More photos from the nuffnang-Penang bloggers gatherings

Here’s the link to my Flickr album for the nuffnang-Penang bloggers gatherings.

In brief..


The above are the Xaverians. Timothy is formerly from St. Xavier and all the other bloggers are from the SXI too. Sitting down, is Ren Nee and aiks, I cannot remember the URL of the other three. Next to Tim is my #2 son. Yay to Xaverians.

There’s a lot of Chung Ling students too. Like Horbart, Nicholas, Logic Yuan (former?) and a few others. BTW, these two schools are those cream of the crop in Penang.


Earl, Hong Kiat and Bryan. Fuyoh, my webmaster summore show me how he monitors my website CPU load through his handphone. Canggih nyer…So if site down (due to CPU overload) I only need to sms. No need to send support ticket to USA. He pangsai oso can reboot server. Kehkehkeh.


The green blouse one is 5xmom lah hor? Hehehe, I no wear pink lah, tiu!


And of course, the cutest, most hensem, cheeky kids around. Justin and Matthew. Shoppingmum, MummyInVain and lovelymommy there. We have some PPP discussion going on. Still kenot get over how big Justin is. Last time, he was just one month’s old when Shoppingmum brought him to my house. He and Matthew are so….. adorable. ‘Cos both are breastfed kids, healthy skin, bright eyes and just plain smart. (hehehe, breastfeeding promotion going on)
*added – shoppingmum post here

Overall, the event was quite errrm…sienz partly due to the seating arrangements. We were assigned small tables and hence, interaction was minimal. But I finally met up with Kew. Also met Lucia again. I don’t know many of the bloggers except for the batch from the last Penang Bloggers meet.

HOI, give me your links if you blog, ok?

21 thoughts on “More photos from the nuffnang-Penang bloggers gatherings

  1. LOL, kaynuikia – Say one time can liao. No need to double repeat, LOL. Cilakak, cho mik lu boh lai? So boring oni, without kaynuikia.

  2. your youngest son is super cute!!! I heard him saying ‘mommy lu khua ee eh khar chui’ pointing at the statue at Food Loft, hahahaha!

  3. *bends over and let Ree Nee spank for making so many errors. I think I have typed lots and lots of Ren Nee, hor?*

    Hobart – Of course lah, my nephew’s school mate wor.

    jlshyang – Haiyor…missed sembang with you lah. Heh, lucky you no hear worse descriptions like ‘siang kah lu eh ka chooi so big hor?’

  4. the kids really cute and cheeky ler!! very cute!! ur #2’s eyes totally photostated from u lar.

    no pink tak biasa lar.

  5. Heh, now I have photographic proof that there was indeed an illegal gathering. *LOL*

  6. Lilian, syioklah u all. Those two boys are so cute… so so cute. gerammmnyeeeee….

    anyway, those green blouse caught me by surprise. I know the face… but i was not sure. Until I read u said, it is u… phhheeewwww. 🙂

  7. When I eat full nothing to do like when I’m free sitting in the car, I usually will login to check check the load oso wan. Hehe…

  8. lovelymummy – Of course lah…Haiyor, I so happy to meet all of you Ipoh moms. Come from so far hor?

    cincau – Nevermind, got KL meet, we go lah. But you missed the big big prawns CKT lah. Ask Belle and Cely to describe to you? Hahaha.

    earl – HOI, you stay fifteen minutes how to scan through lah.

    bryan – Hahaha, hope this CPU overloaded problem over soon.

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