The spams I got in the last few days

Ok, now that it is over, here are some of the comments I had been receiving in the last few days. The person has been using all sorts of bloggers names and emails. One of them even threaten me. Like I sked. Ptui! I see you no up for borrowing bloggers names. The reason I didn’t let through the comments was because some of my dear readers do not have the stomach to stand such things. So, I don’t want to create tensions to you all. But folks, this is the reality of blogging. Some like you, some hate you.

To the asshole who keep posting, you are one sick guy. Go fuck a goat or something?

meendee | | | IP:

lilian, want se u embarrass tomorrow, must must come u, already standy 1 grp ppl, alamak, very scare uuhhh, lilian, take care.

5bitchmom | | IP:

can see you are an irresponsible mother , your kids must regret to be here , everyone s fetching their princess + princes and they are willing to do that yet you are complainning? you should have made your choice long time ago , what can you do now? asking yourself whether you want a biger+nicer house OR fetch your kids? a dumb stupod question you raised to yourself

Nyx | | | IP:

Boh loh yiong, no idea to write blogs. Tapau better.


Boss Stewie | | | IP:

lilian is thai prostitute, smelly.

Jun 16, 5:30 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Study need to regulate Internet sites (in Malaysia)

Boss Stewie | | IP:

what fuck you chat about? pu ki ma eh lou ye pat poh. yesterday, you said pak lah hoi lan hau, old but marry jin, arsehole, ci bai pm, fuck. quoted lilian.

Jun 16, 5:28 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Study need to regulate Internet sites (in Malaysia)

Kenny IDOL | | IP:

dew niah mak eh cau hai, chau lau chi bai, somemore klaim uself as penang best bitch blogger, WRIT THOSE LAN CIAU BLOG TOPICS, SIEN LIK SMELI KANTS, some more got ci bai face turn up dis sat, eh market suppot kenny better den u, cant deny it, turn up jst to suck kenny cock keh???

Edited: Bouncer: Better start playing nice. You have be warned. Don’t beg me for forgiveness then.

ADDED : Sunday, 11.07 pm 24th June, 2007

Well, I got an email this time and the little twerp challenge me to post it on my blog. Even went to the extend of opening a Yahoo email account with my name. So, here you are, think I dare not post it on my blog?

the 5xmom to me

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9:53 pm (1 hour ago)
kakakaka …, bitch, lucki dat day lu boh kap siau kap pi, dam god DOG, pls help to pos dis in ur blog.

eh, ci bai lilian, ur ctrl blog so tight, how to catch me huh? dam stupid babe.

bai bai tua ci bai

Notice that all the stupid comments all boils down to the stupid event like I give a shit at all?

bitch, lucki dat day lu boh kap siau kap pi = translated as : Lucky that day you did not talk craps.

To the asshole who is doing this – Get it in your brain that I do not need any bloggers event or anything to boost my ego. You can call me as many names as you like because only the truth hurts. And these are nothing but childish pranks of a kid who probably has very sad background. Poor kid…

I had initially protected this post but these are getting too much to bear so let it be seen by all. This is the craps I am getting. In all my years of blogging, I have never get such things before. Spams comments and now emails.

13 thoughts on “The spams I got in the last few days

  1. what the hell is wrong with these people?

    anyway, i dont think icyqueen will say such thing… just what i think.

  2. You’re one of the few bloggers who dare speak your mind. I guess some people cannot accept difference of opinion. What beats me is, if somebody is not happy with a certain blog, then don’t go lar.

    It’s low down dirty to write rude comments…

  3. helen – Yalor, the price to pay for being femes. LOL. So sue me. Hahaha.

    zewt – Of course, it is not all those bloggers. I meet icyqueentoday ‘cos she is in Penang.

  4. wtf?

    why these ppl got so much time?

    Ask them to give me their time la!

    nah..i curse also..mah chow hai!

    err..correct ah? wakakakakaakakak

  5. i dont understand all this crap. i dont understand how someone could hate a blogger so much when they don’t even know you personally!! seems like a case of that person being too free and too jealous.
    lilian…you continue doing your thing, ya! don’t be affected by these comments cos thats just like letting that person ‘win’.

  6. OMG!! How could this thing happened? I salute you for standing up and fought back. Personal point of view, this shouldn’t commented if you’re ‘mature’ enough. I bet the commenter isn’t one.
    Ooops, hope am not too nasty about it.

  7. Ppl like these have problems of their own
    Since they can’t sort em out
    They try to sort others out
    Hiding behind other identity
    To lash their insanity

    Cheh wah.. my poem not bad also ….

    We are happy bloggers
    Loves to post and comments
    We are nutty bloggers
    Loves to sembang and kembang

    Correct or not?

  8. Where’s The Fire!!!!!!!!!

    Nice meeting you Aunty Lilian! Wish we would have had more time to chat … you left so early lar! 🙂

  9. Sad life? You bet. Oh, btw this must be the post that I was referring to just now 😛 Just a few days of not blog-hopping and so many things I’ve missed.

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