What do you get when you compare IPs?

You take one IP.

You give it to several bloggers.

All of us run them through our ‘Search’ field.

And we found…..

the same date, the same IP, the same time…..


Things will get interesting.

16 Replies to “What do you get when you compare IPs?”

  1. YOU know who YOU are. We also know who YOU are.

    YOU made threats. YOU threatened our family. YOU thought you could run. YOU thought it was funny. YOU thought wrong. Now YOU are gonna pay, this I promise YOU.

    May *** have mercy on YOU! Because we wont!

  2. ehhh? does this have something to do with the fella you come and write hate-comments here one ah? *put on thinking cap*

    *put off thinking cap* or mebbe auntie too free liao, nothing to do… compare IPs for fun? haha

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