Sitting here, thinking hard

For the last five years, I never have to fetch nor send the kids to school because of the convenient location. It works well for everyone because I am happy, they are happy and most of all, my poor baby doesn’t have to go out with me in the hot afternoon sun or windstorm. We also saved a lot on petrol and the giant tank of a Ria sits happily under the trees collecting bird shits only.

The few times I go out to pick the kids will end up with us having good lunches which normally can come up to quite a lot of money. See? So, it is the best solution because if I am at home, we don’t spend money. Otherwise, once I am out in the car, we will ronda and cruise till the petrol tank run dry and my pockets are empty.

But suddenly, we feel like moving a bigger home. CHUP, this is not a paid post about home loans or mortgages. This one real story, kisah benar.

Bigger home means no five times a day sudden alert which is very, very loud (no thanks to the close proximity). When I say loud, I mean REALLY, REALLY LOUD, SO LOUD, I CAN’T HEAR MY PHONE CONVERSATION, YOU GET ME?

However, it will means I have to be one of those moms on the road, driving like siao char boh picking up one son after another. Actually, I have only two to pick ‘cos the eldest rode his own bike (which the #2 wouldn’t dare to ride cos his brother is like daredevil on two wheels).

Long ago, I was one of those moms who jammed up the roads without consideration. I know you know what I mean. I even came down from my car once and shouted at a police car with the policemen inside. “Horn apa horn? Tak nampak depan (trafik) jam? Lain kali kalau ada emergency, jangan ikut jalan ini!”
(What are you honking (with siren on). Can’t you see the jam in front? If you have emergency, then don’t use this road next time.”

So, yeah, I get very annoyed to see those inconsiderate parents who simply must stopped their cars in the middle of the road just so that their princesses and princes do not have to walk a few steps. I HATE PICKING UP KIDS FROM SCHOOL.

Now, I cannot make up my mind. Do I want a leisure life, with kids easy access to their school? Or do I want a nicer, bigger home with no LOUD LOUD 5 am wake-up call? It is the screeching sounds of bad sound systems that get to me. Please don’t misunderstand, my ears are immuned to the normal thing but not screeeeeching of the loudspeakers.

So, still sitting here and wondering if I want to see the unit. I know the kids are all going to say, “LET’S MOVE!!!” I am going to end up driving all day long. Abuden, now I got 3G, can blog from anywhere. Lagi dashyat my stories wor….Who knows, I even up in lock-up for scolding policemen? Cun! Apa maciam?

20 thoughts on “Sitting here, thinking hard

  1. can i be your gardener? i no look like that gardener in desperate housewives but i can grow nice nice fahwers for u… hehehehe

  2. Bryan – Loh Boh Siew’s villa lah. Hahaha. Eh, u dun tell Ah Pek I bought the bangarlow with my PayPal money hor? Shhhhh

    KGC – No confirm one lah. Just pondering oni.

    AhPek – You dun tell people hor. Diam-diam, ok? 😛

  3. A big house would be nice. You didn’t say how far your potential new house is going to be from your boys’ school. Hard to comment

  4. Lilian-Can help me to put in my comment. I want to comment.

    I can guess which area you are staying now, near school and near mosque. Hehe….But you are moving, then I need to guess again, so sian.

    (Only area, maybe can go to that area during this w/end and see whether I can spot a Ria under the tree or not.)

  5. lilian, want se u embarrass tomorrow, must must come u, already standy 1 grp ppl, alamak, very scare uuhhh, lilian, take care.

  6. You must be planning to move to Tanjung Bungah Sea Facing Bungalow.
    Got open house or not?

    Just now tried to comment, cannot masok.
    You banned me alredi ah?

  7. Lilian
    Move school la, ones that are closer to your potential new home lor.
    ps/ My first comment here [ya i’m a virgin hehe]
    pps/ Lurve yr blog

  8. Kids are growing up. They’d appreciate the bigger space and better environment. I guess they’ll be more independent and would be able to get to school themselves soon. You’ll be free of your 5xmom-ly chores of ferrying them around soon.

    Perhaps the youngest one could go to a school nearer the new home. I doubt that older ones would like to transfer school since they already have their cliques in school.

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