Penang bloggers meet in The Star

I almost missed this. My son saw it and told me, “Ma….you looked so blur.”

And I go…”Huh, what? What?”

So, I just found out that I am the most blur looking or is it bored looking blogger in this photo? Photo borrowed from The Star.

LOL, you can’t blame me. I only asked my son to take the pic and manatau, the cameras sardenly serbu and thiak, thiak, thiak, blinding me. *makes mental note never to stand anywhere within 10 feet of Kenny Sia* I get cold feet like that, wei. I am the most suakoo blogger in town mah, never seen so many cameras wor.

The below quote from Timothy of nuffnang. Oh btw, thanks to [tag]nuffnang[/tag] for the nice location. But I had to fork out RM42.20 for my own food wor. Never mind, I go find one paid post to write.

He said there were about 100,000 bloggers in Malaysia.

“About 3,200 bloggers have registered with us. In the next 12 months, we hope to have at least 20,000 members.

“Bloggers can actually create new trends with their writings which is why blog advertising is deemed the next frontier in marketing,” he said, adding that among the com-pany’s objectives was to help pair bloggers with advertisers.

(full story on The Star)


When I was at the gathering, I was like meeting the Nikon D40 gang. Kenny has a D40. I have a D40 and Daniel of BlogWawasan too has a D40. Daniel is smart that he prepared cards with “We *heart* nuffnang* for all of us to carry. Go over to his blog and check out BlogWawasan entry. Hehehe, Daniel, you utang me dua kupang for the advertisement for BlogWawasan. Hey, Daniel, organise one bloggers meet for us to talk money lah. And take photos.

19 thoughts on “Penang bloggers meet in The Star

  1. Sheesh… If I had gotten up earlier and made that call, it would have been a different story. Blek!

  2. terence – I got my exit ledi…..”Tuan, saya cuma mari makan saja. Tuan, muka saya mana ada maciam blogger?” Double bleks.

  3. Hah..thanks again Lilian. Ya ya, good idea. A meet to talk money…your bank or my bank? LOL…See you soon. Thanks ya. Nice to have met u. **heart**

  4. awak hanya gosok kasut kenni shj, kerja utk kenni, gosok kenni ass, damn stupid


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  5. dearest lilian, i like the way you have done it, by posting your dead son photo. Hahaha …

    good, go ahead, we all bloggers will support you.

    Added :
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    (I took out the front part of the email to avoid the real bloggers getting spammed by spider)

  6. hehehe… you’re so famous until hubby spotted you and asked, isn’t that the green dress is Lilian, the M’sia Best blogger? Then, I took a look and said ya, that’s her and next sentense from hubby was, why isn’t she wearing her favourate, PINK? I really LOL! Why, huh??

  7. zewt – Yalor, yalor, do one faster, puhleaseeeee

    agnes – No lah, hehehe, cos so many cameras, terkejut mah.

    cindy – Hahaha, ok next time I wear pink and dye my hair pink.

    ree nee – Then we get free foods and bloggers gathering

    dan – We organise probloggers-wannabe meet mah.

    bryan – Wuah, dun sked me. (shivers in fear) LOL

  8. why no more pink geh?!!! eh lianglui, looks like u getting more n more fehmes edi! got so much hate komens wan!

  9. wingz – Ngo duck jor lor!!!! Ammah!!!! I femes ledi, got hate komens. Nice mah, can collect lotsa IPs and match them up.

  10. Woi! Whoever that used my nickname to impersonate me and create a spam is looking for trouble. Let me warn you that I will not hesitate to take legal action against you for trying to defame my reputation on the net. And I am not kidding.

    Lilian, thanks for capturing the ip.

  11. Lilian, let me try if I can comment here. Strange that if I can comment in the second latest post but not the latest post. Just for testing, you can delete this comment. So how? Everytime you have to move for me or I just ‘banned’ from dropping a comment.

    You looks great in that group photos, can fight with those young girls. So don’t just stick with pink.

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