can ‘chia’ you eat seafoods ledi.

8 thoughts on “Bloggers makan-makan in Penang

  1. I want!!! I want!!!
    I want to makan also…
    I miss Penang food…
    KL Bloggers can ta pau 5 dozen of Batu Maung Satay for me ar?

  2. i really must make an effort to go to penang one day to see u! btw, i also no idea on iPhone opp or else i would have taken it!

  3. Sorry Cely, gua tarak sempat meeting you all yesterday.
    See you all at the blogger’s meet later lah. Lu mau Penang Tau Sar Pia or not? Hehe…

  4. Auntie Lilian,
    I am not able no make it today 4 Bloggers’ Gathering @Foodloft.
    Thanks 4 reminding me.
    Send my regards to all =D

    Till then, have a GREAT time there!

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