This mango tree is at my sister’s home. I remember I was about 10 years old when my mother bought the plant and planted it. That means the tree is now 30 years old! And it is still growing fruits.


Back in 1996, my #2 was about the age of my #5 then. He used to stay there with my #1 who was 6 years old. My mom died and the two of them had to stay at full daycare in kindie and they no longer climb the tree. Today, the tree is a lot taller. And the kids are a lot bigger. But funnily, my #2 still can recalls the times when he was young and climbed the much smaller mango tree.

BTW, the #5 is there just for photo shoot. The papa was right under the tree waiting to catch him. The tree is too tall for him to climb and he is too much of a city boy and pampered little brother to even know how to climb a tree. Unlike the older brothers who are more samseng.


Best thing about having big brothers is they teach you all sort of things. From how to hold up your middle finger correctly to say ‘Loooser’ to riding a bicycle. *bangs head on the wall* When you have several kids, the youngest one tend to learn a lot of things he is not suppose to learn. But at the same time, they are much smarter than their same age peers.


So, big brothers today take off the extra wheels on his bicycle and he is now ready to learn how to ride a real bicycle! *this was just an impromptu photo shoot. get your kid elbow, knee pads and a helmet if it real cycling for safety*


Whee! I am four and I can ride a bicycle. My big kor-kor only learnt when they are 6 or 7 years old.

You remember your first bicycle ride or not? Who teach you? How old were you then? Eh, got anyone old already also do not know how to ride a bicycle ah? Hands up, who do not know how to ride a bicycle?

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  1. I used to live with my paternal grandmother with my siblings on weekends and school holidays – we used to grow our own vegetables, plant our own flowers…we even catch butterflies and try to jolok cikus, haha. I remembered learning to ride on two wheels – I was so old already, about 7! My brother can ride a two wheel bicycle when he was 3!

  2. I tabik sama you and your honey for raising all boys team
    I am still trying to cope my 2 boys (*_*)
    We want to pengsan liao…

  3. This post reminds me of how I learn to ride my bicycle from 4 wheels to 2 wheels without any guidance (I’m the oldest among my siblings) back in the old days. Too bad I forgot the age I master on two wheels. Hehe

  4. I learnt to ride a bike at 10 years old behind my parents’ back, with my mom’s big black bike, had to go under the bar to pedal coz not tall enuf to go on the seat. No knee pads, got bruises and mud all over, but it was fun.:-)

  5. i read ur blog, and that pic with the kids on the tree , remind me so many things…….we didnt have a mango tree but a big big old old almond tree…..i spent many….years(haha) on that tree, it was my home……its still there, keeping all my memories on its branches……thanks for remind me all these……thank u

  6. hheheee… all those who grew up in the rubber estate like me must learn to bike from small, if not tak bolih cari makan!

  7. hehehe i still remember when i was learning to ride my bike i kept falling & hitting my balls on the bicycle’s center chasis! back then no kor kor to teach me wan, have to learn myself!

  8. Kampung boy like me sure know how to climb trees, ride a bike, catch spider, fly kites, play bakuli and play with longkang water! Of course the longkang water was a lot cleaner than what we see now lah, last time got fish swimming inside wan. Haha…

  9. 10+30=40. Dont bluff lah. But, I thought you are only 23!

    5xmom says…..*Bwahahahahaha!!!!!* I’m lovin’ it!

  10. Hmm, I remember riding the tricycle and those with four wheels (like in ur pics) … but funnily I don’t remember the transition to bicycles. How I learnt and all … hmmmph. Now, it’s down to my younger sis who still doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle 😛

  11. Last time when I were small , I also very karsee one. Climb manggo tree, nangka and cempedak tree. Now don’t know why, I am so afraid of height liau. Don’t even ask me to climb a ledder. My legs start to goyang…………. Why har?

  12. I hate it when my friends go ,”Eh, let’s join the cycling around Penang event or something by the girl guides.” Everyone looked interested and then she just have to do that face and go, ” Oh, we can’t, Ping Ping can’t ride a bicycle.” >:( Ok, I admit, I can’t ride a bicycle. I was traumatized when I rode right into a big big hole when I was in standard 2. How should I know there’s such big hole there right in the middle of the field? I was just starting to learn how to ride a bicycle and my sis just went off a while and there I was, crying in the hole. =( No more bicycle since then.

  13. belle – Nvm, next time I go KL, I kasi you babysit so I go shopping. Hahaha.

    ping ping – Haiyor, kesian nyer…But as long as you can balance on two wheels ok lah. Hahaha.

    erina – I used to stay on langsat tree too. So nice hor?

    Mendee – My time hor, no tricycle. I terus use Raleigh which belongs to my dad. Big ones with a bar so I squeeze below the bar and still manage.

    terence – Hoi! You cannot edit what I edited liao. Read page 144, para 38, line 69? It says so in the agreement.

    bryan – Yayaya, liak siu phak hu. Nay..those fighting fish?

    li ann – that means you never balance on two wheels lah. Never mind, you can do it at the gym. hahaha.

    wuching – Haiyor…hit your balls? Sakit or not?

    cindy – It gets harder as we grew older. I think by 6-7 years old is the most appropriate time.

    ahpek – yakah, aiyor, so kesian. I only ride for fun oni.

    ehon – I know but I have no license. That said, I had rode in jungles and beaches as well. In thunderstorm too. Don’t remind me, I got plenty of stories there.

    earl-ku – KL mana ada manggis lah?

    leah – I know, i know. I used that bike too. Damn heavy Raleigh. Also grow up. Not like my kid now, must wear so many knee and elbow pads and helmet. On a tricycle!

    hao – Ya, eldest child normally more independent. My two older ones just go and do it. But the youngest now, need so many encouragement baru dare to do.

    agnes – God given strength lah. Otherwise, how to many. Pening wei.

    Ree Nee – Nowadays, know how to ride oso hardly got safe place to ride liao. So kesian the kids, no freedom of roaming the whole kampung ledi.

  14. WAAAHHH!!!

    I was bz over the weekn, so many articles to read. Kekeke.. 😛

    Such a heart-warming entry-la. Reminds me of the time when I “forced” my younger sis to learn to ride bicycle without training wheels. Kekeke.. I actually curi-curi took out her training wheels without her knowing it. She fell-la and cried a bit. I got the spanking of my life. But I told my sis that it was time for her to learn since she was 6 or 7yrs old then.

    Now, she’s about to get married. *sniff*.. How time flies-hor?

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